Corporate Social Responsibility and Change Management
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Change Management


Corporate Social Responsibility according to World Business Council for sustainable development is the commitment of business to contribute for sustainable economic development, working with employees, local community, and franchise and to society at large in order to improve their quality of work life.

Impact of Change:

Change is the natural and inevitable phenomena due to technological innovations, competitor's strategies and customer preferences. So every company must make a commitment to give better products and services to customers.

So the companies have a major responsibility to take more initiative and motivate everyone in the organization to meet the challenges of future. Every day, presents new challenges and opportunities for the corporate entities to succeed in their endeavor for improving profits of organization and improving the wealth of stakeholders. How managers adopt to the changes in the horizon can make the difference between surviving and thriving.

How we approach change affects its impact on us. Always what we do is a change. If one does not change, he becomes a man of past and hence change is the order of the day and fight against all competitions and attract the trust of the entire stakeholder for grand success.

Change Management:

Engaging a change management is now an item for every company's "to do" list and employees need to understand these changes. From the point of view of customers and when the people see the product, a sense of faith and trust must come about the product's good quality and the company . The customers also must have faith that the company would not allow a product to harm people just to earn profits. The external environment changes also need to be viewed, planned correctly and implemented in a right manner.

In the dynamic world, nothing is constant and change is the way of life, according to changes in the economic, cultural, social and political environment, Companies must fine tune their policies, procedures, in all the functional areas. If people are given due importance and are allowed to participate in the change management with full involvement, many good ideas would come to solve the problems of business in corporate enterprises. Everyone needs to be made responsible for making the working Environment a great place to work and make positive difference to community.

Responsibility of HR:

The corporate senior executives have more social responsibility to give a better and a bigger image to all the stakeholders and the senior executives must create an "a-ha" moment of insight to satisfy the expectations of all the employees inside and other stakeholders outside. HR professionals need to play a key role in developing effective people management practices. The way the company treats an employee will directly tell how willing it is to accept its wider responsibilities. Persons are increasingly hoping to align their personal values with corporate values. They want to feel a deeper sense of Motivation. Having highly motivated employees with good caliber would lead to more creativity in the organization. The creative people in the organization would be able to Adapt to the changes and make a good change management in the organization to work according to changing expectations of external stake holders. Proper attention must be given to all the employees and everyone should feel that they are convinced and the work environment is free from all the harassments; then they could achieve greater success under changing conditions of business environment. So everyone in the organization must get involved to improve the quality of service given to organization. If they back off in the face of changing conditions; important communication line starts fading away. People withdraw from problems; It should not happen, on the contrary, employees must focus and refocus on the problem to achieve excellence in their quality of work. Every employee must ask himself "If someone also were looking at my work; then they should consider it to be excellent work"?

Social Responsibility of an Organisation:

Employees need to join appropriate committees or project and implimentation teams and stay plugged into project and implimentations in such a way that the company regularly gets sales revenue through out the year. Global markets are expanding, technology is improving, budgets are getting tighter consumers are better informed and more involved than even before, we must also keep an eye on changes in our related industries through active participation in professional association meetings, industry related journals, attending local meetings and conferences would give an idea to manage the change effectively and give confidence to all employees. Then employees would think that they would be protected at all times.

Commitment is required to reduce the financial liability and supply chain risks. Since Corporate Social responsibility cuts across organizational structure a holistic management framework is required to ensure consistency in declaring stable and proper dividends to shareholders.

All employees must be allowed to give their views on recent changes that are affecting their work and the problems could be effectively managed when there is a clear understanding of the given situation. Therefore any change in the company needs must be immediately taken note and it may be notified to one and all. In consultation with team members; senior executives who take more social responsibility would also be able to take suitable decisions. Solving problems is part of everyone's job in corporate enterprise. Corporate executives must look ways to blend changes into a normal routine. People need to think in terms of creating new tradition or new system for adapting to new realities for increasing the reputation of company and it should not lead to any negative Results such as decrease in profitability reduced market share or drop in sales and drop in customer expectations.

Mechanism of CSR:

The network of contacts with companies who are facing similar changes would serve as a safety net, former co-workers, people who had retired from similar profession could be the mentors to face the challenges of changes which are likely to take place in future. If one wants to succeed, he has to face the obstacles. The successful people will not complain how the world is working against them, but they assume responsibility for the changing situations and take actions to make the lives of many stakeholders better. Everyone from top management to lowest level in the organization must know clearly why they are working in an organization. Everyone must decide what is to be done to achieve the desired targets. Everyone must believe that it is possible to manage the business in changing economic conditions. Success is not an accident according to Tormy Newberry. He emphasizes that everyone must choose what they want to become. The individuals must choose to be confident on their goals and must work hard towards achieving their goal. On the lack of success many people bored of learning to think through their changes.
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