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24-09-2010, 10:10 AM

.docx   FLOATING POWER PLANT.docx (Size: 4.64 MB / Downloads: 1,059)

The Inventor of floating power plant equipment had the privilege, after years of work on big and Voluminous rivers in the North of Brazil, to analyze the behavior of river water, with respect to the velocity and force of the water, in times of flood and drought. Also to acquire sufficient knowledge of and reconcile the potential energy of the river water, This is studied by the means of the mechanics of fluids and mechanical engineering. This resulted in the design of a Floating power plant with equipment capable of generating electric energy on a large scale without prejudicing in any way the environment or the Region in which the invention may be installed. Innumerable possibilities were explored. By the application of invention as well as the benefits which would be brought to society on the whole. With the birth of this idea he commenced Gathering resources to place invention into practice.

Later prototypes were built and installed in the course of a small river close to the city of Belo Horizonte. These inventions will REVOLUTIONIZE ON A WORLD WIDE BASIS THE METHODS UTILIZED IN THE GENERATION OF ELECTRIC ENERGY. Soon after the installation of Floating Power Plant in the seas and oceans saw daylight in order to harness the abundant energy in them through tides and waves.

This seminar and presentation report takes you through the history of evolution of Floating Power Plant, an introduction to how an FPP works and its future.

A floating power plant includes a hull having a structure suitable for being movable at sea; A plurality of watertight bulkheads placed in the hull to a height of a freeboard deck, thus partitioning the interior of the hull into a plurality of watertight chambers; A power generating equipment for generating electricity, the power generating equipment including a plurality of parts separately installed in the watertight chambers; and a duct arranged to pass over the freeboard deck to couple the parts of the power generating equipment installed in the watertight chambers to each other. The floating power plant can economically supply electricity to a specific district or to a specific facility that temporarily uses electricity, and can minimize limitations caused by environmental regulations, and can be used as an emergency electric power source. A Floating power plant is one which works both on wind and wave power.

Generally, power plants comprise equipment for converting thermal energy or mechanical energy into electrical energy, rotate a turbine using an energy source, such as water, oil, coal, natural gas, or nuclear power, and generate electricity using a power generator connected to the turbine. Such power plants have typically been classified into water power plants, steam power plants, nuclear power plants, etc. according both to the kind of energy source used in the power plants and to the power generation method. Furthermore, tidal power plants, using tidal energy, wind power plants, using wind energy, geothermal power plants, using subterranean heat energy, solar power plants, using solar energy, and magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) power plants, using magneto-hydrodynamic energy have been actively studied in recent years for practical use thereof as power plants in the future.

Furthermore, in the case of a specific district, where a great quantity of electricity must be temporarily used, or of a district under development, which requires a great quantity of electricity, it is necessary to build a new power plant at the district to meet the electricity requirements of the district because there is no alternative plan. However, the installation of a new power plant in such a district must be accompanied by high investment and time consumption. Furthermore, if the amount of electric power consumption is remarkably reduced, or if the facilities using the electricity are removed, so that the use of electricity is discontinued, the power plant built in the specific district suffers from economic inefficiency.
In an effort to solve the problem, electricity may be supplied to the specific district by extending the existing electric power supply network. However, the extension of the power supply network limits the quantity of electricity that can be supplied to a district.
Waller Marine has played an important role in the reintroduction of the Floating Power Plant (FPP) since the late 1980’s when the Company was asked to inspect the power barge “Impedance”; a barge constructed with steam generating technology that was first used in the Philippines by the US Army in 1940.Since that time, Waller has been involved in development, design, construction and operations of numerous power barge project and implimentations using all available generating technologies, different fuels and cooling systems.
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24-09-2010, 10:32 AM

floating power plant....Angel

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.pdf   29016304-floating-windmill-pdf.pdf (Size: 1,003.42 KB / Downloads: 465)
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05-02-2011, 10:02 AM

nice work.Frnd my seminar and presentation topics is floating power stations.please can u help me to make PPT of that subject.And possible please give me the abstract of it and how slides can be prepared.As there are many types of floating power plant so please help me, either i should use one special floating plant in the presentation.Thanks.Waiting for your response.
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17-02-2011, 11:19 AM

