Hydra: A Block-Mapped Parallel Flash Memory Solid-State Disk Architecture
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summer project pal
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Hydra: A Block-Mapped Parallel Flash Memory Solid-State Disk Architecture
B.Tech Seminar Report
Alwin James
Department of Computer Science And Engineering
Government Engineering College, Thrissur
December 2010

.pdf   Hydra-A Block-Mapped Parallel Flash Memory.pdf (Size: 302.72 KB / Downloads: 196)

Flash memory is increasingly being used as a storage medium in mobile devices
because of its low power consumption, fast random access, and high shock resistance.
The type of
ash memory used for bulk storage applications is NAND
ash, which is
organized into physical blocks, each of which contains a set of pages that are accessed
by read and program operations.Here, we describe Hydra, a high-performance
memory SSD architecture that translates the parallelism inherent in multiple
memory chips into improved performance, by means of both bus-level and chip-level

Chapter 1

Flash memory is a non-volatile memory chip that can be electrically erased and re-
programmed.A solid-state drive (SSD) is a data storage device that uses solid-state
memory to store persistent data. Solid State Drive (SSD) are distinguished from
traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), which are electromechanical devices containing
spinning disks and movable read/write heads. SSDs, in contrast, use microchips which
retain data in non-volatile memory chips and contain no moving parts.Hydra, is
memory solid state disk architecture which exploits the parallelism of multiple NAND

ash memories to enhance system storage performance.

Chapter 2
Data Storage Devices

2.1 Hard Disk Drives
A Hard Disk Drive is a non-volatile secondary storage device used for storing
digital data. It consists of rotating platters mounted on a motor driven spindle and
enclosed in a protective enclosure.Data is magnetically read and written on the platter
by read/write heads that
oat on a lm of air above the platters. The main features
of HDD's are:
 Data Transfer Rate : A 7200 rpm hard disk could transfer data at a rate of
70MB per second
 Error handling : Uses Error Correcting Codes such as Reed-Solomon Error
 S.M.A.R.T. - Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology, which
measures characteristics such as operating temperature, spin-up time, data error
rates etc.
summer project pal
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Hydra: A Block-Mapped Parallel Flash Memory Solid-State Disk Architecture
Alwin James
Roll No : 2K7704
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
November 28, 2010

.pdf   Hydra-A Block-Mapped Parallel Flash memory system architecture.pdf (Size: 729.01 KB / Downloads: 90)

1 Introduction
2 Hydra: Disk Architecture
3 Comparison
4 References
5 Questions

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
 Rotating rigid platters on a motor-driven spindle within a
protective enclosure

Block Level Mapping
Logical sector address is
divided into logical block
address and sector address

Comparison Between HDD and

Solid State Drives(SSD)
1 Access Time: 0.1ms
2 Low Read Latency Time
3 Less Power Consumption
4 Resistable to
temperatures and
magnetic interference
Hard Disk Drives(HDD)
1 Access Time: 0.5-10ms
2 High Read Latency Time
3 High Power Consumption
of upto 15+ Watts
4 Susceptability to shock,
extreme temperatures and
magnetic inteference

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