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.docx   AUTOMATIC DOORING SYSTEM FULL.docx (Size: 244.85 KB / Downloads: 92)

We have introduced a project and implimentation named Automatic door system with down counter display in theatre to reduce the rush of people in theatre and also to reduce the malpractices which are held in theatre.
This project and implimentation had made successful with help sufficient components like LDR, Optocoupler, TIP122, relays, S-R flip flop, counter ic 4510,driver ic 7448,7 segments, power supply etc.
We are proudly introducing to you an “AUTOMATIC DOOR SYSTEM” with down counter display. We apply this project and implimentation in theater. We can use this with the help of a light depending resistor. Which act as sensor, it senses a person reach at the door when the sensor cut and the door will be opened. And the door is closing had made possible with the help of the second sensor. In this condition only one man can enter the at time. We use a two digit down counter by using seven segment displays.
The counter is set based on the seat of theater using a button. And one person entered the counter get decremented .when all the seats are occupied by viewers the counting system stop. and it indicate ‘HOUSEFULL’ by using a LED and the door is closed permanently. So no one can enter the theater until the show is finished.
The main advantage of this project and implimentation is to reduce the rush of people in theater no malpractice held. It also can use in high secured function and other meetings.

The power supply is used for providing the required power for driving the overall circuit. Here we used a DC power supply
The sensor is used for sensing person entering the theater. Here we used a light depending resistor in which resistance varies when a person cross by. The LDR get activate when the light gets cut. Two sensors are applied in which the sensor I is used to open the door and to count. And sensor II is used to close the door. Their output is leading to control unit.
Control Unit consists of an S-R flip flop in which the voltage from the sensors is fed to set, reset pins. One of the outputs is fed to open the door and the other is fed to counter.
Here we use down counter in which when a person is entered the count is decremented.
When the set, reset pins is enable in S-R FF one of the output from the FF is fed to door which enable the door to open and close.
The driver IC is used to drive a 7SEGMENT display.
Display is used to display whatever is counting in the counter.
Buzzer is using to indicate the counting process.
A power supply is used for providing the required power to the circuit, on the bases of the supply the LDR works. The LDR works on the principle that when the light is falling frequently, the resistance becomes LOW and when the light is dropped the resistance become high. As the resistance is high the voltage produced is 0v. The 0v is fed to the base of the NPN transistor .so the transistor maintains in off state. From the transistor voltage is fed to the optocoupler as the transistor is in off state no current is produced so the coupler will not work and 0v output formed is fed to the tip. A tip is connected to the output of the optocoupler which needs 5v to work as the optocoupler is failed to produce 5v output the tip does not work. The tip is connected to the relay which act as a switch it has two conditions normal close and normal open initially it maintain in the normal close state when there is no current to reach it changes to the normal open state. The voltage produced across the relay is fed to the reset pin of SR F-F. we are using two LDR to sense. The LDR1 is used to open the door and to count and the other is used to close the door. Working of LDR2 is same as that of LDR1 it contains the same component that of former circuit. And the output of the relay is fed to the set pin of SR f-f.
The reset pin is enabled when the person pass the LDR1 and the set pin is enabled when the person pass the second LDR. SR f-f has two output one output is fed to the AND gate as input and the other input to the AND gate is from the counter section. The output of and gate is fed to a TIP then TIP to a relay and from relay it is connected to a door. The relay here we used are of 12V when the reset pin of SR f-f is high the door opens and when set pin of f-f is high the door is closed. The invert output of the f-f is fed to the clock of the counter IC4510. Here two counter IC used. When the clock is high the counter IC1 get enable. The clock out pin of the IC1 is connected to the clock pin of IC2 in IC1 except clock pin all other pins are kept low but in IC2 except clock pin and A2 pin all other pins are low. It helps the counter to count from 20 onwards. Here we are implementing a down counter which counts from 20. When 20 peoples had entered the theater the count reach 0 and the counting stops. When the count is stopped the door is closed until the show is completed. If the show is finished the door is made open for people to left from the theatre.
The output from both the counter is given to the two driver ICs respectively there are only four outputs from the counter ICs from driver ICs these output is passed to the seven segments through seven pins the seven segments consist of ten pins. By this the display works efficiently. At the same time the output from the counter is fed to the two OR gates and the output from the both OR gate is fed to another OR gate and the output from this OR gate is fed toe the AND gate with another input from the output of SR f-f. From this AND gate the tip is connected to open the door. The output from the OR gate which has to be fed to the AND gate is shared by a NOR gate which is leading to LEDs to show the display “HOUSEFULL”.

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