Dynamic Virtual Private Network
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The growth of the Internet has revolutionized communication facilities. Through years, more and more communication standards and facilities emerged; e-mail and faxing direct from and to PC are examples. Now the Internet has also crept into the world of business. It was there in the business for years but was not directly involved with it.

In order to accommodate new, changing and expanding groups of users and provide these users with information in a number of ways, intranets should deliver several benefits, including flexibility, interoperability, ease of use and extendibility. In particular, they should be open and and standards based, so information can be read by different users with different applications on different platforms.

However, the benefits promised by intranets lead to an important challenge for businesses using this technology: how to establish and maintain trust in an environment which was designed originally for free and open access to information. The Internet was not designed with business security in mind. It was designed by universities as an open network where users could access, share and add to information as early as possible. A way has to be found to secure an intranet for businesses without impinging on the intranet€„¢s inherent benefits of flexibility interoperability and ease of use. Indeed, an ideal solution must also provide not only the highest levels of security but also security in such a way that users can easily access, modify and share more information, not less, under carefully controlled and maintained conditions.

The most appropriate and successful answer to this challenge will be a DYNAMIC VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK. Unlike traditional VPNs that offer limited or inflexible security, a dynamic VPN provides both extremely high levels of security and, equally important, the flexibility to accommodate dynamically changing groups of users and information needs. A dynamic VPN is actually an intranet enabler. It enables an intranet to offer more resources and services than it could otherwise, thereby allowing the business to make more use of its information resources.
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Dinesh Tanwar

.pptx   DVPN(DYNAMIC VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK).pptx (Size: 84.93 KB / Downloads: 121)
wHat is dvpn?

 Dynamic Virtual Private Network
 A dynamic VPN is actually an intranet enabler.
 It enables an intranet to offer more resources and services.
 Allowing the business to make more use of its information resources.
 Encryption Mechanisms and Standard
 Authentication, Digital Signatures and Certificates
 Threats and Control Points
 Access Control Lists
Encryption Mechanisms and Standard

 Private key
The Data Encryption Standard (DES)
 Public key
RSA Algorithm
Authentication, Digital Signatures and Certificates
 Digital Signatures
 Certificates
Traditional vpn
 VANs (Value Added Networks)
 Routers, Firewalls and Encrypted Routers
 VANs offer the advantage of fast, high-volume transfer of data
 Provide this exchange of data over a secure network.
 They also require dial -up connections or dedicated telephone lines, which can be expensive
Routers & firewalls
 Routers
A router is a device that forwards data packets across computer networks
Router is a microprocessor-controlled device that connected to two or more data lines from different networks.
 Firewalls
A firewall is a method of protecting one network from another network
Specific features
 Distributes access control mechanism.
 Application independence.
 Access control based on strongly authenticated user identities.
 Support for user groups.
 Provides “industrial-strength ” security
 Accommodates dynamically changes communities of users
 Provides the ability to exchange information in various forms(web pages, files,etc)
 Accommodates different users with different browsers, applications, operating systems,etc
 Allows users to join groups or administrators to assign identities in a controlled but simple fashion
 Maintains integrity over time, regardless of administrative turnover, changes in technology or the increasing complexity of the corporate information system.
 In order for businesses to receive the full benefits of intranets and Internet technology, a dynamic VPN needs to be implemented.
 A dynamic VPN can establish trust in open environments and accommodate the information needs of a business in a flexible, a business with a dynamic VPN can provide access to more information and allow a greater range and diversity of communication, both within the company and among companies on the Internet.
 Trade Wave is an ideal partner for providing Internet security solutions. The company has been a pioneer in the development of practical solutions for Internet–based, business-to –business information management and exchange, advertising, security.

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