Human Computer Interaction
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Human-computer interaction (HCI) is the study of how people design, implement, and use interactive computer systems and how computers affect individuals, organizations, and society. This encompasses not only ease of use but also new interaction techniques for supporting user tasks, providing better access to information, and creating more powerful forms of communication. It involves input and output devices and the interaction techniques that use them; how information is presented and requested; how the computerâ„¢s actions are controlled and monitored; all forms of help, documentation, and training; the tools used to design, build, test, and evaluate user interfaces; and the processes that developers follow when creating Interfaces
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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this is useful link sameerchavanpapers/hci.pdf
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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.ppt   hci.ppt (Size: 79.5 KB / Downloads: 84)
Human-Computer Interaction
Confusions related to course interface

n Orientation phase
n Buttons unexplained
n User can easily be stuck on lower levels (discussion threads etc.)
Human-Computer Interaction

– the end-user
– the others in the organisation
– hardware
– software
– user “tells” the computer what (s)he wants
– computer communicates results
n Practical implication of HCI
n Design,
Implementation and Evaluation of user interfaces
n Importance of HCI
n Productivity
– individual (e.g. installations, word processing)
– organisational (changing job content, satisfaction, working environment, power and influence)
n Safety (e.g. nuclear plants, flight control)
A model of HCI
n Disciplines, contributing to HCI
n Computer science
n Cognitive psychology
n Social & organisational psychology
n Ergonomics
n Artificial intelligence
n Linguistics
n Philosophy, sociology, anhtropology
n Factors in HCI
n Discuss...
… what HCI factors should be considered while designing the Web-based courses?
HCI design models
n Waterfall model
n The star life cycle model
n Rapid prototyping
n The waterfall model
n The star life cycle
Rapid prototyping
n From instructional design to HCI design
n Task analysis, functional analysis
n Conceptual design, based on selected instructional strategies and tactics
n Physical design guidelines
n Sketch…
… a flowchart, depicting the instructional strategies and tactics you have selected for you prototype lesson.
User Interface design guidelines
E.g. UI design guide from IBM Web site:
n Principles: simplicity, support, familiarity, obviousness, encouragement, satisfaction, accessibility, safety, versatility, personalisation, affinity
n Web style guidelines: specify a reason for the site, define your audience, etc.
n Site-specific conventions: provide search & help on the left side of every page on this site
HCI resources on the Web
n IBM HCI design guide at ibmibm/hci/guidelines/design/
n Sun’s Web style guide: sunstyleguide
n Designing killer Web sites
n Jakob Nielsen’s AlertBox at
n Graphical design and visualisation, visual literacy
n Terry Winograd, Donald Norman
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to get information about the topic human eye computer interface full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow



topicideashow-to-human-computer-interface-hci-seminar and presentation-report


seminar paper
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Human Computer Interaction

.pptx   Human Computer Interface.pptx (Size: 1.3 MB / Downloads: 27)

Human computer interaction focuses on the interaction with the computer that we operate daily .

None of us really want to operate the computer all we want to do is just interact with the computer

Why study human use of computer systems?
The system view:
complex human
complex computer
complex interface between the two

The human factors view:
humans have necessary limitations
errors are costly in terms of
loss of time
loss of money
loss of lives in critical systems
loss of morale
design can cope with such limitations!

Basic interactions

The basic interactions with the computers was made possible by using…
Direct manipulation
The mouse

Application types

Drawing programs
Text editing
Hyper text
Spread sheets
Video games

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.ppt   HUMAN COMPUTER.ppt (Size: 260 KB / Downloads: 15)


Human factors related to computer can roughly divided into topics related to hardware design & topics related to design of the software interface
Hardware should be designed to maximize task perfomance & minimize ergonomic problems or hazards
Software interface refers to the information provided by the computer and the control mechanisms for information inputting


A point where two objects meet.
A point where the human can tell the computer what to do.
A point where the computer displays the requested information.

Importance of HCI

individual (e.g. installations, word processing)
organisational (changing job content, satisfaction, working environment, power and influence)
Safety (e.g. nuclear plants, flight control)

Disciplines, contributing to HCI

Computer science
Cognitive psychology
Social & organisational psychology
Artificial intelligence
Philosophy, sociology, anhtropology

Principles of HCI design

Recognise diversity
Strive for consistency
Informative feedback
Error prevention and similar error handling
Reduce short term memory load

Computer Match

A good interface match would include as many senses as possible.
Computer input and output is basically seeing what we enter and what is displayed.
Sound can be added to some programs, either by giving instructions by voice, or listening to a commentary / music.
Touch can be in the form of using the mouse, a joystick, or a drawing tablet.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a computer interface.
The applications programs combine the interfaces already mentioned to give a simulated three dimensional world of sight, sound, touch and movement.
Interaction may be made through special equipment such as: spectacles, gloves, sound systems, and the computer and monitor.
As these types of interfaces develop and become more advanced (realistic) through high level programming, so the human use will become more common and so it will seem to be similar to communication with other humans.

Natural Language

Normal speech recognised by a computer is Natural Language Interface. Talk to a computer and it recognises what we want.
Natural means human-like, and the technology is leaning towards getting computers to behave in a more natural way.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Used on computers first by Apple Macintosh, and afterwards by Microsoft.
The memory and file management are done by the operating system while applications are running – Multi-Tasking.
A mouse is used to point and click on icons instead of typing in a command.
Dialogue boxes, menus, icons, toolbars etc form the window on the computer screen.

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