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seminar projects crazy
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Animatronics is a cross between animation and electronics. Basically, an animatronics is a mechanized puppet. It may be preprogrammed or remotely controlled. An abbreviated term originally coined by Walt Disney as "Audio-Animatronics" (used to describe his mechanized characters), can actually be seen in various forms as far back as Leonardo-Da-Vinci's Automata Lion, (theoretically built to present lilies to the King of France during one of his Visits),and has now developed as a career which may require combined talent in Mechanical Engineering , Sculpting / Casting, Control Technologies, Electrical / Electronic, Airbrushing, Radio-Control. Long before digital effects appeared, animatronics were making cinematic history. The scare generated by the Great White coming out of the water in "Jaws" and the tender otherworldliness of "E.T." were its outcomes. The Jurassic Park series combined digital effects with animatronics.
It is possible for us to build our own animatronics by making use of ready-made animatronics kits provided by companies such as Mister Computers where no programming skills are required. Only knowledge of Windows is required.
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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friend i need animatronics ppt and documentation.......if u have pls snd me
seminar project
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hi you can refer these pages to get the details on animatronics


seminar class
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Presented By
Sneha M.Deshmukh

.ppt   Animatronics.ppt (Size: 2.09 MB / Downloads: 296)
What is an Animatronics ?
- Cross between Animation and Electronics
- Combination of the ancient art of
puppetry with modern electronic
- A type of special effect
Early Development
The First Modern Animatronics by Imagineer “Lee Adams”
Digital And Analog systems
Formation Of An Animatronics
Designing and Putting it on paper
Building Miniature model
Sculpture as big as life
Molding and Fabrication
Creature Creation
Putting it together
Painting and Costuming
Making it Move
Formation Of Animatronics
Designing and Putting It On Paper
Building Miniature Model
Formation Of Animatronics
Full Size Sculpture
Molding and Fabrication
Formation Of Animatronics
Creature creation
Four main categories
- Mechanical
- Electronics
- Structural
- Surface
Formation Of Animatronics
Putting it together
Painting and Costuming
Formation Of Animatronics
Making it move
- Puppeteers
- Telemetry devices
Electronics Components Used In Animatronics Controllers
Servo Controller - amplifier, produce extra power
Motor Controller - serves to govern performance of electric motors
Relay Controller - electrically operated switch
DMX Controller - controlling intelligent lighting equipments and related accessories
Sensors – receives and responds to signals. Measures physical quantity and converts it into a signal which can be read
Application Of Animatronics
Mainly used in entertainment field
To give special effects in movies
Animatronics creatures are used in disneyland to entertain visitors
Pros And Cons
Pros :

More realistic close-up shots.
Can lend a level of reality and texture to a film.
Can be used for entertainment in theme parks.
Pros And Cons
Cons :

Improper signals can interfere with the control signals
Any improper signal may be disastrous when dealing with a heavy creature.
Clean power is important for the same reason.
It is very time consuming and costly compared to computer animation.
Animatronics requires many special skills and technical know how
Animatronics has now developed as a career which may require combined talent in mechanical, electronics and control technologies and sculpting etc.
The realistic creatures that it can create are amazing and is rewarding to it’s creator
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Presented by:

.pptx   animatronics.pptx (Size: 1.02 MB / Downloads: 110)
Animatronics were operated using digital controls
This digital system used pneumatic valves and were operated by air pressure.
The new "analog system" is devised which involved the use of voltage regulation.
The basic ways of programming a figure is done by using Transducer or Potentiometer.
It’s a combination of animation and electronics.
It is an mechanized puppet controlled either by program or remote.
It uses digital signals for the movement of the puppets.
Animatronic creatures often seem as real to us as their flesh-and-blood counterparts.
Designing process
Mold making
Armature Fabrication
Use the Control Panel to:
Test SSC/servo connections and functionality
Test the minimum bounds of your servos
Test the maximum bounds of your servos
Determine the "Home" position of your servos
Experiment with different speeds
Devise recording strategies and positioning techniques
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please send seminar and presentation report on animatronics if you have. my mail id is
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.docx   Animatronics.docx (Size: 110.18 KB / Downloads: 23)


This concept was developed for Disney studios, used in 1954 film version 20,000 leagues under the sea. First use Audio-Animatronics was for walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room in Disneyland,which open in June 1963 Walt and WED knew that this pneumatic system could not be sufficiently handle then Digital programming was devised. Wathel and Marc Davis developed « arm lift action »


Animatronics is a type of special effect which involves mechanized creature like imaginary animals to make them alive.

How it work?:

Long before digital effects appeared, animatronics was making cinematic history. An animatronic device is a mechanized puppet. it may be preprogrammed or remotely controlled. the device may only perform a limited range of movements or it may be incredibly versatile.


