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Information in a computer system is stored in the form of files.

Depending on the kind of the information being stored files can be classified into Text files, image files, device files, directory files and so on.

These files are maintained through a file system which forms an inherent part of any computer system.

There are a number of file utilities available which provide tools to maintain and manipulate these files.

Fpack is one such utility which provides such tools.

Fpack is a file utility which provides tools mentioned below.

Data compression & decompression facility.

Splitting and combining of split files.

Encryption and decryption of files.


Data compression is used to compress text files. Data compression is a by which, larger files can be compressed into relatively smaller files. The parameter to be considered for compression is the compression ratio, and type of compression is lossless compression.

Data decompression technique is used to gain back the original data from the zipped files. The tool should provide facalities to reterive back the original data of its mean size from the compressed files without loss of data.

File splitting:
File splitting is a process of splitting a larger file into smaller segments. These segments can then be transferred to other systems through storage devices like floppies.The tool should provide facilities to split a file into segments of required size ranging from 100Kb to 1Mb.

File combining:
File combining is a process of combining back the smaller file, without any loss of information. The tool should also enable to combine the split files and in the process should maintain the original information.

It is a technique used to encrypt and decrypt text files.

It is a technique used to hide the original information by encrypting it using confidential private key. The tool should be able to encrypt the text file without causing any loss in information.

It is a technique used to reterive the original information from encrypted file using the private key.

Steganography is a technique where in text information can be hidden in image files and can be retrieved whenever required.

The tool developed should be such that it should retrieve the hidden information without any loss. In addition to this the image file should not be modified.

This technique is highly effective when there is a need of transmission of confidential data from source to destination.


A large number of File Packages like Compression, splitting, combining available in the market.

Most of the times, they come as a single component. Like individual softwares.

Though most of the available file utility packages available are good enough and meet most of the user needs they do fall short in some aspects.

In case of single component file utilities, the user has to install different utilities for each utility.

Installing multiple utilities takes more memory. This is a matter of concern when memory space availability is limited.

The file utilities available in the market cannot be customized to meet specific user needs.

This is because the source code is not made available to the end users.

Fpack is developed with an intention to provide the users with single software having a variety of file utilities.

There are a few other aspects that make Fpack stand out from other available softwares.

Single software, multiple file utilities.
Reduction of storage space. (since one software has 5 utilities).
Open source code that can be used to modify the software to meet specific needs of the user.
Less expensive



Fpack can run on any system having the following minimum configuration:

Processor Speed: 300 MHz and more

RAM: 64MB and more

Storage Space: 10 MB and more

Fpack is developed using the below mentionedsoftwares.These softwares are available in the market in affordable prices.

Operating system: Windows

Visual Basic

Visual C++


Testing is executing a program in interest of finding a error.

Integration testing
Though each subroutines work individually, subroutines after linking may not do the desired function expected by the main routine.One module may adversely effect other module. Integration testing is a technique of constructing program structure,and conducting test to uncover errors.In testing, the programs were constructed and tested in small segments. Thus the errors are easy to isolate.

Data validation testing
Data validation checking is done to see whether the corresponding entries made correct.

Fpack has the following properties, to make it a easy users interface.
Fpack provides a very good user interface that can be used by any first-time users.
Fpack has a user interface that is relatively easy to learn and use.
Fpack helps the users of no computing experience, to learn to use the software after a brief training session.
Fpack software has a user interface which supports multiple window system and also makes possible of switching from one window to another window.

Fpack software can be improved by adding some additional features. Some of the possible upgrades are:

In the case of steganography,the image files used to hide data cannot be used again for hiding.This utility can be upgrade to reuse the image file again.

Most of the utilities like compression and decompression, splitting and combining of files, steganography work on text files only.These utilities can be upgraded to work on image files.

We can also enhance the software for text files and image files to be hiden inside a vidio file or an audio file.

Fpack is multi-utility package that has 5 file utilities. Fpack has a good graphical interface that enables the user to use the software efficiently.

A number of utilities are available in a single software. This reduces the storage space required when compared to installing different softwares for different utilities. Moreover the user has to interact with only one software even when he wishes to use different utilities
Fpack requires minimum storage space.
Open source code that can be used to modify the software to meet specific needs of the user.

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