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About Project

Existing System
The Existing system in the organization involves maintenance of phone numbers of all the people working in any organization. Whenever the administrator want to have the communication with his subordinates, he have to look up the corresponding phone numbers, dial up and talk to them which is a time taking process. If the phone number is not available he have to take the help of other people. When a person starts to interact with the system, a bookkeeping system is used in order to know the login time and logout time, which is a tedious process. The other process is using punch cards to know login time and logout time. which is economically expensive. This process include
¢ Taking the phone number of the people.
¢ Maintaining login time and logout time
¢ If the concerned person is not available again make a call.
All the above listed tasks currently are handled manually. And it needs maintenance of lots of phone numbers. Due to this manual procedure, lots of errors are crawling in. In addition to all the above, keeping track of changing the new phone numbers is a big mundane task. Where there is certainly chance for human errors.

Limitations of existing system
In existing process we maintain the Employees phone numbers. Due to this process lots of mistakes will happens. Again we have to make another call if the concerned person is not available when we first make a call to him. And we face a big problem when phone numbers are changed. It is a big process to maintain the phone numbers, login and logout time and maintain the new phone numbers. We canâ„¢t pass the message clearly.
If the concerned person is not there when we called him then we have to wait for him until he will come back. Itâ„¢s a very time wasting process.

The proposed system is supposed to replace the existing manual tasks. The proposed system is the administrator can sit at his system and communicate with the project and implimentation leaders, programmers and can also maintain the login time, logout time.
He can chat about the project and implimentation going on with both the programmers and project and implimentation leaders. This project and implimentation also maintains offline messages. The administrator sees the IP address of the system of project and implimentation leader/programmer he is interested and chat with the people .The project and implimentation leader gives the instant report about the project and implimentation to the administrator. When the programmer/ project and implimentation leader login into the system, the login time is automatically recorded in the administrator system.
The proposed system maintains¦
¢ Automatically recording the login time/logout time of the user.
¢ Frequent interaction between the administrator and the project and implimentation leaders/programmers.
¢ Maintaining offline messages

This project and implimentation makes the most of the tedious and mundane deskwork to minimize. This facilitates the user to concentrate more on the project and implimentation and less on the managing of these tasks.

This project and implimentation is mainly developed for the communication of Employees of organization located at different buildings. This project and implimentation mainly consist of

In the large organization there are a set of programmers, Project leader and Administrator. These programmers are spread through out the organization into various groups. Project Leaders are in need to constantly interact with the programmerâ„¢s in-groups spread over organization. It is difficult to go and pass the message to each and ever programmer in personal
When a person wants directly to communicate with the colleague, he/she can use this service. If a person is in online that person can communicate with the other person through the system located at different buildings

The project and implimentation entitled Communication Media set of platform for the project and implimentation leaders and administrator to send messages to keep constant interaction with the programmers. Through this project and implimentation the administrator can scan the present online system IP Address and send the messages to single programmer ,set of programmers, project and implimentation leader or Set of project and implimentation leaders or all the employees where he/ she is present

This project and implimentation consists of both online/offline messages. if the user is online he can directly interact with the other user. If the user is in offline he can view the message when he logins for the next time.

This project and implimentation maintains hierarchy for the employees.





When the users logon to the system, the login time is automatically recorded. This login time are monitored by the administrators/project and implimentation leaders depending upon the hierarchy.


Whenever the user logouts the system then the logout time is automatically recorded.
This logout time are monitored by the administrators/project and implimentation leaders depending upon the hierarchy.

System Specification

Software Requirement Specification

Software Requirement Specification is the starting point of software development activity. It is the most difficult activity and the most error prone. Software requirement Specification is a means of translating the ideas in the minds of clients into one formal document.


The purpose of SRS document is to bridge the communication gap between client and developerâ„¢s is the means through which the user needs are accurately specified.

This SRS document provides a reference for the validation of the final product SRS helps the client to verify whether the software product will meet the requirements specified. This document contains all the necessary information for development of the Organization Communication and further improvement. This document specifies all the functional, external, performance requirements of the Large Organization Communication.
Not applicable
Message sending, View messages, Login /Logout time, date
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion

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