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09-10-2010, 12:15 PM

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Developed by NASA??
Composed of magnetite, hematite, or other compound containing iron.
Tiny iron particles covered with liquid coating.
Surfactant added to water or oil, which gives liquid properties.
Has more than one state of matter (colloidal suspensions).
Lose their magnetic properties at high temperatures, known as the curie temperature.

How they work?

Prepared by combining appropriate amounts of an Fe(II) salt and an Fe(III) salt in basic solution.
Particles of magnetite must remain small to remain suspended in liquid medium.
To keep them small a surfactant is added to the liquid medium.
Surfactant is a long-chain hydrocarbon that is attracted to the surface of magnetite particle.
Surfactant is used as a repellent cushion and prevent approach of other magnetite particles.

Rotating Shaft seals (liquid O-ring)
Magnetic particles form a barrier which prevents debris from entering the interior.
Performance of loudspeakers
Provides heat conduction from voice coil to the surrounding assembly providing better sound quality .
Biomedical applications
Researchers attempting to design ferrofluids that can carry medications to specific locations in the body using magnetic fields.
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.pptx   FERROFLUIDS.pptx (Size: 1.07 MB / Downloads: 19)


Magnetic particles bound together cannot flow.
If they are seperated by a surfactant i.e. in this case long chained coumpunds e.g oleic acid and a base compund e.g oil,water they begin to act like magnetic fluids

Unique Properties

Stick to Magnets
Take on 3-Dimensional Shape of a
Magnetic Field
Change Density in Proportion to
Magnetic Field Strength


attach drugs to magnetic particles,
proposed artificial heart
speakers, graphic plotters, instrument
gas lasers, motors, blowers, hard drives

Frictionless contact

Ferrofluids are advantageous
Over lubricating oils as
A large amount of oil is reguired to lubricate large areas
But with ferrofluids not only
Act as lubricants but also
Stick to the magnetic
Machine element


Magnetic seals for shafts
That are frictionless and can
Used in seperation of two mediums of operation


1.In military armour such that with a click of a button a soldiers suit with turn from flexible clothing to something as hard a rock
2. Scientists are now exploring the possibility of injecting ferrofluids in tumors and destroying them by appliying magnetic fields
3.Experiments are also conducted to use ferrofluids in space as a means of transporting materials in zero gravity.

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