Green engine
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Alen John
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10-07-2010, 12:05 PM

Dear sir,
Pls give the details(Full report&abstract) about the "Green Engine".
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10-07-2010, 12:33 PM

read this page topicideashow-to-green-engine-seminar and presentation-report to get more details about Green engine and its report
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
Alen John
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10-07-2010, 01:00 PM


Alen John
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Green Engine

.doc   Green Engine.DOC (Size: 101.5 KB / Downloads: 24)


The green engine is one of the most interesting discoveries of the new millennium. It has got some unique features that were used for the first time in the making of engines. This engine is a piston less one with features like sequential variable compression ratio, direct air intake, direct fuel injection, multi-fuel usage etc. The efficiency of this engine is high when compared to the contemporary engines and also the exhaust emissions are near zero. The significance of the engine lies in the efficiency when the present world conditions of limited resources of energy are considered. Prototypes of the engine have been developed. Generators have been produced with the green engine.


Everyday radios, newspapers, televisions and the internet warn us of energy exhaustion, atmospheric pollution and hostile climatic conditions. After few hundred years of industrial development, we are facing these global problems while at the same time we maintain a high standard of living. The most important problem we are faced with is whether we should continue “developing” or “die”.
Coal, petroleum, natural gas, water and nuclear energy are the five main energy sources that have played important roles and have been widely used by human beings.
The United Nations Energy Organization names all of them “elementary energies”, as well as “conventional energies”. Electricity is merely a “second energy” derived from these sources. At present, the energy consumed all over the world almost completely relies on the supply of the five main energy sources. The consumption of petroleum constitutes approximately 60 percent of energy used from all sources, so it is the major consumer of energy.


Compared to conventional piston engines, operated on four phases, the Green engine is an actual six phase internal combustion engine with much higher expansion ratio. Thus it has six independent or separate working processes: intake, compression, mixing, combustion, power and exhaust, resulting in the high air charge rate. Satisfactory air-fuel mixing, complete burning, high combustion efficiency and full expansion. The most important characteristic is the expansion ratio being much bigger than the compression ratio. Also, the other main features are the revolutionary innovations of the sequential variable compression ratio, constant volume combustion and self-adapting sealing system. Therefore, an engine having extremely high thermal efficiency, near-zero emissions, quietness, light and small, lower cost with capability of burning of various fuels has come into being.

Direct Air Intake

Direct air intake means that there is no air inlet pipe, throttle and inlet valves on the air intake system. Air filter is directly connected to the intake port of the engine, and together with the less heating effect of air intake process, benefited from lower temperature of independent intake chamber, a highest volumetric efficiency which makes engine produce a high torque of output on all speed range is achieved . The pump loss which consumes the part of engine power is eliminated .Also fuel measuring facilities are built-in,and parts are saved.

Super Air-Fuel Mixing

Since the independent air-fuel mixing phase is having enough time for mixing air and fuel under strong swirling and hot situation, the engine is capable to burn any liquid or gas fuels without modifications. An ideal air-fuel mixture could delete CO emission. Also centrifugal effect coming from both strong swirling and rotation of the burner makes the air-fuel mixture more dense near the spark plug. It benefits to cold starting and managing lean-burning.


As earlier mentioned, the Green engine is a six phase, internal combustion engine with much higher expansion ratio. The term “phase” is used instead of “stroke” because stroke is actually associated to the movement of the piston. The traveling of the piston from bottom dead centre to the top dead centre or vice versa is termed a stroke. But, in this engine pistons are absent and hence, the term “phase” is used. The six phases are: intake, compression, mixing, combustion, power and exhaust.
The engine comprises a set of vanes, a pair of rotors which houses a number of small pot-like containers. It is here, in these small containers that compression, mixing, combustion are carried out. The engine also contains two air intake ports, and a pair of fuel injectors and spark plugs. The spark plugs are connected in such a system so as to deactivate them, when a fuel which does not need sparks for ignition is used. The rotor is made of high heat resistance and low expansion rate material such as ceramic. Whereas, the metal used is an alloy of steel, aluminium and chromium.
Even though the engine is of symmetric shape, the vanes traverse an unsymmetrical or uneven boundary. This shape cannot be compromised as this a result of the path taken by the intake and exhaust air. This uneven boundary is covered by the vanes in a very unique fashion. The vanes are made in such a way that it comprises of two parts: one going inside a hollow one. At the bottom of the hollow vane is a compressive spring. On top of this spring is mounted the other part of the vane. Now, let us come to the working of the engine.


The rushing air from the duct is pushed by the blades into the small chambers in the rotor. The volume of these chambers is comparatively very small. Naturally, the compression obtained by such a procedure is very satisfactory. As earlier mentioned, the compressed air is in a swirling state, ready to be mixed with the fuel which will be injected into the chamber when it will be place before the injector by the already rotating rotor.


The Green engine’s prototypes have been recently developed, and also because of the unique design, limitations have not been determined to any extent. But even in the face of limitations if any, the Green engine is sure to serve the purpose to a large extent.

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