3d internet
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syed arshuddin
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22-02-2010, 04:04 PM

3d internet
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In today’s ever-shifting media landscape, it can be a complex task to find effective ways to reach your desired audience. As traditional media such as television continue to lose audience share, one venue in particular stands out for its ability to attract highly motivated audiences and for its tremendous growth potential — the 3D Internet.

The concept of '3D Internet' has recently come into the spotlight in the R&D arena, catching the attention of many people, and leading to a lot of discussions. Basically, one can look into this matter from a few different perspectives: visualisation and representation of information, and creation and transportation of information, among others. All of them still constitute research challenges, as no products or services are yet available or foreseen for the near future. Nevertheless, one can try to envisage the directions that can be taken towards achieving this goal.

People who take part in virtual worlds stay online longer with a heightened level of interest. To take advantage of that interest, diverse businesses and organizations have claimed an early stake in this fast-growing market. They include technology leaders such as IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco, companies such as BMW, Toyota, Circuit City, Coca Cola, and Calvin Klein, and scores of universities, including Harvard, Stanford and Penn State.

The most well-known of the 40-some virtual world platforms today is Second Life. It’s “in-world” residents number in the millions. As residents, they can:

Remotely attend group meetings, training sessions, and educational classes
Engage in corporate or community events
View and manipulate statistical information and other data such as biological or chemical processes in three dimensions
Try out new products, electronic devices and gadgets
Take part in virtual commerce
Participate in brand experiences that carry over to the real world.
Indeed, practically anything than can be done in the real world can be reproduced in the 3D Internet — with the added benefit being that someone can experience it from the comfort of their home or office. The possibilities for the 3D Internet are such that Forrester Research expects that virtual worlds may approach the Web in popularity in as little as five years, while Gartner forecasts that within ten, the greatest impact on consumer purchases will come from virtual experiences.

One can easily foresee that the 3D Internet will constitute a revolution in information visualisation, representation, transportation, and delivery. The technologies mentioned above enable a myriad of novel services and applications. The implications are hard to quantify, given their extent, since a new world will be open to people and products.


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plz send me the complete report of diz..within today.
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visit this thread for the complete report of 3d internet:
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The World Wide Web, which has started as a documentrepository, is rapidly transforming to a full fledged virtualenvironment that facilitates services, interaction, and com-munication. Under this light, the Semantic Web and Web2.0 movements can be seen as intermediate steps of a natu-ral evolution towards a new paradigm, the 3D Internet. Weprovide an overview of the concept 3D Internet and discusswhy it is a goal worth pursuing, what it does entail, andhow one can realize it. Our goal in this paper is to discussa research agenda and raise interest in networking, security,distributed computing, and machine learning communities.We explore first the motivation for the 3D Internet and thepossibilities it brings. Subsequently, we investigate the spe-cific system level and research challenges that need to beaddressed in order to make the 3D Internet a reality.
1 Introduction
The Internet is evolving to become the de-facto cyberspaceor virtual environment facilitating communication,business, and entertainment on a global scale. On the otherhand, metaverses or virtual worlds such as Second Life (SL)or World of Warcraft (WoW) are much younger when comparedto other Web technologies. Today, the success andmomentum of virtual worlds are undeniable. The marketfor MMOGs is estimated to be worth more than one billionUS dollars and such metaverses are fast becoming ”significantplatforms” in the converged media world according tosome analysts. Virtual worlds are increasingly seen as morethan game and interpreted within a business context ratherthan entertainment. The view that metaverses will play asignificant role in the future is shared by many researchersand professionals in the field. Among them are the participantsof the metaverse roadmap (MVR) who aim to exploremultiple pathways to the 3D enhanced web [2], the CroquetConsortium [1], as well as the VRML and X3D communities.We envision a 3D Internet which will be to 2D graphicaluser interface (GUI) and Web of today what 2D GUIand World Wide Web (WWW) were to command line interface(CLI) and gopher two decades ago. While the conceptseems incremental in the sense that it merely adds 3Dgraphics to the current Web, it is in fact revolutionary forit provides a complete virtual environment that facilitatesservices, interaction, and communication. From this perspective,the 3D Internet can be seen as the evolutionaryend point of ongoing efforts such as Web 2.0 and SemanticWeb.Our objective in this paper is to define the 3D Internetconcept and discuss why it is a goal worth pursuing, what itdoes entail, and how one can realize it. Along with its enormouspotential the 3D Internet also opens many researchchallenges in order to become a reality. Metaverses haverecently caught the attention of gaming, advertisement, 3Ddesign, and performing arts communities among others.However, it is difficult to claim that the same level of interesthas been raised in the areas of networking, machinelearning, and distributed computing. Without overcomingthese engineering challenges and making a business caseto stakeholders the 3D Internet is destined to be an academicexercise and remain in the realm of science fiction; afate experienced by many initially promising concepts suchas artificial intelligence or virtual reality. We discuss inthe next section why stakeholders such as communicationand computing companies, research institutions, and onlinebusinesses should be interested and participate in the 3D Internet.In Section 3, we present an example architecture as astarting point for the 3D Internet. Section 4 summarizes theengineering challenges and explores research directions invarious fields. The paper concludes with remarks in Section

Download full report
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3d internet

.doc   3d INTERNET1.doc (Size: 311.5 KB / Downloads: 33)


The Internet is evolving to support a variety of distribution models and carry a much broader range of traffic than was traditionally available, in particular multimedia services such as real time audio and video. Multicasting, a network distribution methodology which efficiently transmits data to multiple receivers, is now being widely deployed to solve some of the problems inherent in these new services.Some current uses of the MBone include distributing audio and video streams of conferences, seminar and presentations, interactive meetings, and media events. It may see increasing usage as a communication mechanism for networked multi-user 3D applications.
Production Internet routers are only recently beginning to support native multicast. The MBone was designed to provide interim support by using

virtual logical links between multicast-capable routers that cross over non-multicast capable infrastructure. Endpoints of these virtual links, or tunnels, encapsulate multicast packets into normal IP packets and route them to other multicast capable subnets over the unicast path between the tunnel endpoints. Tunnel endpoints are typically Unix workstations with IP multicast support, using the multicast routing daemon mrouted. mrouted runs a multicast routing protocol that dynamically manages a spanning tree over the links in the MBone. This tree ensures that data is sent only once across each multicast link, replicated only as necessary when the spanning tree splits into multiple paths.

Defining the 3D Internet

And it's clear that Internet users crave richer ways to interact. "This is the mode of communication that we're gravitating toward," says Chris Melissinos, chief gaming officer at Sun Microsystems, which offers a computing platform for running online games and virtual worlds. "It's really going to change how we communicate and view information."

3D Internet: Why?

One of the often heard arguments against the 3D Internet is in the form of the question “why do we need it?” For most of its users the Internet is a familiar, comfortable medium where we communicate with each other, get our news, shop, pay our bills, and more. We are indeed so much used to and dependant on its existence that we don’t think about its nature anymore just like we do not think about Ohm’s law when we turn on the lights.

3D Internet: What?

3D Internet shares the time-tested main principles and underlying architecture of the current Internet as well as many semantic web concepts. The operational principles the 3D Internet shares with its predecessor include open and flexible architecture, open protocols, simplicity at the network core, intelligence at the edges, and distributed implementation. We adopt here the terms universe, world, and webplace as 3D counterparts of WWW, website, and sub domain, respectively. We describe each component’s functionality briefly below:

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to get information about the topic "3d internet " full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow




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