Awareness levels of the Brand
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A brand is defined as “a name, term, sign, symbol (or) special design of these elements that is intended to identify the good (or) service of one seller (or) a group of seller

BRAND AWARENESS: The likelihood that consumers recognize the existence and availability of a company’s product or service. Creating brand awareness is one of the key steps in promoting a product.

In the soft drink industry, very little separates a generic soda from a brand-name soda, in terms of taste. However, consumers are very aware of the brands Pepsi and Coca Cola, in terms of their images and names. This higher rate of brand awareness equates to higher sales and also serves as an economic most that prevents competitors from gaining more market share.
The most common brand is that associated with a tangible product, such as a car or drink. This can be very specific or may indicate a range of products. In any case, there is always a unifying element that is the 'brand' being referred to in the given case.
Individual product
Product brands can be very specific, indicating a single product, such as classic Coca-Cola. It can also include particular physical forms, such as Coca-cola in a traditional bottle or a can.
Product range
Product brands can also be associated with a range, such as the Mercedes S-class cars or all varieties of Colgate toothpaste.
As companies move from manufacturing products to delivering complete solutions and intangible services, the brand is about the 'service'.
Service brands are about what is done, when it is done, who does it, etc. It is much more variable than products brands, where variation can be eliminated on the production line. Even in companies such as McDonald's where the service has been standardized down to the eye contact and smile, variation still occurs.
Consistency can be a problem in service: we expect some variation, and the same smile every time can turn into an annoyance as we feel we are being manipulated. Service brands need a lot more understanding than product brands.

Organizations are brands, whether it is a company that delivers products and services or some other group. Thus Greenpeace, Mercedes and the US Senate are all defined organizations and each has qualities associated with them that constitute the brand.
In once sense, the brand of the organization is created as the sum of its products and services. After all, this is all we can see and experience of the organization. Looking at it another way, the flow also goes the other way: the intent of the managers of the organization permeates downwards into the products and the services which project and implimentation a common element of that intent.
The person brand is focused on one or a few individuals, where the branding is associated with personality.
A pure individual brand is based on one person, such as celebrity actor or singer. The brand can be their natural person or a carefully crafted project and implimentationion.
Politicians work had to project and implimentation a brand that is attractive to their electorate (and also work hard to keep their skeletons firmly in the cupboard). In a similar way, rock stars who want to appear cool also are playing to a stereotype.
Not much higher in detail than an individual is the brand of a group. In particular when this is a small group and the individuals are known, the group brand and the individual brand overlap, for example in the way that the brand of a pop group and the brand of its known members are strongly connected.
Organizations can also be linked closely with the brand of an individual, for example Virgin is closely linked with Richard Branson.
Events have brands too, whether they are rock concerts, the Olympics, a space-rocket launch or a town-hall dance.
Event brands are strongly connected with the experience of the people attending, for example with musical pleasure or amazement at human feats.
Product, service and other brands realize the power of event brands and seek to have their brands associated with the event brands. Thus sponsorship of events is now big business as one brand tries to get leverage from the essence of the event, such as excitement and danger of car racing.

Areas of the world also have essential qualities that are seen as characterizations, and hence also have brand. These areas can range from countries to state to cities to streets and buildings. Those who govern or represent these geographies will work hard to develop the brand. Cities, for example, may have de-facto brands of being dangerous or safe, cultural or bland, which will be used by potential tourists in their decisions to visit and by companies in their decisions on where to set up places of employment.

by Steve French

Branding has always been one of the most imperative factors in building a successful business, whether it be foods, supplements, beverages, retail stores or any other consumer product or service. As so, within the world of healthy and natural products, the importance of branding is paramount. Indeed, most of us are aware that branding within the natural products channel is actually a paradoxical statement. It's one of two things--either consumer within this channel do not form the same relationships with brands as do mainstream consumers, or marketers within the channel, due to a variety of factors, have not executed optimal brand-building techniques.
Research by the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), entitled The Natural Marketplace Trends Report (NMTR), confirms that brand awareness and related issues are significantly different within the natural products environment. According to the NMTR, based on a nationally project and implimentation able sample of 1,800 consumer households, overall brand awareness with top natural product brands is relatively low. The average brand awareness level of 53 top natural brands among consumers who shop the natural product channel is 20 percent. As expected, this brand awareness level is 25 percent lower (15 percent) among the general population, a phenomenon driven by the distribution of these brands and the inherent channel niche in which some of these brands operate.
Understanding this consumer brand behavior is essential to the development of new brands, the continued growth of existing brands and/or the revitalization of "challenged" brands.
A brand is a unique identity used to differentiate and identify a product in a meaningful and relevant way to a group of consumers. The product is the physical evidence of a brand that has specific features and attributes. Brand success is measured by consumer loyalty, which requires a consistent delivery of the brand promise. This brand promise is comprised of product benefits and rewards for the consumer. Within the brand it is a carefully crafted brand personality and essence. In summary, without brands, all products and services would be equal with gene refits

The likelihood that consumers recognize the existence and availability of a company’s product or service. Creating brand awareness is one of the key steps in promoting a product.


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