Honey pot
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A honeypot is an information system resource whose value lies in unauthorized or illicit use of that resource. A honeypot is a closely monitored network decoy serving several purposes: it can distract adversaries from more valuable machines on a network, can provide early warning about new attack and exploitation trends, or allow in-depth examination of adversaries during and after exploitation of a honeypot. Deploying a physical honeypot is often time intensive and expensive as different operating systems require specialized hardware and every honeypot requires its own physical system. Honeypots are a powerful, new technology with incredible potential. They can do everything from detecting new attacks never seen in the wild before, to tracking automated credit card fraud and identity theft. In the past several years the technology is rapidly developing, with new concepts such as honeypot farms, commercial and open source solutions, and documented findings released. A great deal of research has been focused on identifying, capturing, and researching external threats. While malicious and dangerous, these attacks are often random with attackers more interested in how many systems they can break into then which systems they break into. To date, limited research has been done on how honeypots can apply to a far more dangerous and devastating threat, the advanced insider. This trusted individual knows networks and organization. Often, these individuals are not after computers, but specific information. This is a risk that has proven far more dangerous, and far more difficult to mitigate.
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.ppt   HONEYPOTS.ppt (Size: 445.5 KB / Downloads: 35)

Who is a Hacker?
A Hacker is a person who tries to gain unauthorized access to a network.
How a hacker affect a server?
Steals confidential data.
Imposes someone else.
Causes loss of resources.
Sometimes causes even hardware loss.
What are the security issues?
To provide secure connection between the client and the server.
E.g. email service provided by various web-sites.
How Hackers work
Gathers information about the server
Chooses the weakest link
Start exploiting that link

Definition of Honeypots

A honeypot is a security resource whose value is in being probed, attacked or compromised .


HoneyPots are not a single tool but a highly flexible technology.
HoneyPots come in variety of shapes and sizes. everything from a simple windows system emulating a few services to an entire network of production systems waiting to be hacked !!!
HoneyPots have a variety of values. everything from a burglar alarm that detects an intruder to a research tool that can be used to study the motives of the black hat community !!!


At the end of year 2000, the life expectancy of a default installation of Red Hat 6.2 was less than 72 hrs !
One of the fastest recorded times a HoneyPot was compromised was 15 min. This means that within 15 min of being connected to the internet, the system was found, probed, attacked, and successfully exploited by the attacker! The record for capturing a worm was 90 sec !!
During an 11 month period (Apr 2000 – Mar 2001), there was a 100% increase in IDS alerts based on Snort.
In the beginning of 2002, a home network was scanned on an average by three different systems a day.
The year 2001 saw a 100% increase in reported incidents from 21,756 to 52,658 reported attacks.


Honeypots are good resources for tracing hackers.
The value of Honeypots is in being Hacked.
Honeypots have their own pros and cons and this technology is still developing.
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Honey pot

.pptx   honeypot.pptx (Size: 653.81 KB / Downloads: 23)

What is a Honeypot

A honeypot is a resource which pretends to be a real target. A honeypot is expected to be attacked or compromised. The main goals are the distraction of an attacker and the gain of information about an attack and the attacker.
A honeypot therefore is a system which is acting as a potential target for an attacker.

Concept of Honeypots

Has no production value; anything going to/from a honeypot is likely a probe, attack or compromise
All traffic is suspicious as there shouldn’t be any traffic because nobody knows of the system, no productive services are running and the system is not involved in “normal” activities.



Detecting new kind of attacks, retrieving new hacker tools or to get a better knowledge about the attackers, their background, activities and goals.

Developing new IDS signatures, analyze new attack tools or detect new ways of hidden communications or distributed denial of service (DDoS) tools.

Level of Involvement

Low involvement:

They are listening on a certain port for incoming connections.
All packets are logged & no answer to the request is sent.
Low involvement honeypots have no interaction with the attacker. No traffic is ever leaving the honeypot – It’s a simple logging machine.

Mid involvement:
Mid involvement honeypots also listen on different ports. But in contradiction to low involvement they send information back to the attacker.
A request is answered and the attacker has the possibility to issue commands.

In most cases, the provided commands are
very limited.


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