Computer Science Information Technology Project Topics Idea
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1. Image Steganography (Java 1.5)
2. Root Locus Simulator (Visual Basic 6.0)
3. Bode Plot Simulator (Visual Basic 6.0)
4. Herwitz Determinant Simulator (Visual Basic 6.0)
5. RH Criteria Simulator (Visual Basic 6.0)
6. Facial Image Compression (Visual Basic 6.0 MS Access)
7. Courier Information System (Visual Basic 6.0 MS Access2000)
8. Online mailing Application (VB.Net/ASP.NET Ms Access2000 /PLSQL)
9. CRM solutions (Java/ ASP.Net Sql Server 2000)
10. Health Information System (ASP.Net/ Sql Server 2000)
11. Blood Bank Management System (VB6.0/VB.Net MS access2000)
12. Finger Print Scanning :: Banking Application (VB.Net/VB Sql Server2000/MS ACCESS2000)
13. Finger Print Scanning :: ATM finger print (ASP.Net Sql Server2000)
14. Lab Attendance students using finger print scanner (VB/VB.NET/ASP.Net MSACCESS/ SqlServer2k)
15. Data Search Optimization (VB.NET/ASP.Net Sql Server2000 /Oracle 10g)
16. Salary Information System (VB/VB.NET/ASP.Net Sql Server2000)
17. Fruit Management System (VB MS ACCESS)
19. Tourism information (ASP.Net Sql Server2000)
20. Sports Information (ASP.NET MS SQL SERVER WML)
21. Dynamic Information System (C#.Net .Net framework, HTML, java-script)
22. Student Smart Card Application (VC++, MS-ACCESS)
23. Student Information Systems (V.B., C#.Net)
24. Animation Engineering (Flash MX, ASP)
25. Online Banking Systems (C# +ASP)
26. Online Shopping (ASP MS SQL SERVER)
27. Finger Print Scanning of criminals (VB, MS Access)
28. Banking S/W accessing with the help of biometrics technology ( and access H/W:- Fingerprint scanner)
29. CRM-customer relationship management (VB.Net and Oracle 8i)
30. E-insurance (JAVA)
31. H/W troubleshooter and its solution (VC#.Net/ VB and MS-access)
32. Healthcare systems connecting at various terminals to get the information (ASP/ASP.NET, SQL server2000)
33. Banking Software to access the information at various levels with complete security (ASP.NET, SQL Server2000)
34. Telephonic Resulting System (VC++,VB)
35. Complete e-commerce solution for a web based store with searching, shopping, payments, order processing etc. (ASP/ASP.NET, SQL server2000)
36. Alumni club for your college: real hosting and usage (VB.NET, JavaScript/JAVA, sql server 2000)
37. Major level of crime to be minimized by displaying the records online and read the records at every level with updating from admin level only (VB/VB.NET ,SQL server2000)
38. e-SCM: Supply Chain Management Solutions for a distribution company (ASP/ASP.NET ,sql server2000)
39. HelpDesk and Fund raising system at the time of emergency like floods, earthquakes. (VB/VB.NET ,SQL server2000)Wireless accessing the WAP site (WML, GPRS handset, simulator)
40. Finger Corporate Authentication System with photo identification (VB.NET + MS Access)
41. News Portal System (ASP.NET + SQL server)
42. Bank Account Access System (Java + VB.Net + Access)
43. Criminal Identification System (MATLAB + VB + Access)
44. Interactive Classroom For College (VB.NET + SQL 2k)
45. Digital parking system (VB.NET + Access)
46. University Admission System (Java + SQL 2k)
47. Message conversion tool (ASP.NET + SQL 2K)
48. Job Recruitment Scheme (ASP.NET + Access)
49. CD Return System (VB.NET + Access)
50. Sending mail using VB.
51. Java-RMI-chat
52. Sending & receiving SMS-through-vb.
53. Home automation using mobile (SMS).
54. File transfer & LAN-chat (wired & wireless) (Java)
55. Voice operated PC Applications (VB)
56. Stepper motor controlling using (VB,C,C++)
58. Electronic banking (Servlet)
59. Electronic shopping (Servlet)
60. Sending SMS with internet (Java)
61. Sending email with internet (Java)
62. Automation using internet (controlling equipments ) (Java)
63. Using your mobile miss call as password (VB, /.net)
64. Agile Manufacturing using Genetic Algorithm. (Java)
65. CRM for Airlines Industry (VB/VB.Net)
66. Pattern Detection using Web Log Data (VB)
67. Image Codec (Matlab)
68. Core Banking (Java, Oracle)
69. Cross Compiler (C/C++) ABSTRACT
70. MIS (VB.Net)
71. Intelligent Search Engine (Java, XML)
72. PATAL (Java)
73. ERP System (VB.Net) ABSTRACT

