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Muhammad Yusof Bin Musa

.docx   Final Report On FYP final!!!!!!!!!!!!.docx (Size: 2.54 MB / Downloads: 108)
1. Introduction
In Singapore, we all are living in a human society in which everybody is dependent on each other but we seldom bother to look around us. If we just look around us, we will notice that there are plenty of people who are struggling just to live a normal daily life. So I’ve decided to do something about the visually impaired.
Nowadays in Singapore, most of the people don’t care about blind people all around them which means public awareness for blind people is on a decline. I want to share a personal experience. It was on the second week of April , I was waiting at the SIM bus stop for my bus.Then I saw a girl who is looking for a person to help inform her of the bus she wants to take. What surprised me is that nobody cared about her. I went and talked to her and help her take the bus. That’s what inspire.. Although there are systems to help the visually impaired persons , it seems to be ineffective. So I’ve decided to do this bus signaling system for them. With this system , they can create a public awareness and they can make the bus-driver see them easily by flashing a LED light of the bus number they want to take continuously.
Though there is already a bus signaling system for them, ours is different from the systems they already have because this system has nothing to do with the bus. We don’t need to equip anything on the bus and we just need the bus driver to look out for the signal flashing LED light coming out from a visually impaired person. That’s why our system is cost effective and every visually impaired person can afford it.
In general, our main goal of the project and implimentation is to give the maximum help we can to the visually impaired people in transportation.
3. Background
3.1 The Problems that a blind person encounters when going out

 Unpredictable weather conditions
As we all know, sometimes unexpected weatherlike raining suddenly can cause a lot of trouble even for normal people like us. Since it is so much troublesome even for us , for a visually impaired person, they must seek out the help from other people like us and sometimes it doesn’t go very well.
 Transportation
Based on the interview with a visually impaired person, in their daily routine, transportation is the major problem for them. They have to seek out for help to take a bus they want but as you all know, sometimes people also have their own problems and they just can’t give time to help out those visually impaired.
So they sometimes take the wrong bus and alight at the wrong station which is really a waste of time. Although they have very good instincts and senses, since they can’t sense everything like staircase and wet floors which are the dangerous obstacles for the visually impaired people.
3.2 Ineffectiveness of current bus systems for visually impaired
As I mentioned above, blind people have a lot of difficulties in taking buses. Of course , there are systems to help them take the correct bus. There was one project and implimentation done by a group of students and they used the speakers at the bus stop to let the blind people know which bus is coming. But the disadvantage is that they have to put one transmitter on the bus and one receiver at the bus-stop. So their system is so expensive and it is practically impossible to have at every bus-stop and every bus. On the other hand, the system‘s efficiency isn’t quite much as expected because the blind people may not hear the voice due to the noisy environment . So their system is high cost and low efficiency.
3.3 Bus-signaling and walking stick integrated system
Since the systems that already have are not efficient , we decided to design a bus-signaling system integrated with the walking stick. Our system is different from those already exist. We use the LED signaling to signal the bus driver .By that way , it can create an awareness to bus-driver and public. For the walking stick, we use different sensors to monitor the area around a visually person so that he can create a mental map.
3.4 Braille Translation System
The braille system is a method that is widely used by blind people to read and write. Braille was devised in 1821 by Louis Braille, a blind Frenchman. Each Braille character or cell is made up of six dot positions, arranged in a rectangle containing two columns of three dots each.
There are different types of Braille codes based on the languages and nationality

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