Design Process Sculpting Model Making Armature Fabrication Costuming Programming

Develop Design:

Develop Design: Machines Evolution In the Beginning Creature Creation Putting it together Making it Move Monster Mash



Evaluation Put it on paper. Build a maquette (miniature model). Build a full-size sculpture. Create a mold (from the sculpture) and cast the body. Build the animatronic components. Put it all together. Test it and work out any bugs.

seminar flower
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29-09-2012, 04:12 PM



Animatronics is the name given to a technology. This technology is used to create
imitation creatures: real world visual simulations of life, which can move and perform for
an audience or for a camera. In this way it is separate from CGI (Computer Generated
Imagery) which "exists" only in a virtual world of computers.
Examples of traditional movie animatronics.Combinations of animatronics and CGI
are normal today, giving the advantages of both, e.g. : Jurassic Park, Babe, the recent
remakes of Godzilla and 101 Dalmations. Animatronics is really a combination of many
other technologies.
An animatronics system and method for incorporation in talking toys, puppets, an-
imated special e®ects and costumes. The system utilizes a removable storage device
such as a °ash memory chip to store pre-programmed audio and animation data and
a microcontroller con¯gured with both an audio player and an animation player. The
microcontroller is adapted to access the audio and animation data and play the data in a
manner such that the system produces synchronized sound and movement. The system
also incorporates an auto-tuning system which automatically calibrates the system to
compensate for variations in the arrangement of mechanical components in individual
Animatronics is a type of special e®ects which involves building mechanized creatures
like dinosaurs, imaginary animals, and others. The name "animatronics" is used to refer
to generic animatronic creations made by other ¯lm studios, while Disney has copyrighted
"audio-animatronics" to refer to their creature creations. In combination with other spe-
cial e®ects, animatronics can lend a level of reality and texture to a ¯lm that computer
animation does not provide.
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to get information about the topic " animatronics" full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow



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.docx   ANIMATRONICS.docx (Size: 290.92 KB / Downloads: 14)


The first use of Audio-Animatronics was for Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room in Disneyland, which opened in June, 1963. The Tiki birds were operated using digital controls; that is, something that is either on or off. Tones were recorded onto tape, which on playback would cause a metal reed to vibrate. The vibrating reed would close a circuit and thus operate a relay. The relay sent a pulse of energy (electricity) to the figure's mechanism which would cause a pneumatic valve to operate, which resulted in the action, like the opening of a bird's beak. Each action (e.g., opening of the mouth) had a neutral position, otherwise known as the "natural resting position" (e.g., in the case of the Tiki bird it would be for the mouth to be closed). When there was no pulse of energy forthcoming, the action would be in, or return to, the natural resting position. This digital/tone-reed system used pneumatic valves exclusively--that is, everything was operated by air pressure. Audio-Animatronics' movements that were operated with this system had two limitations. First, the movement had to be simple--on or off. (e.g., The open and shut beak of a Tiki bird or the blink of an eye, as compared to the many different positions of raising and lowering an arm.) Second, the movements couldn't require much force or power. (e.g., The energy needed to open a Tiki Bird's beak could easily be obtained by using air pressure, but in the case of lifting an arm, the pneumatic system didn't provide enough power to accomplish the lift.) Walt and WED knew that this pneumatic system could not sufficiently handle the more complicated shows of the World's Fair. A new system was devised. In addition to the digital programming of the Tiki show, the Fair shows required analog programming. This new "analog system" involved the use of voltage regulation. The tone would be on constantly throughout the show, and the voltage would be varied to create the movement of the figure. This "varied voltage" signal was sent to what was referred to as the "black box." The black boxes had the electronic equipment that would receive the signal and then activate the pneumatic and hydraulic valves that moved the performing figures.


Animatronics is a combination of animation and electronics. What exactly is an animatronics? Basically, an animatronics is a mechanized puppet. It may be preprogrammed or remotely controlled. The animatronics may only perform a limited range of movements or it may be incredibly versatile. The scare created by the Great White coming out of the water in "Jaws" and the tender otherworldliness of "E.T." are cinematic effects that will not be easily forgotten. Later animatronics was used together with digital effects. Through the precision, ingenuity and dedication of their creators, animatronics creatures often seem as real to us as their flesh-and-blood counterparts



During the design process, the client and the company developing the animatronics decide what the character will be its appearance total number of moves, quality of moves, and what each specific move will be. Budgets time lines and check points are established. Many years have been spent to ensure that this critical step is as simple as possible. Once this critically important stage is solidified and a time line is agreed upon, the project and implimentation moves to the sculpting department.