74. Video transmission over network (Java) ABSTRACT
75. Remote desktop system (Java)
76. Credit card approval system (VB)
77. Effort & billing tracking system for IT Projects (VB/SQL Server)
78. Assurance allocation technique using mobile agent (Java)
80. Process & flow tracking for biomass distribution project and implimentation (VB)
81. ERP implementation (.net)
82. Java parallel processing framework (Java)
83. Unified modelling language editor as a tool (Java) 84. e-Learning Portal (Java, XML)
85. Duplicate Bill on Internet & Bar Code Generation (VB .net)
86. Client Monitoring System (Java)
87. Preventing Network Data congestion Collapse using Network Border Patrol (Java) ABSTRACT

88. On-line image processing (Java)
89. WISDOM : Web Intra Page Informative Structure Mining Based on Document Object Model (Java)
90. Road Way Mapping System (Java)
91. Development of HTTP Caching Proxy Server (Java)
92. Portfolio Management (VB)
93. Motion Detection for security system (Java)
94. Process Optimization using ANN (Java)
95. Smart Stock Application (VB .net)
96. SMS Gateway (Java)
97. Generic Reporting Tool (Java)
98. Standardization of Inspection Quality Plans and Resource Nomenclature (Java)
99. XML Editor using VB.Net
100. Personal Stock Index Monitoring Trading & Forecasting (Java)
101. IDS Internet Distributed System (Java)

102. Recruit Active System ABSTRACT

103. Video Compression & Decompression ABSTRACT

104. Online Discussion Forum (Java Servlet) ABSTRACT

105. E-VPN (e-Virtual Private Network) (Java Servlet)

MATLAB based Projects
1. Image Restoration using Iterative Wiener Filter.
2. RIVA- Real Time Image Viewing and Acquisition.
3. Facial Recognition
4. Number Plate Recognition.
5. Speaker recognition using MEL frequency
6. Still image compression using JPEG/JPEG 2000.
7. Image Enhancement.
8. Character recognition using ANN (Artificial Neural Network)
9. Error detection in Digital communication (Channel encoder and decoder)
10. ANN based load shedding
11. Motion detector using MATLAB
12. JPEG Encoder
13. CBIR System

1. Java-RMI-chat

1) Text-Based

2) Graphics based

Java RMI: Remote method invocation is a java specific implementation of a distributed object model. There are more general approaches to developing distributed applications of a Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA). , But these generally requires writing language neutral interfaces in a tannery Interface Description Language (IDL) that must be compiled separately from your Application. This adds to the complexity of developing distributed applications .By contrast RMI provides you with a simple elegant interface to distributing objects that are implemented in the Java Language.


In this chat application you can send text messages as well as handwritten messages to the active participants.

The server enables clients to register themselves and maintains table of active patricians. When a participant wishes to send message to the other participants that are currently logged on a message is sent to the server application and is then distributed to the other participants.

The client connects to the server and sends text messages and line drawings to the other participants on the server.

The server is general purpose and can handle number of participants that each get their own thread for server to client communication. The server expects any client that connect to it to implement the chat interface provides a call back mechanism allowing the servers to notify the clients when new data have arrived (as well as send data to the client). The clients in this model are also acting as servers. They are exporting an object that is use to remotely invoke method that is defined in chat interface.

The sever also exports a remote object that the client use to post messages to other clients, register themselves so that the server has a handle on there call back mechanism and query the server for the list of participants.


1. Overview of Java RMI

2. Advance Java RMI concepts

3. Real World applications of java
4. Java API Quick reference

2. File transfer & LAN-chat (wired & wireless).

For making the file transfer or LAN chat we are using computers serial port that is communication port for interfacing.

If we want to do wired application then we can provide cable between computers but if we want wireless application we

can use IR or FM.

The basic application will not change for wired or wireless application it is the external attachment for the com port.
The com port is provided to the computers for communication purposes. It communicates serially. Here we open the com port by providing and set its baud rate, no of bits, parity and no of stop bits before starting the communication. The file is send as ascii character as the chatting string.

3. Voice operated PC Applications(VB)

Voice operated pc is based on speech recognition library. In this project and implimentation we use Microsoftâ„¢s speech recognition library. We introduces speech operated list box control in our Vb project and implimentation. In that list box we can insert our own commands. We also then identify the commands from the speech operated listbox.

