Driving License Application Information System
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Submitted To:
Mohit Khandelwal
Project In-charge
CS & IT Department
IET Alwar
Submitted By:
Jitendra Kr. Sharma (PL)
Manish Kr. Tiwari
Harish Kr. Garg

.doc   DLAMIS.doc (Size: 84.5 KB / Downloads: 92)

Project Description:
Driving License Office is a branch under the supervision of state government. The applicant submits his/her application to the registrar who enters his/her details.
Applicant has to undergo written test, medical test and drive test which are conducted by different officers. These officers have the responsibility of updating marks and result of the applicant. Finally Id officer issues License. This officer can also block License in case of any complaints as well as renew License. All Officers can search and view Applicant information. Because data on the Pending-DL Application sub record are available only for an application in progress, it is not possible with the current system and data extraction programs to track an individual over multiple license applications or to obtain test results and other application process information for activity occurring on the same day of license issuance. The transitory nature of these data limits the usefulness of the DL file for estimating test fail rates, determining the total number of tests of each type that individuals have taken before licensure, and other licensing process measures that would have value to departmental administrators and traffic safety researchers. A system that would capture the data before they are purged for all or a sample of, the applicant population is needed to provide a complete picture of what happens to applicants as they progress, possibly over multiple applications, through the licensing process from beginning to end.
Currently, when a need for descriptive data on the application process arises, a special study often must be conducted involving the manual collection of data from field offices statewide. For example, to estimate written test fail rates by form and attempt number, it is necessary to collect completed hardcopy test forms from all or a sample of offices. Manual data collection is very costly and disruptive to normal operations and, in some cases, can lead to longer customer wait times.
Capturing driver licensing process information directly from the DL Master File and electronic field office application databases before they are purged would be a much more cost effective and efficient way to obtain the desired information. These data would be very useful in a wide variety of applications, including those listed below. 1.Longitudinal monitoring of driver license programs: Data on application disapprovals, rejects, test failures, and average wait times between initial application, testing, retesting, possible additional applications, and licensure would be useful for performing efficiency and effectiveness evaluations of licensing programs like teen graduated licensing, delegated (third-party) drive testing by private driver training schools, and enhanced knowledge and drive tests. Such data would also be valuable in developing and implementing new licensing policy and programs, for example, establishing guidelines and procedures for limiting the number of drive test failures allowed before revoking the driving privilege or requiring formal driver training. The information would also make it possible to determine the demographic characteristics and geographic locality of drivers whose applications are disapproved or rejected for the purposes of developing educational program and materials targeting specific driver groups.
Monitoring of driver competency levels: The test performance data could be used to more efficiently monitor changes in the level of knowledge and skill competency in the driver population following implementation of enhancements to the department’s driver competency program.
Monitoring and auditing of driver licensing operation: For example, test results data could be used to identify individual examiners in each field office who pass a much higher (or lower) percentage of Class C license applicants than would be expected if the examiner were following standard testing protocol. Such examiners could be counseled and perhaps offered refresher driver test training. The database system could also be used as a basis for a higher-level statistical quality control system that would detect offices in which selected indices (e.g., drive test fail rate) suddenly deviated greatly from within-office historical patterns, indicating a possible deviation from testing policy by field office management.
Estimating workload: Various process measures that have a direct relationship to workload (e.g., test fail rate, retest volumes, and in-person renewal rates) could be monitored and used for estimating staffing and resource allocation requirements. The creation of such a proposed database would, therefore, result in improvements in safety and management by providing information that is critical to the identification of problems and in initiating system improvements.

Project Goal and Objectives:-
The degree to which the purposes of this project and implimentation are achieved is evidenced by how well the project and implimentation goal and objectives were met. The project and implimentation goal and each objective are presented below.
Project goal:-
The goal of the project and implimentation is to research an information system design that will provide descriptive measures and statistical data related to the driver licensing process. If implemented, the system will be able to provide data for study purposes such as evaluation of drivers licensing programs, driver competency and monitoring driver licensing operations.
Project objectives:-
Project objectives are the steps that need to be taken to meet the project and implimentation goal. For this project and implimentation, the objectives consisted of the following:
1. Review existing database literature and the department’s operational files including procedures for their creation and modification.
2. Identify driver license process information on the department’s DL Master File and other available sources that may be of value to key users (management, R&D,licensing personnel, etc.).
3. Evaluate the feasibility of capturing the desired data.
4. Determine the desired characteristics of the information system, the data format and file structure, index methods, and other necessary features of the database, and also whether the database should contain all or only a sample of available data.
5. Determine the general data processing requirements for capturing, processing, and formatting the data, creating the file structure, and performing other necessary system functions.
6. Develop a general task and resource schedule that would support actual development and implementation of the conceptualized system.
7. Determine the acceptability of the conceptualized system to departmental management.
8. Prepare a report documenting the work products completed pursuant to project and implimentation objectives and recommending whether to further develop and implement a prototype of the conceptualized system.

Technical details
(Hardware and software requirements)


Processor : Processor Pentium III with 2.0 GHz
RAM : 512 MB or more
Hard disk : 20 GB or more
Monitor : VGA/SVGA
Keyboard : 104 Keys
Mouse : 2 buttons/ 3 buttons


Operating System : Windows XP/Vista/7
Front end : JAVA
Back end : SQL Server 2005


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