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Imbricate cryptography is one of the types of symmetric cryptography, by using it the key is fixed in the message, so the message cannot be recovered without using the accurate key.The imbricate cryptography is engaged with encryption and decryption layers. Cryptography is used to play a very important position in network security because it permits two people to exchange responsive information in a secured method. In imbricate cryptography the message and the key are secretly tresses.
There are two kinds of cryptography are used like asymmetric cryptography and symmetric cryptography. If the sender and the receiver use different keys or multiple key is known as asymmetric cryptography. If the sender and the receiver use the same key or a single key is known as symmetric cryptography
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.doc   Imbricate Cryptography.doc (Size: 316 KB / Downloads: 111)
Security and privacy are critical for electronic communication and e-business. Network security measures are needed to protect data during its transmission. Cryptography plays a vital role in network security as it allows two parties to exchange sensitive information in a secured manner. The word ‘cryptography’ means ‘covered writing’(‘covered’ for ‘crypto’ and ‘writing’ for ‘graphy’).It involves the use of a secret key known only to the participants of the secure communication: If ‘A’ wants to send a message to ‘B,’ he encrypts the original message ‘X’ by the encryption algorithm using the key agreed upon by them. The encrypted message is transmitted through the communication media and the key is transmitted through a secured media like RF cable, fibre, etc. The receiver decrypts the original message from the encrypted message using the same key and the decryptor. A cryptanalyst may try to capture the message and the key. If he fails to do so, the encryption algorithm is successful.
When it comes to security of any important data, the first solution what strikes is encoding the actual data in some form which is private to the user /users only. Putting the things technically, the simplest solution is Cryptography.
Cryptography is the art of achieving security by encoding messages to make them non-understandable.
Forming an intelligible message into unintelligible one and then retransforming that message back to its original form is Cryptography.
There are two types of cryptography:
• Asymmetric Cryptography
• Symmetric Cryptography
If the sender and the receiver use different keys, it’s called asymmetric or multiple-key, public-key encryption.
If the sender and the receiver use the same key, it is called symmetric or single-key, secret-key or conventional encryption.
Encryption: It is the technique of converting original text into coded text using particular key.
Decryption: It is the technique of converting coded text into original text using some key.
Whereas the original text known as plain text and coded text is known as cipher text.
What is plain text?
Clear text or plain text signifies a message that can be understood by the sender, the recipient, and also by anyone else who gets an access to that message.
What is cipher text?
When a plain text message is codified using any suitable scheme, the resulting message is called as cipher text. Thus sending cipher text from one location to other ensures the safety of the original message.
Cryptography mechanism:
 Substitution Techniques
 Replace one or more characters with other characters
 Example: Replace each a with d, b with e, etc
 Transposition Techniques
 Rearrange the text
 Example: Replace 1st character with 4th, 2nd with 5th, etc
Combinational Technique.
What is imbricate cryptography
Imbricate cryptography is a new technique that uses the layered approach designed by us. It is a type of symmetric cryptography in which the key is implanted in the message, so the message cannot be recovered without using the correct key. Here the message and the key are inwardly plaited.
It involves layers of encryption and decryption. Since the key is of variable length of the user’s choice, it cannot be found by permutation and combination. Moreover, the output transmitted as a bitmap file perplexes the cracker. Thus the encrypted file can be sent across the network of interest. Implementation is done by us for the message involving text but the algorithm is extensible to any media. Simplicity, user-orientation and compatibility are the key features of the algorithm.
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