Fleet Management System
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2. Overview Of the System
2.1. Project Definition

The ËœFleet Maintenance Management Systemâ„¢ is Intranet based useful for an organization. It is useful to maintain group of vehicles regarding their services, repairs and parts/inventory and also details regarding employees, vendors of the organization. The proposed system is also useful to know the cost analysis of the fleet maintenance. This system is fully based on vehicles and their management.

This web-based system can be defined as the system that manages and coordinates all the branches the organization consists of. This system is defined to maintain the information about vehicles, employees, vendors and parts that are used to maintain the organization.

FMMS is also defined to keep track the maintenance performed such as services and repairs.

2.2 Project Description

Nothing seems impossible today. What with the dizzying speeds at which technology is advancing and taking the human mind with it. Nowadays Internet provides most exiting ways to maintain the organization. Network with in the organization is known as intranet, Internet provides this facility to maintain the organization based on the intranet. So that you can spread your organization work to different location.

The proposed web based software ËœFleet Maintenance Management Systemâ„¢ is designed to track preventive and repair maintenance on vehicle and/or equipment. FMMS tracks the year, make, model, mileage, vehicle identification number, purchase information, registration data, loan and lease information, and all of descriptive details that are vital to fleet management.

Vehicle module of the FMMS contains vehicle fleet information. Each vehicleâ„¢s history, current status and scheduled maintenance are instantly available. PMâ„¢s can be figured by choice of days, hours, miles, kilometers or even gallons of fuel used. When a service is performed, the computer instantly updates vehicle file, schedules future service, and resets the PM meter .At any time vehicle file, year and period of costs can be viewed.

FMMS keeps track of keeps track of normal vehicle maintenance as well as repair, inspection, and user-defined maintenance cycles. you can track of the date ,mileage/Km or actual hours used . IN addition to pre-defined maintenance categories, ranging from checking the tire air-pressure to performing an engine tune-up, also custom maintenance activities for vehicle “equipment can be defined.

FMMS is on-line and real“time. FMMS will update the repair history, deduct the Parts used from the part inventory, update and reset the Vehicle™s PM meter, calculate and display mechanic productivity, updates all repairs. FMMS makes work order less. Planning and scheduling the PM™s becomes an easy part of the operation. Work orders can be created in advance or entered after the work is done.

Parts used are automatically deducted from inventory; the user or the computer can set inventory reorder points. FMMS tracks warranty parts and tells when a warranted part has been replaced .The system will track part failure statistics, quantity used, warranty and price history.

The FMMS software simplifies inventory control. With a full view of the parts costs, stock level, vendors performed, and history, which simplifies the decision-making. FMMS will track fuel delivered to, or used from, each tank, or dispensed from each of the pumps, as well as fuel purchased on the road. The computer calculates updates to the vehicle cost per mile as fueling entries are made. You can use FMMS in more than one location. My computer terminal workstations can be used, spreading the work to entire work areas.



The ËœFLEET MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMâ„¢ keeps track the information about the vehicles, employees, vendors and the parts .It also the keeps track the maintenance performed for different vehicles which are used for transportation.

The super users of the system are the ËœADMINâ„¢ and the ËœMANAGERSâ„¢ of the different departments allocated by the admin. The admin may be the owner of the transportation organization or the manager of transportation department of a particular manufacturing company.

If any other vehicle is added to the fleet which is already existing for the organization/department the details of the vehicle are added. The details includes whether it is a new one or taken any loan/lease. Any employee is newly appointed or the existing employee is taken off both the details are maintained including their personal details and profession details.

The details of the maintenance that are being performed such as repairs/services and to be performed are also maintained. The maintenance to be performed can also be scheduled for each type of vehicles. The details of the parts/inventory used for the vehicles are maintained. The reorder level and the reorder quantity are predefined for each particular type of part.

The Vendors are suppliers of the vehicles, parts and performs maintenance required for the vehicles. The particulars of the various vendors are maintained in this system.

1.Existing System

In this system the user has to do manually all the transactions like maintaining the data of the vehicles, their traveling in kilometers etc . all these are stored in the register in the form of books.
Hence the processing of data is delayed and the time consuming is more here. To search for any details it is very burdensome for to user to look.
This system is very ancient and have to face many problems on day to day transactions.
To overcome all these we are going for centralized computer system.

2.Proposed System

The proposed system ËœFleet Maintenance Management Systemâ„¢ is intranet based useful for an organization. It is useful to maintain group of vehicles regarding their services, repairs and parts/inventory and also details regarding employees, vendors of the organization. The proposed system is also useful to know the cost analysis of the fleet maintenance. This system is fully based on vehicles and their management.

The details regarding the vehicles is entered by the user and he want he can edit the details once entered. The details regarding the year, make, model and vehicle number, these four are consider as vehicle identification and the details such as driver and initial mileage details and the color of the vehicle and maintenance schedule for the vehicle. These details can be viewed in the report.

Services that are to be performed are scheduled in preventive maintenance schedule which are give certain date that are to be performed with in that date. Those, which are not performed with in the specified date, are displayed as pm service due list. Also the services that are common are maintained in the service master table and are imported into current services. The service should be done regularly are maintained based on the mileage depending on the odometer reading.

Similarly the repairs that are to be done are also maintained in the table. The repairs that are to be done are entered in the repair schedule form and those repairs which are not performed are listed in the pm maintenance due list. Also the common repairs are maintained in the repair master table.
Parts/Inventory consists of the parts details such as number name and present quantity, reorder quantity, and reorder point and unit cost of the part. And we have the list of the parts that need reorder.

In Enter Maintenance Performed we have to enter the details of the service and repairs and parts that are used for a particular vehicle and the total cost for the repairs and services and parts used are displayed. And these details are deleted from the scheduled table. Also the quantity of parts is decreased from parts table. Employee details and vehicles status are maintained in this system.

4.System Requirement Specification

4.1. Hardware Requirement Specification

The system is spread on the Server side as well as the Client side. The server has to run a Server program. The server also has to make use of the application program. The client has to run a browser. The Hardware requirements that the server and client should possess are listed below.

Components Minimum Recommended
Processor Pentium II Pentium III
Clock Speed 450 MHz 700 MHz
Random Access Memory 128MB 256MB
Hard drive disk space 3GB NA
Video 800x600, 256 colors 1024x768, 16 bit

4.2. Software Requirement Specification

The Server and the client have to run different application to run the system. The server holds the database that the client accesses. The client runs the browser on which the online store is displayed. The software used is displayed below.

Server-side Software
Operating System Microsoftâ„¢s Windows NT
Server Software Internet Information Service
Database SQL server
Application Designing Software HTML 5.0,ASP.NET, Java Script

Client-side Software
Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000
Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0
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need class diagram for this fleet management systemBig GrinTongueAngelConfused

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