Induction Generator for wind power generation full report
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10-02-2011, 11:37 PM

Hi,I am Sunita Nanda, A Btech student of Koustuv Institute Of Self Domain(KISD),Patia, Bhubaneswar,I don't know about this topic 'INDUCTION GENERATOR FOR WIND POWER GENERATION', so please send me the full report or document or pdf file of this topic for seminar and presentation. please help me...
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please please kindly send me the full seminar and presentation report on the topic 'INDUCTION GENERATOR FOR WIND POWER GENERATION' i urgently need it. please help meHuh
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10-02-2011, 11:59 PM

hey please send the full report on 'INDUCTION GENERATOR FOR WIND POWER GENERATION'
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.pptx   generation.pptx (Size: 779.06 KB / Downloads: 31)


Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy present in the wind into mechanical energy by means of producing torque .
In the present scenario ,most wind turbine manufactures now equip power generating units by induction generators.
They are operated either at fixed speed or variable speed.
Generators driven by fixed speed turbines can directly be connected to grid.
Variable speed generators need a power electronic converter interface for interconnection with the grid.
Variable speed generation is preferred over fixed speed generation.


The motor which runs in the principle of induction rather than conduction is called as induction motor.
If an induction motor is driven at a speed greater than synchronous speed by an external prime mover, the direction of its inducted torque will reverse and it will act as a generator. This is induction generator. As the torque applied to the shaft by prime mover increases, the amount of power produced by induction generator increases.
Induction generator is widely used in windmills.


Wind turbines convert wind energy to electricity for distribution.
Aerodynamic modeling is used to determine the optimum tower height , control systems , number of blades and blade shape.
Wind turbines are generally classified depending on their axis of rotation as -
1- Horizontal axis type
2-Vertical axis type
The horizontal axis types generally have better performance.
A quantitative measure of the wind power available at any location is called wind power density(WPD).
Commercial wind farms generally produce a wind power density of
400 watts/square meter .


Turbine convert wind energy into rotary mechanical energy.
A mechanical interface, transmits the energy to an electrical generator.
The output of this generator is connected to the load or system grid .
The controller senses the wind direction , wind speed , power output of the generator .
Several schemes for electrical generation have been developed ,
such as, 1- Constant speed generation system .
2-Variable speed generating system .
At constant speed generation system suffer from a number of drawbacks hence variable generation system is preferred .


Wind is one of the most flexible and easily handled comparing to all energy sources , since the mechanical energy derived directly from the wind can be readily and efficiently converted to other forms of energy .
The cost of power generation from wind farms has now become lower than diesel power
Wind farms are situated generally in coastal areas .
Induction generators are widely used in wind mill.

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