Embedded Vehicle
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What is an Embedded System?
Examples of Embedded System.

What is an Embedded vehicle?
Autonomous Car

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The technical Brilliance and Developments in different fields has led to a drastic change especially in the communication field. Devices with intelligence rule the world. Imbibing
intelligence to these devices is through a system called “EMBEDDED SYSTEMS”. It is the evolution or further development of the computing system. Its applications provide marvelous opportunities for ingenious use of computer technology. Almost every new system introduced is an example of Embedded System. These systems are more intelligent and autonomous.
Embedded Systems are combinations of hardware and software that are mounted on compact electronic circuit boards integrated into devices. They are engineered or intended to perform one specific function in a specific environment. An important decision in the design of an embedded system is the selection of the processor(s) around
which the rest of the system is to be built. It is a chip that contains a microprocessor, some memory & I/O interface circuitry useful in embedded applications and is often called an ‘EMBEDDED PROCESSOR’ or ‘MICRO CONTROLLER’ chips as they perform important control functions, and are based on micro controller.
The current topic “EMBEDDED VEHICLE” that we are going to present is one of the fine examples of Embedded System.
Autonomous car: There are many paradigm shifts taking place due to information explosion and the concept of autonomous vehicle is one shift. The car, which is embedded, can simulate the human driver completely and direct the vehicle on the road. Autonomous vehicle is the drastic change in technical brilliance and developments in different
fields with EMBEDDED SYSTEM as pioneer.
In future by using embedded vehicles we have the possibility to reduce the accidents.
accidents and we are capable to reduce the use of fuel. so that we can reduce environmental pollution
We hope that this technology will exists in near future
The term embedded system is quite a complex one. Simply it is a combination of hardware and software that forms the component of a larger system, this in turn is programmed to perform a range of dedicated functions usually with a minimal operator intervention. In embedded systems the hardware is normally unique to a given application, computer chips are embedded into the control electronics to manage the products functionality.
Embedded systems are rapidly becoming a catalyst for change in computing data communications, telecommunications, industrial control and entertainment sectors. New innovative applications in these as well as other areas such as home networking and car infotainment will roll out in the near feature.
The fine art of automation:
We load the code of our destination in the dashboard computer and turn the car on, while we remain seated carefree on the rear seats. Then its all the job of the ‘unknown’ to drive it on the roads, bridges, thought the bazaars, past the crossings to the destination, without getting challenged even once for traffic rule violations.
A fully computerized car capable of doing almost every thing a car lover would want to. Almost all automobiles will interact with computer on dashboards. From ordering pizza to booking tickets at the nearest theatre, things would be as easy as giving orders to your servant. As a matter of fact, vehicles all over the world are now fitted with intelligent devices that make the vehicles to respond to various factors –be it climate control, sudden accelerations or braking or even self-repair of modules.
The finger print technologies have been introduced to enter and start your car with the touch of a finger. The fingerprint, which is acting as a key, would trigger a check of the mirrors, steering wheel, radio and temperature to ensure that they're the way you like them. The convenience of fingerprint recognition technology comes with heightened security. Unlike personal identification numbers, passwords and keys, each person's unique fingerprints can't be duplicated, lost or forgotten.
As stated above that a vehicle can run by itself with out the intervention of human beings by the embedded intelligence in it. For this purpose Global Positioning System (G.P.S) using satellites can provide positioning information and proves to be a versatile all-time. For still higher accuracy wide area differential GPS is used, which offers a robust system that readily deals with selective availability errors and satellite clock errors.
The models for GPS also include aiding sensors, e.g. dead reckoning, radar and camera. A computer is simply required to feed destination into a dashboard computer. Highly sensitive actuators simulate a human driver completely and direct the vehicle on the road. The vehicle transmitter broadcasts its position and velocity to other immediate participants for collision-avoidance and lane changing manoeuvres. Forward and reverse motions and u-turns are precisely achieved as per route guidance requirements. Furthermore, an accurate steering control is obtained using Pulse Code Modulation technique and acceleration/braking control is successfully implemented using learning adaptive system.
The reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness of an autonomous vehicle depend mainly on how judiciously its navigation sensors, perception unit and computer control is incorporated.

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