Audio Steganography
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The project and implimentation entitled Audio Steganography is the application developed to embed an audio file in another audio signal. It is concerned with embedding information in an innocuous cover Speech in a secure and robust manner. This system makes the Files more secure by using the concepts Steganography and Cryptography.Â
Steganography, poor cousin of Cryptography is the art of hiding messages inside other messages such that the very existence of the message is unknown to third party. The goal of cryptography is to make data unreadable by a third party, the goal of steganography is to hide the data from a third party Through the use of advanced computer software, authors of images and software can place a hidden trademark in their product, allowing them to keep a check on piracy. This is commonly known as watermarking. Hiding serial numbers or a set of characters that distinguishes an object from a similar object is known as finger printing. Together, these two are intended to fight piracy. The latter is used to detect copyright violators and the former is used to prosecute them. But these are only examples of the much wider field of steganography.Â

The cover data should not be significantly degraded by the embedded data, and the embedded data should be as imperceptible as possible. The embedded data should be as immune as possible to modifications from intelligent attacks or anticipated manipulations .Thus it is necessary that the hidden message should be encrypted.
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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can you please send me the complete details of "audio steganography" as iam working on that presently. i need to know the various methods of performing that (hiding one sound signal in other sound signal)..and if possible can u provide me the code for it.....please
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to get information about the topic steganography project and implimentation full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow














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Audio Steganography

.doc   Audio Steganography.doc (Size: 476 KB / Downloads: 25)


Covert communication by embedding a message or data file in a cover medium has been increasingly gaining importance in the all-encompassing field of information technology. Audio steganography is concerned with embedding information in an innocuous cover speech in a secure and robust manner. Communication and transmission security and robustness are essential for transmitting vital information to intended sources while denying access to unauthorized persons. By hiding the information using a cover or host audio as a wrapper, the existence of the information is concealed during transmission.
In our project and implimentation we present a novel high bit rate LSB audio watermarking method that reduces embedding distortion of the host audio. Using the proposed two-step algorithm, watermark bits are embedded into higher LSB layers, resulting in increased robustness against noise addition. In addition, listening tests showed that perceptual quality of watermarked audio is higher in the case of the proposed method than in the standard LSB method.

Secure Transmission
The Internet is the worldwide, publicly accessible network of interconnected computer networks that transmit data by packet switching using the standard Internet Protocol (IP). It is a "network of networks" that consists of millions of smaller domestic, academic, business, and government networks, which together carry various information and services. A significant issue facing the internet is the secure transmission of confidential and proprietary information. Secure transmission can be done by one of two ways.
• Cryptography
• Steganography

Cryptography is the study of message secrecy. In modern times, it has become a branch of information theory, as the mathematical study of information and especially its transmission from place to place.

Digital watermarking is a technique which allows an individual to add hidden copyright notices or other verification messages to digital audio, video, or image signals and documents. Such a message is a group of bits describing information pertaining to the signal or to the author of the signal (name, place, etc.). The technique takes its name from watermarking of paper or money as a security measure. Digital watermarking can be a form of steganography, in which data is hidden in the message without the end user's knowledge.

A simple example of a digital watermark would be a visible "seal" placed over an image to identify the copyright. However the watermark might contain additional information including the identity of the purchaser of a particular copy of the material. According to the human perception, the digital watermarks can be divided into two different types as follows: visible and invisible. Visible watermark is a secondary translucent overlaid into the primary image as shown in the figure.

Thus, a watermarking can be classified into two sub-types: visible and invisible. Visible watermarks change the signal altogether such that the watermarked signal is totally different from the actual signal, e.g., adding an image as a watermark to another image.

The communication of a digital watermark may be viewed as an exercise in digital communication. The message bits are encoded and embedded in a suitable carrier. The properties that are desired of the watermark, such as imperceptibility, robustness to noise and to image editing such as cropping and rotation are the factors that drive the choice of carrier. In robust watermarks, it is the combination of low signal amplitude (because the watermark is invisible) and large bandwidth (because images are typically quite large), as well as the relatively short length of the message, that dictates the use of spread spectrum for encoding the message bits. Spread spectrum is a robust and secure form of communication. In image watermarking, the spread spectrum signal is typically placed in the frequency domain to produce a watermark that is immune to image processing.
We will see in detail about the relationship between watermarking and steganography in the following section.


Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one apart from the intended recipient knows of the existence of the message; this is in contrast to cryptography, where the existence of the message itself is not disguised, but the content is obscured.

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abstract or synopsis on Audio & image Steganography

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