On the basis of the index we can give if - else condition and processes system commands such as opening folder or moving left or right. The Only hard ware required is the computers microphone. Initially we have to give some sort of training to PC so as to adjust with the user voice for more accuracy.

3. Electronic banking (servlet).

It is an online banking system, in which customer can access his bank account through internet. He can also add check, buy items, and can do administration by internet.

This project and implimentation is based on servlet technology. There are seven servlets for the execution of the project and implimentations.
Adding amount
withdrawing amount
Transferring amount
Changing password.
Account balance report.


In the registration process we provide information such as personal details, account information, and contact information.

Personal details includes name ,surname. account information includes ,username password, Contact information includes mob no. etc


Log in servlet helps to log in to users account by providing username and password.

The username and password are provided at the time of registration. Only successful login can authorize user to do transaction.

Adding amount

Adding amount is used to add checks and cash to amount here acc no and password is needed.

Withdraw amount

Withdraw amount is used to withdraw cash , here also acc no and password is needed

Transfer amount

It is used to do the money transactions. We should know the account number of the person whom the money is to be transferred. here user has to provide his account number and password.


Using the shopping servlet we can products over internet it same as we transfer amount. User have to select product for purchase. User have to provide his acc no and password.

Change password

It is used to change password for security reasons. Here user have to provide acc no and old password for identity.

Account balance report
Account balance report provide balance sheet of user account .it describe the ser transactions such as adding withdrawing ,shopping, etc

54. Electronic shopping (servlet).

55. Sending sms with internet (java)

56. Sending email with internet (java).
4. Automation using internet (controlling equipments )

Using sms one can send command over a distance. In this project and implimentation we connect a handset to a computer by using data cable. Inside the home we can connect home equipments to computers by a specially designed circuit.

Most commonly we prefer computers parallel port for interfacing as one can easily monitor equipments using it.

We are developing the application for the computer which is inside the home and to which phone and interfacing kit is connected. Here we have to decide operational commands for operating home equipments that is making it on or off.

We send sms from external mobile to the mobi8le which is connected to the computer. The sms contains the operational commands.

The mobile which is connected to the computer receives the sms and it is provided to the port and from port program reads it.

On the basis of the operational command the program sets to the port to a particular state to operate the desired instrument.

5. Using your mobile miss call as password (security).

We can use our mobile missed call as a password to the application. For lot of security reasons one can require a very secure password. And a mobile missed call is a unique one. Here we connect our mobile phone to a computer where the application is running. The application may be of different types. Only we are providing a very secure login to that application. The number which we have already predefined as a mobile password can act as password. Missed call for another mobile can not authorised user to login.

Here in this case we connect mobile phone to computers communication port .Then by the programming we set comm port's baud rate to 9600,number of stop bits as 8bits, Parity as none ,and 1 stop bit. There are number of commands to operate mobile phone when it is connected to computer. The mobile is Connected to computer by using a data cable. The command which we provide to operate mobile phones are called as AT Commands.

Hardware interfacing project and implimentations
Numerical solutions over web

6. Discussion Forum (JAVA SERVLET)


New ideas and invention are the parts of an innovatorâ„¢s life. He always try to look upon the solutions to the problem from a technical point of view.

An project and implimentation is a perfect balance cocktail of the practical aspects of the humanities and economics. The project and implimentation provides a deal with a problem existing in society from a technical point of view. Our project and implimentation is also a solution approach towards studentsâ„¢ technical approach.

The mission of the project and implimentation named Discussion Forum is to create an integrated online discussion forum for students. Our goal is to focus on various technical issues and interrelated connections between the members of the forum.


In response to many requests from colleagues this project and implimentation established an online discussion forum for technical student. The forum con now open to students from any country.

This section of the project and implimentation has been designed to help students in all aspects of career development. We have included some useful information as well as the ability to do some serious job searching with extensive engineering Job Databases.

The engineers international careers section was written by resident careers counselor with many years of experience in the industry, particular within the engineering disciplines. This guide will assist in getting ahead in studentâ„¢s career.

If we are not sure where to start job searching, we can take of this project and implimentation help. We provide with all the information need to assist in finding that great job. It might all seem a bit daunting at first but it will guide through. Getting ahead is what itâ„¢s all about.

Discussions tool is a virtual version of a classroom. If our instructor includes discussion-type activities in the online course site, the Discussion board is where we will meet other student, ask question and perhaps post some assignments.
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