The sculpting department is responsible for converting two-dimensional ideas into three-dimensional forms. This team can work from photos, artwork, videos, models, statuettes and similar likenesses. Typically, the client is asked to approve the sculpting before it goes to the molding department.


The molding department takes the form created by the sculptor and creates the molds that will ultimately produce the character skins. Molds can be soft or hard, single or multiple pieces, and reusable or non-reusable. To get the sculptor’s exact interpretation, mold making is both an art form and an elaborate technical process. The process can be very time-consuming and complicated. It can be so unnerving that some animation mold makers even refer to it as “black magic.”


Long before digital effects appeared, animatronics were making cinematic history. But it was in Jurassic park that the best possible combination of animatronics and digital effects were used together. Spinosaurus was a new dinosaur animatronics created for "Jurassic Park III" by Stan Winston Studio (SWS). SWS worked with Universal Studios and the film's production team to develop the Spinosaurus design. Below lies the discussion of the amazing process that creates and controls a huge animatronics like this dinosaur!
Jurassic Machines
Dinosaur Evolution
In the Beginning
Creature Creation
Putting it together
Making it Move
Monster Mash

Jurassic Machines

The "Jurassic Park" series is known for the realism of its creatures, both the animatronics and digital versions. When the original "Jurassic Park" came out in 1993, it set a new standard for the realistic portrayal of dinosaurs, creatures that have never been seen alive by man. "Jurassic Park II: The Lost World" continued to improve the vision, and "Jurassic Park III," the latest movie in the series, raised the bar once again.


The first thing that happens with any animatronics is that an artist creates preliminary sketches of the creature. The Spinosaurus sketches were developed by working closely with expert paleontologist Jack Horner and the crew working on "Jurassic Park III." The sketches are analyzed and changes are suggested. Eventually, the artist creates a detailed illustration of the creature. In the case of Spinosaurus, SWS went from preliminary sketch to final design in about three weeks.


From the final paper design, a miniature scale model called a maquette is created. Fashioned out of clay, the first maquette SWS made of Spinosaurus was one-sixteenth scale. This initial maquette is used to verify that the paper design is accurate. If there are any problems, they are corrected and a new paper design is made.


For the animatronics dinosaurs in the original "Jurassic Park," SWS had to build the full-size sculpture by hand, a time-consuming and laborious process. Advances in computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) allow them to automate a significant part of this step.
The maquette is taken to Cyber F/X, where it is scanned by a 3-D digitizer. This is nothing like a normal computer scanner. There are a variety of methods used in 3-D digitizers, but the one that was used for Spinosaurus is called laser scanning.
Laser scanning takes precise measurements of the maquette by bouncing beams of laser light off its surface. As the laser scanner moves around the maquette, it sends over 15,000 beams per second. The reflected light from the beams is picked up by high-resolution cameras positioned on either side of the laser. These cameras create an image of the slice (cross section) of the object that the laser is scanning. A custom computer system collects the cross sections and combines them to create a perfect, seamless computer model of the maquette.


A set of molds are made of the full-sized sculpture. The molds are made from an epoxy that is very durable and has strong bonding characteristics.
Once the components of the animatronics are ready, much of the frame work is test fitted inside the molds before the foam rubber skin is cast. In conjunction with this step is the fabrication of the foam-running core, which is created by lining the inside of the mold with precise layers of clay to represent the skin thickness. When the clay lay-up is completed, the surface of the clay is fiber glassed to create the foam-running core. After the clay is cleaned out, the foam-running core is bolted into the mold and creates a negative space between the foam-running core and detailed surface of the mold. When filled with foam rubber, this negative space becomes the skin.


When all the components are done, it's time to build the Spinosaurus. The frame is put together and then the mechanical systems are put in place. As each component is added, it is checked to ensure that it moves properly and doesn't interfere with other components. Most of the electronic components are then connected to the mechanical systems they will control. The controls have been tested with the mechanical systems prior to final assembly, but the systems are checked again.

Making it Move

The people that control an animatronics are called puppeteers, because that is all that an animatronics’ is -- a sophisticated puppet. These puppeteers are skilled actors in their own right and will spend some time with the animatronics’ learning its range of movements. Rosen grant calls this "finding the performance." The puppeteers are determining what movements make the animatronics look angry, surprised, hungry or any other emotions or moods that are called for in the script


Creating a good animatronics figure that is able to perform constantly without fail requires many special skills and lots of technical knowhow. Before assuming the task of creating an animatronics figure, you should have a strong hold on how these things are constructed and be willing to spend a pretty penny on equipment and materials. Animatronics has now developed as a career which may require combined talent in Mechanical Engineering, Sculpting / Casting, Control Technologies, Electrical / Electronic, Airbrushing, Radio-Control etc.But the realistic creatures that it can create are amazing and is rewarding to its creator.

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