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.ppt   INTRODUCTION ABOUT CISCO ROUTER SWITCHS And IP-PHONES.ppt (Size: 6.66 MB / Downloads: 188)

INTRODUCTION ABOUT CISCO ROUTER cisco switches And cisco ip phone,

Presented By:

Basic information about Cisco

Cisco is one of the leading manufacturers of network equipment. Cisco's primary business is in internetworking products, such as Routers, IP-Phones & Switches .
Cisco Information Security Specialists focus on performing the basic tasks necessary to secure networks using the apprentice knowledge of networking gained by Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification and the skills learned in Securing Cisco Network Devices (SND).
The Information Security Specialist is awarded when the candidate achieves CCNA certification and passes the SND Exam.

What do you mean by Router?

A device that forwards data packets along networks. Routers are the centerpiece of network infrastructure, intelligently steering data packets from one network to another. Cisco routers have built-in support for redundancy, instant failover, and redundant power for enhanced availability and system productivity.

How & where it is connected?

A router is connected to at least two networks, commonly two LANs or WANs or a LAN and its ISPâ„¢s network.

Routers are located at gateways, the places where two or more networks connect

What do you mean by Switch?

In networks, a device that filters and forwards packets between LAN segments. Switches operate at the data link layer and sometimes the network layer of the OSI Reference Model and therefore support any packet protocol. LANs that use switches to join segments are called switched LANs or, in the case of Ethernet networks, switched Ethernet LANs.
Catalyst switches make it possible to install features that make the network infrastructure highly available to accommodate time-critical needs, expandable to support future growth, secure enough to guard confidential data, and configurable for classifying and prioritizing traffic flows to enhance network operations.


What is an IP-phone ?
A phone that sends traffic over a TCP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)/IP network & which is also called as VOIP

Why IP-Phones are used ?

There exist a number of phones which are designed specially to be used for VoIP. We normally call them IP phones, or SIP phones. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a standard used for VoIP signaling. These phones very much resemble a normal PSTN/POTS phone, but they are equipped with an internal ATA.


Cisco IP phones 7970G, 7960G, 7940G, 7910G, 7910G + SW, 7912G, 7905G and 7902G can accept Cisco pre-standard Poe from a card integrated with a Cisco Catalyst switch or a Catalyst in-line power patch panel. 

These phones can draw local power from a power cube (CP-PWR-CUBE-2=) in addition to a country or regionally specific power cord (CP-PWR-CORD-xx=).


IP phones have many features which make them very interesting machines. Some of them even have color screens for web conferencing and web surfing.

Standard Features - Supported

Call forward busy
Call forward not answered
Call forward programmable
Call pickup group
Call routing
Dial Plan
Using a five-digit plan within the University Park Campus.
Message waiting indication for voice mail subscribers
Recall / timed flash
Volume control
For speakerphone equipped
Touch tone dialing
DTMF delivery
DTMF, also known as touch-
tone--the audible sounds you hear when you press keys on phone

What is VOIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol
A telephone system which takes advantage of the existing data network combining elements of current telephone and data technologies

VoIP System Structure

Utilizes existing Integrated Backbone
Distributed architecture
Primary Components:
IP telephones
Gateways to the public phone network
Call management servers
Specialized servers (voice mail, etc.)

What is the College Doing with VOIP?

The College of Engineering implementing VOIP by:
Replacing current phone systems with Cisco VOIP phones
Various Cisco VOIP phone models available
Providing a Unity ËœUnified Messagingâ„¢ Server to port voice mail messages into Collegeâ„¢s Mail Server
Users will have ability to pull up voice mail as an email attachment
Users MUST have a College email account to use this feature
College may at some point provide a FAX Server to port FAXâ„¢s received into the Collegeâ„¢s Mail Server
Once this service is available, users would have the ability to pull up FAXâ„¢s they receive as an email attachment

User Advantages of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Voicemail messages can be ported to your email client (must be an Exchange client)
You can receive your Voicemail messages anywhere by simply logging into your email either at the office or from a remote location (home, hotel, etc.)
*OR* by calling the Collegeâ„¢s phone number (814-865-2700) and entering your ID (5-digit office phone number) & password to gain access to your Voicemail, as well as your email messages

Use Directory Services through your phone to search for PSU phone numbers (available as of March 2006)
University will make information available from Penn State LDAP server - search for phone numbers directly from your VOIP phone
Configure your phone via the Web (available as of June 2004)
You can configure your own speed dials and also set call forwarding via your Web Browser from any location -
Note: This web functionality may not be available for all models

What You Need to Determine for Your New Phone Set¦

YOU (or your area) need to decide:
What phone line(s) are needed
What lines should appear on your phone set?
Call waiting?
Speed dial (you can now configure your own)
Pick-Up Groups
Call Forwarding Paths
Unified Messaging
Voicemail to College mail server

Unified Messaging - College ËœUnityâ„¢ server [Sending Voice Mail to Email]
Administrator for the Unity server in College

College of Engineering - Unity ËœUnified Messagingâ„¢ Server
Set up to port voice mail to the email server in College
Users must have a College of Engineering mail account to use the unified messaging capability
Future? - FAX Server (possible consideration)
FAX capabilities - FAXâ„¢s received could be ported to College email server as attachments

Whatâ„¢s Next?

Steps to implementing the new phones:
Small meetings with representatives from each area/department
To finalize individual phone set designs
Phone models and phone lines/speed-dial setup

In-house training prior to phone installation

Learn how to use the phone & its features before itâ„¢s activated
Set new phone installation date
While current phones continue to work
Actual phone service change day
The date when the new phones become activated
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