Automatic Over Speed Detector
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14-08-2009, 04:26 PM


India is a country where the maximum number of deaths occurs due to road accidents and most of these occur due to over speeding. Manifold attempts have been made to produce reliable and efficient means of detecting over speeding vehicles. The hand held over speeding detector is one such device. The disadvantage of such a device was that it was cumbersome and required expert hands for it's operation; also by the time a speed reading is obtained, the vehicle would long have gone.

Thus the necessities for a more reliable and easily operable device made us think of doing the same as a project and implimentation. The special features of this device are that it can be operated from as far as 100m and thus the over speeding vehicle can easily be identified.Also, distinct from the conventional speed detector, this device operates not on the echo principle or the Doppler effect, but on highly coherent laser beams. There is also the added advantage that it can be setup on any road and is also easily transferable.

Overview Of The Product

The product is a sleek hand held device that can be operated by the traffic official whenever he observes an over speeding vehicle, to obtain the correct speed of the vehicle. It has a 2 digit 7-segment display, which can display speeds up to 97km/h. It also has two switches, which are used for starting the device and for enabling it only when required. The state of the device is indicted by three status indicating LEDs which display the following conditions: a green LED indicating power on, an orange LED indicating the set or enabled condition, and a red LED indicating speeds in excess of 100 km/h.

This sleek and handy version enables the traffic official to operate the device without any problem and with utmost ease. Moreover, the product uses only the most commonly available CMOS ics, which facilitate easy maintenance. The circuit in itself is very simple and easy to implement so that troubleshooting is made very simple. The other features of the device are that it can be easily set upon any road and can be easily transferred. Also, since this can operate on any source of light, it is easily implementable and guarantees satisfactory performance.

Principle Of Operation

The operation of "Over speed Detector" depends on the simple one-dimensional equation of motion, i.e. speed= distance /time. It consists basically of a source - sensor couple and a hand held device. The source- sensor couple is placed on the road at a distance of 1m from each other.When the operator gets a visual indication that a vehicle is over speeding, he can initiate the device from as far as 100m.When the vehicle cuts the first laser beam, the sensor is set and the transition pulse is transferred to the hand held device.

The device now starts counting from a fixed clock. When the vehicle cuts the second laser beam, the transition pulse is again transferred to the device, which stops the counting. What we have now obtained is the time taken for the vehicle to cover a distance of 1m. This count is then decoded to obtain the speed-reading. Once the speed-reading is obtained, the official can decided whether the vehicle is over speeding or not as per the rules and regulations pertaining to different road conditions.
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11-05-2010, 05:04 AM

can someone pls help me with the circuit diagram and details for the automatic over speed detector i want to do it for my project and implimentation
where can i get a full report on automatic speed detector
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The function of the overspeed and motion detector is to allow the vehicle to proceed if its speed is below the authorized speed limit and to envoke irrevocable emergency stopping if the vehicle exceeds the limit or if any circuit in the overspeed and motion detector fails.
The Overspeed detection apparatus described here comprising a pair of high pass filters having inputs governed by actual vehicle speed signals and the outputs of the respective filters in accordance with the actual speed limit inputs. The frequency of the inputs must be above the frequency of the high pass oscillator generating and check signal having a frequency higher than the frequency of the high pass filters is provided as a checking means. There is also a a switching means for alternately applying the check frequency to the inputs. The two states of operation are defined by either both filters deliver outputs contemporaneously or the case in which one of the filters at a time is delivering an output.

A speed sensor generates a signal indicative of actual vehicle speed in accordance with signals from a tachometer (produces electrical pulses at a rate proportional to the speed of a notched wheel or gear) . the motion detector circuit checks the integrity of the speed sensor. After the vehicle has stopped at a station, the same circuit must show no motion for a period of time before the doors are allowed to open. the speed sensor pulses are proportional to the speed of the vehicle. These pulses after amplification and shaping are fed through a high-pass filter . the speed limit signals received from the demodulator decides the cutoff frequency of the filter. the speed sensor pulses do not pass through the filter If the vehicle is not overspeed.

for more details and circuit diagrams, visit this page:
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.doc   Automatic Speed Control of Vehicles.doc (Size: 36 KB / Downloads: 196)

This project and implimentation is meant to control the speed of the vehicle in restricted areas and avoid the accidents and maintain the discipline in vehicles moment. A wireless communication technique is used to transfer the data to the vehicle. Radio Frequency wireless communication has the best advantage of implementing, as the data transfer is fast.
This application is best suited to the vehicles with automatic geared feature. This application is designed to be fitted near School and College zones, Hospital Zones, Market areas, near to humps to avoid accidents and near to accident prone zones to drive the vehicle at desired speeds.

Working :

The RF Transmitters are placed in the areas where the vehicles are to be run at desired speed. These RF Transmitters will send the unique code in different zones as per the application.

The vehicles will be fitted with the RF Receivers which will read the signals and make the vehicle speed to become slow at the desired speed if it is running above the desired speed in that particular zones.

The received signal is sent to the Engine Control Module which will control the speed of the vehicle as per the signal received. The vehicle will not move fast even if the driver pedals the accelerator. Once the vehicle is out of the RF Transmitter Zone, the driver can drive the vehicle as his wish.

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to get information about the topic speed detection camera full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow








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