Floating Solar Power Station
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Alen John
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13-07-2010, 08:33 PM

sir, pls send it.................
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More Info About Floating Solar Power Station

Actually solar power plant consists of a multitude of elongated concentrator channels floating on a layer of water, and being covered by linear lenses, which concentrate the solar rays onto photovoltaic cells. These photovoltaic cells are in good heat conducting contact with one vertical wall - element of the concentrator channels near its deepest point, therefore the wedges of rays are penetrating only a triangular portion of the enclosed space, the remaining triangular portion being used as a passage for ambient air which extracts the stored waste heat of the photovoltaic cells from the water layer ,. There are mechanical means to turn the concentrator channels around a center bearing in such a way that they run parallel to the direction of the wind.


A solar chimney power plant has three major components: (1) A circular solar collector (Greenhouse) (2) A tall cylinder in the center of the solar collector ( Solar Chimney) (3) A set of air turbines geared to electric generators around the bottom of the solar chimney The air warms up inside the greenhouse by the solar irradiation and, due to its buoyancy, tends to escape through the Solar Chimney. This warm stream of air is leaving part of its thermodynamic energy to the air turbines placed in the path of the airflow. The solar chimney power stations were named Solar Aero-Electric Power Plants (SAEPPs) due to their similarity to Hydro Electric Power Plants. The efficiency of the SAEPPs is roughly proportional to the height of their solar chimneys. Solar Chimneys can be made as reinforced concrete structures (Concrete Solar Chimneys, CFCs), or as lighter than air inflated structures (Floating Solar Chimneys FSCs). These floating solar chimneys are made by successive balloon tubes, filled with a lighter than air gas. This permits to the FSCs to float in the air and thus to have heights 1.5divide3 Km giving to their SAEPPs higher efficiencies than Concrete Solar Chimney SAEPPs. Using ground thermal storage, or artificial thermal storage in the form of water in closed plastic tubes, it can be proved that the SAEPPs can operate 24 hours per day 365 days per year with a minimum guaranteed power production. This means that the SAEPPs, although renewable by nature, can have a similar operation to conventional power stations and thus can replace them. In the present paper a comparison for construction cost of SAEPPs with Floating Solar Chimneys and Concrete Solar Chimneys is given. It is shown that FSC Technology Power Plants is 5 to 6 times cheaper than CFC Technology Power Plants.
this brief is given by

This paper appears in: Clean Electrical Power, 2007. ICCEP '07. International Conference on
Issue Date: 21-23 May 2007
On page(s): 760 - 765
Location: Capri
Print ISBN: 1-4244-0632-3
INSPEC Accession Number: 9728137
Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ICCEP.2007.384299
Date of Current Version: 16 July 2007

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26-03-2011, 12:03 PM

.pptx   FSC_pres_site - Copy.pptx (Size: 452.86 KB / Downloads: 219)
Floating Solar Chimney Technology
The Energy Problem

 The end of oil is coming;
 The energy demand will be doubled in the next 30 years
 However a major threat is more urgent to be encountered Climate Change
“Clean” Technologies for unlimited and continuous electricity supply
 Coal fired power plants with Carbon Capture and Storage
 New generation Nuclear Fission power plants
 Wind Parks with energy storage system
 Solar power plants with energy storage system
 The missing ideal electricity generating technology to cover 50% of demand
Continuous high quality electricity generation
 Simple technology that can be applied in all continents
 Low construction cost of its Power Plants and low direct cost of the produced KWh
 Zero CO2 emissions
 Zero water demand
Originated from renewable source (better solar)
 Solar Aero-Electric power plants with Floating Solar Chimneys
 Is there an ideal electricity generating technology?
 The reply is yes!!
 The technology of Solar Aero-Electric power plants with floating solar chimneys is very close to the ideal technology
 Indicative picture of a Solar Aero-Electric power plant with Floating Solar Chimney
How SAEPs are operating
 The Solar energy warms the ground below the greenhouse and thus the air inside it (greenhouse effect).
 The warm air tends to escape through the Solar Chimney to the upper atmosphere, replaced by fresh ambient air.
 This up drafting stream of warm air leaves part of its thermodynamic energy to the Air Turbines geared to Electric Generators, converting this energy to Electrical
The Floating Solar Chimney
 The Floating Solar Chimney is made by a set of successive tubular balloons (as shown in the figure beside)
 These tubes are lighter than air due to internal lighter than air gas (He or NH4)
 The seat, the heavy base and a small part of the Floating Solar Chimney
 The body with the heavy base of the Floating Solar Chimney is inclining due to external winds
 The Floating Solar Chimney technology
The main characteristics
 Due to the ground thermal storage they are generating continuous electricity power profiles (24x365)
 It is a low investment cost electricity generating technology, thus the direct cost of the produced KWh is low (less than 6 cents/KWh)
 The technology is very simple and can be applied in all continents using local personnel. Its power plants can be maintained and operated also by local personnel
Estimated construction cost of the Solar Aero-Electric power plants (SAEPPs)
• Thus a glass roof SAEPP, generating 20 GWh/year in MENA area (horizontal irradiation>2000 KWh/sqm/y), of rating power ~4.5 MW, of area ~1.0 square Km, and with an FSC of H~800m and d=40m, should cost ~10.0 million EURO
 Covering the missing 50% of world “clean” base load electricity
 The annual electricity demand is (year 2008) ~20.000 ΤWh
 The annual electricity demand will be doubled in the next 30 years. In 2040 the estimated electricity demand is ~45.000 ΤWh
 The electricity generation by all “clean” technologies is not estimated to be more than 50%
 A large scale application of the Floating Solar Chimney technology in desert or semi desert areas could generate the missing 50% of electricity demand (22.500 TWh), cost effectively, eliminating the global warming threat
seminar paper
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06-03-2012, 12:42 PM

to get information about the topic "Design of solar power plant" full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow



sharath kumar s n
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20-03-2013, 11:35 AM

how floating solar chimney is more efficient than concrete solar chimney

how floating solar chimney is more efficient than concrete solar chimney

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