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In this paper we will discuss about the uses of nanotechnology in the field of military. Nanotechnology is an enabling technique that could have an impact on the world that dwarfs the internet’s impact on our daily lives. Nanotechnology can play in our future, including how it could enhance National security, making the soldier more effective in the battlefield. Small computers would be embedded in uniforms, weapons, and equipment, and linked into pervasive networks on all levels. It is as much blow against ignorance and hype as it is a primer for how real NT should contribute to our future security.
The term NANOTECHNOLOGY has come to two primary divisions:
a.The first meaning refers to developments occurring today. b.second to an ambitious technological goal at least a decade. It can be distinguished by referring to the first as near term nanotechnology and the second as molecular machinesystems.According to some military visionaries, warriors will wield rifles that fire small self-guided missiles, dispatch flying mini-robots and micro sensor nets as scouts and sentries, and carry devices that can gather water in an environment.They will be networked to tactical command through helmets and provide an “augmented reality” overlaid with information and instructions. They will jump six - meter walls assisted by active uniforms that also stop bullets, bind wounds, regulate body temperature, and monitor vital signs.
Seldom mentioned is what happens when the high-tech soldier encounters a low-tech grenade. Even nanotechnology(NT) provides no immunity to conventional explosive devices, heavy-caliber ballistics, chemical and biological agents that manage to penetrate the layers of protection, or nuclear weapons.Likewise missing from most scenarios are the high-speed, high-stealth, high-impact NT-based weapons that may be deployed against the nano-soldier. A nano-uniform for the soldiers will be lighter than cotton, but protect them against bullets and gas, regulate their body temperature, and enhance their strength. They can easily lift 120 kg with one hand. This new uniform will be available in three years.
When we asked about this astonishing statement at the M.I.T/U.S. Army Institute for Soldier Nanotechnology(ISN), the response was:
“Our research will contribute to a battle suit of the future that will much different than what the soldier wears today. The full realization of that vision is probably 15-25 years away. Between now and then, the soldier uniform will gradually become more high tech, as the Army rolls
out technology incrementally. As for lifting 120 kg with one hand, I do not know whether that will ever be a reality. We are working on an actuating polymer that may be capable of acting as an artificial exomuscle, but the technology is still in the very early stage”. The media has sometimes overstated this research by claiming it will lead to boots that will allow a person to jump over a building. We do not expect that to happen. What is more likely is that this research may lead to artificial muscles that could provide autonomous medical care, acting as a tourniquet for a wound.
Given that nanotechnology is being developed simultaneously in many nations, unless military applications are limited by conscious political actions before they become available, military forces may end up confronting each other with NT-based weapons. Nanotechnology and the NBIC vision have been treated as means to provide an overwhelming technological advantage in “the war of the future”; little consideration has been given to challenges and opportunities for arms control and cooperative approaches to international security.
NT will provide the armed forces with many oppurtunities. Applications common to civilian and military sectors include small, very capable computers, communications, sensors, and displays.They would be embedded in uniforms, weapons and equipment and linked
into omnipresent networks on all levels.
In logistics, battle management, and strategy planning, new levels of artificial intelligents would be used; DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) aims at cognitive computer systems that learn and decide autonomously in new situation are allow interactions that are “fundamentaly like human-human interactions”.
Nanofiber composites would allow stronger, more heat-resistant, but much lighter materials for structures and engines. Vehicles would become lighter, faster, and more quick moving, while consuming less fuel. Nanostructured membranes for fuel cells and materials for hydregen stroage and make all-electric vehicles a reality. Surface covering displays may be used for user interface or as variable camouflage, ie) the painting or covering of soldiers or military equipment to make them blend in with their surroundings.The main military applications of nanotechnology that are discussed in this paper are listed below:
 Nano-uniform
 Nano-helmets
 Nano-bombs
 Nano weapons
 Soldier status monitoring
 NT- Nuclear weapon
It is a most important applications.Imagine a futuristic battle field where the soldier uniforms as light as paper which resist bullets,regulate their body temperature, enhanced their strength, and detect chemical and biological poisons.A soft fabric morph into splints, a battle suit sensors relay details about a standard location and physical conditions to headquaters.
Such is the science fiction scenario envisioned for the real 21’st century world by researches and scientists at the institute for soldier nanotechnologies, one of the nations newest Army – sponsered research centres and the largest military defence project and implimentation undertaken here at the Massachusetts Institute of technology.
Institute for soldier nanotechnology is designed to be a collision zone of science, medicine, business, hosting 150 people from diverse

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