Border Security Using Wireless Integrated Network Sensors (WINS)
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Border Security Using Wireless Integrated Network Sensors (WINS)

BORDER SECURITY USING WIRELESS INTEGRATED NETWORK SENSORS (WINS) Wireless Integrated Network Sensors (WINS) now provide a new monitoring and control capability for monitoring the borders of the country. Using this concept we can easily identify a stranger or some terrorists entering the border.

The border area is divided into number of nodes. Each node is in contact with each other and with the main node. The noise produced by the foot-steps of the stranger are collected using the sensor. This sensed signal is then converted into power spectral density and the compared with reference value of our convenience. Accordingly the compared value is processed using a microprocessor, which sends appropriate signals to the main node. Thus the stranger is identified at the main node.
A series of interface, signal processing, and communication systems have been implemented in micro power CMOS circuits. A micro power spectrum analyzer has been developed to enable low power operation of the entire WINS system
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Surbhi Sinha

.ppt   ppt.ppt (Size: 1.06 MB / Downloads: 161)
Border Security Using Wireless Integrated Network Sensors
WINS now provide a new monitoring & control capability for transportation, manufacturing, health care, and the security to Border of the country.
WINS require a microwatt of power so it is very cheaper than other security system such as Radar and produce less amount of delay.
It produce a less amount delay to detect the target.
Using WINS concept we can easily identify a stranger or some terrorists entering the border.
It is reasonably faster.
On global scale wins will permit monitoring of land , water and air resources for environment monitoring.
WINS Development
WINS Initiated in 1993 under Defence advance research project and implimentation agency(DARPA)in US.
LWIM (Low power wireless integrated Microsensor)program began in 1995 for further development os WINS sponsored by DARPA.
The LWIM project and implimentation is multihop and self-assembled
In 1998, WINS NG introduced for wide varity of
A general picture
Wireless network algorithms for operating at
micropower levels
Low-power signal processing, computation
Low cost wireless networking
RF communication over short distances ( < 30m )
Low power consumption (100 micro watt)
Signal-Processing Architecture
If stranger enters the border, his foot step will generate harmonic signal.
It will detected as characteristic feature in a signal power spectrum, thus a spectrum analyzer must be implemented in the WINS digital signal processing system.
The spectrum analyzer resolves the WINS input data into a low-resolution power spectrum.
Block diagram of WINS
WINS Node Architecture
WINS nodes are distributed at high density in an environment to be monitored.
WINS node data is transferred over the asymmetric wireless link to an end user.
Support plug-in Linux devices
Small, limited sensing devices  interact with WINS NG nodes in heterogeneous networks
Scavenge energy from the environment  photocells
WINS Node Architecture (cont)
Nodes connection of WINS
The detector is the thermal detector. It
just captures the harmonic signals produced by
the footsteps of the stranger entering the border.
These signals are then converted into their PSD
values and are then compared with the reference
Remotely monitored battlefield sensor
Use now a day in unattended ground sensor(UGS)
These sensor used seismic-acoustic energy, infrared energy and magnetic field to detect enemy activity.
Energy :There are four way in which node consume energy
Health care
Environmental oversight
Safety & Security.
Support large numbers of sensor.
Dense sensor distributions
These sensor are also developed to support short distance RF communication
Internet access to sensors, controls and processor
Low average bit rate communication(<1-100kbps)
Exploit the short distance seperation.
Multihop communication.
Densely distributed sensor networks (physical constraints)
Layered and heterogeneous processing
Development platforms are now available
The network is self-monitoring and secure.
Now it is possible to secure the border with an invisible wall of thousands or even millions of tiny interconnected sensors.
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can i know how the boarder security system is to be done and what are the softwares and other components including circuit of it sir please.
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to get information about the topic "border security using wireless integrated network sensors"full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow

seminar and presentationproject and implimentationsattachment.php?aid=23989






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