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seminar presentation
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.doc   CELL PHONE INTERFERENCE IN IR PLANES.doc (Size: 34.5 KB / Downloads: 71)

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The advent of cell phones has made single connected network.Communications between people have become an easier task and hence there is growth every where.But this use of cellular communication is restricted in airplanes due to the threat that cell phones frequencies might interfere with that of the air planes electronic equipments(cockpit electronics) In this paper we have proposed our own solutions to counter this interference phenomenon and hence make the use of cell phones in air planes possible.


The cell phone technology is one of the most rapidly developing communication technique in the world. It is not far from replacing all the wired phones From our house.the advantage of being globally mobile is a great boon for any big organization.also emergency situations can be contacted at any instant anywhere. This cellphone communication is banned for use in airplanes by the Federal Communication Commission(FCC)suspecting that the cell phone frequencies could Interfere with the air planes electronics thereby creating unsafe conditions for the pilots to carry on flying. We have dealt with the interference phenomenon and provided our own solutions for using cell phones aboard. We have proposed a method where the cell phones used on board operates with minimum power there by reducing the risk of interference we have also suggested the concept of optical communication in aircraft which eliminates the electromagnetic interfernce.
Concept of cell phone:

Cellular radio provides mobile telephone service by employing a network of cellsites distributed over a wide area. A cell site contains a radio transceiver and a base station controller which manages,sends and receives traffic from the mobiles in its geographical area to a cellular telephone switch.it also employs a tower and its antennas , and provides a link to the distant cellular switch called a mobile telecommunications switching office this MTSO places calls from land based telephones to wireless customers, switches calls Between cells as mobiles travel across cell boundaries , and authenticates wireless customers before they make calls. solutions for the use of cell phones in airplanes We have analyzed the drawbacks on the present communication system in airplanes and provided our solutions for the use of cell phones aboard and the maximum reduction of the electromagnetic interference. they are use of small, very low powered cell phone tower(picocell) in airplanes .A GPS based efficient routing technique from airplanes.

Picocell in airplanes

One of the solutions for the use of cell phones in airplanes could be the installation of a picocell aboard. A picocell is a compared to the ordinary cell phone tower operated in the ground . infact it is a small tower that is a used for ordinary cellular communication in regions where the number of users is more.
We propose the idea of this picocell concept to be installed in the airplanes. The picocell is fixed in particular spot in the cabin. The cell phones used onboard talks to the picocell for making a cell or for registering instead of searching the ground stations. One of the major issues of the Federal communication commission for the banning the cell phones aboard is because they could jam the ground networks. By using this method the cell phones directly establishes a link to the picocell and all the calls made aboard are routed through this device thereby preventing the ground networks from being jammed. The second important point is that since the cell phones and the picocell are present very close to each other(within the airplane),the cell phones operate with minimum power thereby reducing the risk of interfering with the cockpit electronics. The picocell establishes the cell with the help of a satellite. A highly directive ntenna is placed on the outer region of the airplane. This antenna is connected with the picocell and it relays the calls made by the passengers on board to a satellite.from the satellite the call is transferred to the ground station which in turn routes cell as a normal call identifying the correct destination. The system structure clearly dictates distributed and asynchronous power updates which is the major requirement. That is, each transmitter in every channel updates its transmission power based on local measurements and a local time clock. Some sort of synchronization though, can be applied in the downlink. Another requirement is the stability of the control process. A key to stability in a stochastic environment is the error distribution of the updated powers, which is formulated below. To better clarify it note that signal propagation and interference are random processes which vary in time. These processes are being sampled for decoding, error correction and estimation purposes, and the sampled statistics are subject to time-variant statistical errors. As mentioned in section 2.3, a major source for estimator errors is the information aging. Since the underlying processes have complex correlation functions, precise evaluation of the error distribution is very difficult. Furthermore, the error distribution depends on the power update rate and the modulation and coding schemes. More specifically, it depends on the time between two consecutive power updates and the averaged out attenuation factors.
Laser beams can easily be focused very narrowly. "Laser pointers are cheap examples demonstrating mill radian collimation from a millimeter aperture. To get similar collimation for a 1 GHz RF signal would require an antenna 100 meters across, due to the difference in wavelength of the two transmissions. A similar advantage is seen at the receiver, where compact lenses can be used for optical beams, while radio signals need large and unwieldly antennae at the receiver end as well, to obtain significant improvement in efficiency. Because laser beams are tightly focused, it is nearly impossible for anyone to intercept them, or even to detect their use. Beams of light effortlessly pass through each other, without interfering. These considerations make it unlikely that optical communication will be regulated even in the future.
A laser pointer, photo diode, some simple electronics, a loudspeaker and microphone could be combined into a small package and made in large quantities for a couple of hundred rupees. This could provide the farmer in the field voice communication with the village, of a quality better than FM radio - all he would need to do, would be to point the device towards the camera mounted at a high point in the village. For one-way communication via Morse code, the farmer would only need a cheap laser pointer.


Wireless and Cellular Communication 3rd Edition
William C.Y.Lee.
Introduction to Telecom Communication Converging Technologies 1st Edition
Kimberly Massey.
3G Networks 1st Edition
Clint Smith, Saniel Collins
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