Designing of CSR:
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Designing of CSR:

Managers must ensure themselves that they are socially responsible to discharge their duties effectively and everyone should justify their own existence and the leader must lead the people by guiding the subordinates in proper direction. People need to gain satisfaction from as many directions as possible from transactions with all the members.

The corporate leaders must provide evidence that effort is worth while and things are going in right direction and nurture people in the field they are good at. . Acting responsibly in changing time is not an option, but it is the starting point for everything; and people need to be motivated with financial incentives and promotions, so that companies could attract high caliber staffs. This would lead to increased reputation and that reputation makes customers to choose among the other competitors. Corporate social responsibility is to be embedded into everyone's job. Hence people need to respect environment.. For eg. Johnson & Johnson would not allow a product to harm people just to meet their bottom time. Fortune Magazine has selected Merrillynch as the most admired American Securities Company and rated as first in holding corporate social responsibility. In that company everyone strives to conduct themselves with high level of integrity and commitment to public and that is the company's cultural heritage. They also do community development project and implimentation, philanthropy and environment friendly programmes. . Helping people who need support to come out from poverty, developing diverse set of products are all part of corporate social responsibility. Here it is worth mentioning about China Mobile Corporation ; whose products prices are very low with high efficiency and create a healthy competitive environment for customers and provide high quality of mobile life style. . Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Steering committee must review the progress made by employees in design, discuss, evaluate from the point of view of policy managers. The CSR can be designed as operational strategies that exceed ethical, legal, commercial and public expectations about the performance of business..

Implementation of CSR:

Classroom training, on the job training can be given to select employees to change the attitude and behavioral pattern of employee in the shop floor. Further CSR could aim at proper waste disposal, reworking, repairs and maintenances activities to lead minimum safety risk with good environment for employees to work peacefully and happily.

Regular communications like supervisor review meeting, news letter, reports on R & D activities, cost benefit analysis of new tasks, displaying motivational posters, supportive managers, Good environment, best energy management and safety ness of work environment reinforces the corporate social responsibility among everyone in the organization.

Also while doing capital budgeting decisions, the cost of investment “ the resalable / recycling aspects of wastes and its effect on work environment is to be studied and also sees whether it would reduce pollution arising out of emission of dangerous fumes. The employee health and safety due to noise, odors need to be checked, accordingly training for workmen are to be given to avoid wastage, and Evaluation would be done whether any Energy management devices are installed in the machine and whether the materials are available from nearby places to avoid excess transport distance.

Reduced inventory level and reduced scrap, makes the road to successful implementation of CSR in change management. Corporate social responsibility is to be embedded into everyone's job; so people need to respect environment and be conscious of their responsibilities to improve them and make the work place as an ideal place to work and live with better satisfaction.

CSR and Change Management:

The General Manger, Directors and Chairman who are holding very high social responsibility play a vital role in the development and implementation of changes in an organization which leads to better image and better brand name and become one of the admired companies in the globe.

This corporate activism is sustainable, acceptable, and valuable as a change agent, particularly in the context of India. Corporate social responsibility has much broader implications for the nation as a whole. It reduces dependency on the government for social change. Most governmental programmes quickly become embroiled in political manipulation, corruption, communal overtones, and bitter infighting. There is a need for public-private partnership with well-defined controls and processes for the best use of Resources for social change. Social reforms driven by the community will bring people together, turn the attention of the masses to tasks that benefit society, and reinforce peace and harmony. In recent times, a number of foundations set up by leading Indian firms, including Infosys, Wipro, Tatas, TVS, and Dr. Reddy's Laboratory, have taken a keen interest in corporate activism to improve healthcare, education, and living conditions, and Reduce poverty. These foundations support numerous government primary schools and have developed processes and methodologies for effective change. They support hundreds of non-governmental organizations and have built orphanages, hospitals, and schools. However, the challenges in India are enormous. Social responsibility should not be limited to large successful corporations; there should be greater participation from most small, medium, and large businesses. The goodwill of firms can generate from acts of social responsibility may, in fact, be worth far more to the businesses than the amounts they give. Corporations collectively can make India a better place for every citizen. Corporate social responsibility is about tradition and culture. Firms can institutionalize voluntarism among employees through appropriate incentives and recognition. Internal performance evaluation of employees could recognize community work. Community work can take many forms: teaching in government schools, supporting NGOs financially, empowering women, cleaning parks, planting trees, volunteering in orphanages, protecting the abused. Many corporations in the U.S. allow employees to write about their community service as part of their annual evaluation report. Even if companies do not reward community activities, at least, the idea that the company cares will have a positive impact.


Corporate social responsibility and volunteerism have no boundaries and are not constrained by race, colour, or religion. Sadly, concern for the community is often mistaken for socialism. On the contrary, capitalism thrives only when every citizen is an asset in economic activity and has opportunities to succeed. Corporate social responsibility is a culture and unwritten contract with the community. This invisible culture can shape brighter futures for nations. If employees don't see the point of CSR initiatives, or understand the message, initiatives are unlikely to be effective.
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