Hai sir . will u plz mail the complete pdf and apower point . Thank u
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29-03-2011, 08:11 PM

Please Sir Help me out I am an electrical Student,i want to make ppt of floating power plant.please give response.
seminar class
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18-04-2011, 03:17 PM


.ppt   FLOATING POWER PLANT 25-03-11.ppt (Size: 3.58 MB / Downloads: 520)

• The floating power plant can economically supply electricity to a specific district or to a specific facility that temporarily uses electricity
• And can minimize limitations caused by environmental regulations, and can be used as an emergency electric power source.
• In fact one of the earlier units, constructed in 1940 by the US Army Corp of Engineers, a 30 MW steam generation facility and put into service in the Philippines, is still in operation at a site in Ecuador
• The initial answer was the need to install fast, reliable capacity in countries experiencing severe capacity shortages
• Countries in South East Asia, particularly the Philippines, South America and the Caribbean found themselves desperately short of power
• In 2000, what is currently the largest FPP in the world was installed in Mangalore, on the west coat of India.
66 MW FPP – Philippines
105 MW FPP- Bangladesh
• The design of an FPP merges the engineering protocols of the Marine and Power Generation Industries.
• It is Designed in such a way that it operates like a ship at sea only requiring fuel for it’s generating machinery
• The FPP is constrained in its motion, and thus move vertically with the tides, river levels or storm surges, without any rotational motion
• The FPP is designed to sit in waters & move like a vessel at sea, but rather they are designed for service in protected inland waters such as rivers, lagoons, or ports
• The completed vessel receives a Classification as a “Power Barge
• Single barge designs ranged from 30 MW up to 530 MW.
Protype Power Barage Design
Floating Power Plant,,,,.
• The structure of the Fpp can be divided into,
• Floating platform
• Rotor with blades (A Floating Turbine)
The floating platform(float) has various functions:
• It is equipped with submerged lateral guides to direct the river water
• It permits the adjustment of the height of the equipment above the surface of the river.
• It prevents undesirable materials from entering the rotor of the turbine
• It has automatic adjustments in case there are variations in the water level
• Rotor with blades (A Floating Turbine)
• floating turbine on the surface of the river without the blades being submersed in the water
• Rotor with blades (A Floating Turbine)
• Floating turbine on the surface of the river with the blades being immersed in the water
• we notice that the first change is nothing more than the displacement of river water proportional to the mass of the floating turbine in its physical space
• It is important the displacement occurs because the volume of the river waterflowing continues in its bed, taking its natural course
• Rotor with blades (A Floating Turbine)
Resent Developments
The recent research and operation on FPP has developed more sophisticated, light weight, high efficient and effective FPP
Some of the latest developments are
1. FPP diesel
2. FPP wind energy
3. FPP tidal energy
Fast supply of electricity to areas with limited infrastructure
Installation possible in areas with poor logistic infrastructure
Independent from soil quality
Provides additional safety in earth quake and flooding areas
Where land space is limited, large site area not needed
Mobile asset for the owner, possibility to trade
Short Delivery Time
FPP as a problem with end-user power demand and supply not being synchronized.
The access to the installations is critical when working off-shore.
Infrastructure is costly when working off-shore.
• More than 60 floating power stations are in operation around the world.
• Deploying some 4 GW at continental shores where electricity is most needed.
• Though these feature a variety of power sources.
• There are several positive environmental impacts from the construction of FPP.
• The energy production from a 230 meter Poseidon power plant will reduce the annual emission from a traditional fossil fuel power generation by:
• 145 tons of sulphur dioxide
• 120 tons of nitric oxides
• 35,000 tons of carbon dioxide
• 2,600 tons of slag and fly ash
• FPP utilizes and absorbs the inherent energy from the Nature, thereby reducing the use of elements that are Harmful to the Mother nature.
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22-12-2012, 02:15 PM

send me references about floating power plant
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05-02-2013, 12:41 PM

I want a report/docx/doc./pdf about Floating power plant.Please provide me.

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