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.ppt   B2 STEALTH BOMBER slide.ppt (Size: 468.5 KB / Downloads: 170)

B-2 bomber is commonly known as the stealth bomber.
The most survivable aircraft in the world.
The B-2 is a low-observable, strategic, long-range, heavy bomber.
Uses flying wing design.
Capable of penetrating sophisticated and dense air-defense shields.
Historical developments
The N-1M “Jeep”
38’ span aircraft was built from 1930-1940.

Proved the feasibility of the flying wing concept.

N-1M engines suffered from over-heating.

Historical developments
The N-9M
Wingspan of 60 ft and a takeoff weight of 7000 lbs.
Successfully flown in 1942.
Control was accomplished through elevons, trim tabs, and drag rudders.
Historical developments
The XB- 35T
A long range bomber
Had a span of 172 ft and could carry a bomb load of 1,600 lb bombs.
Maximum overloaded takeoff weight was 209,000 lbs.

Historical developments
The YB-49
XB-35s converted to turbojet power.
Vertical fins were added to restore stability lost with the removal of the propeller shaft housing.
Dimensions of a B2 Bomber
Max Total:168,422kg
Maximum wing load:353kg
Maximum power loading:498kg
Maximum speed at sea level:525knots
Service ceiling:50,000feet
Power Plant/Manufacturer: Four General Electric F-118-GE-100 engines
Thrust:17,300 pounds each engine
Payload:40,000 pounds (18,144 kilograms)
Crew: Two pilots, with provisions for a third crew station
Armament: Nuclear or conventional weapons
Takeoff weight(typical)336,500 pounds (152,635 kilograms)
Speed: High subsonic
Prime contractor: Northrop B-2 Division.
Primary function: Multi-role heavy bomber.
Date deployed: December 1993
Date deployed: December 1993

Contractor Team: Boeing Military Airplanes Co., Vought Aircraft Co., and General electric Aircraft Engine Group and Hughes Training Inc. - Link Division

Unit cost: Approximately $2.2 billion

Driving The Wing
NUCLEAR 16 B61 16 B83 129 ACM
16 MK 84
36 CBU89 36 CBU97
Stealth Technology
to make an airplane invisible to radar

The airplane can be shaped so that any radar signals it reflects are reflected away from the radar equipment.

The airplane can be covered in materials that absorb radar signals.
Stealth Technology
Stealth Principles
attempt is to reduce the RCS
Vehicle shape.
Use of non-metallic materials called composites for the airframe
Radar absorbing paint, or RAM (Radar Absorbent Material) coating ie uses "iron ball" paint,
Reduce signatures such as infra-red, visible, and sonic
Technologies to reduce radar emissions
Defense Against Detection
The plane's radar-absorbent surface.
Composite material used is designed to absorb radio energy.
Plane's engines, bombs are all housed inside the composite body.
B-2 is designed to contain its own radio signals and it does emit radio energy when using its radar.
How to detect
Passive (multistatic) radars are known to detect stealth aircraft
Use of low frequency broadcast TV and FM radio signals as the illuminating source produces a much higher RCS
Uses the signals broadcast from the huge number of cellular telephone towers to generate a synthetic picture

Reason For Existence

First designed to penetrate Soviet radar and deliver nuclear bombs to the Soviet Union.
After the fall of the USSR, it was converted for conventional warfare to carry JDAMs.
Also was to serve as a replacement for the B-52 bomber.
Low visual (at night) and radar visibility.
Able to fly 6,000 nm without refueling and 10,000 nm with one refuel.
Can hold up to 40,000 lb worth of munitions.
Can deliver munitions anywhere in the world in 24 hours.
Does not require fighter escorts due to low visibility and high survivability.
Stealth capability affected by bad weather.
Very costly, $2.2 Billion per plane.
High maintenance, requiring 25 man hours for preparation before each mission.
Requires special protective hangars and thus is hard to base anywhere but home base at Whiteman Air force Base, MO.
As it Stands Now
It is an effective way to delivery a lot of munitions in a short amount of time.
Is stealthy in the right conditions.
Only 5 are in operation at one time, with the remainder of the total inventory of 21 in refurbishment.
Is a “silver bullet” that is used in small quantities in which its unique qualities.
Give it a leverage over enemy forces that otherwise have an advantage.
New portable hangars are being developed to be used in other parts of the world.


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