Interplanetary network (IPN)
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24-02-2009, 01:28 AM

The interplanetary network (IPN) is a group of spacecrafts equipped with gamma-ray burst detectors used to localize Gamma ray bursts (GRB). In the past other spacecraft that contributed to the IPN such as the interplanetary... The InterPlanetary Internet, as presently conceived, is a set of floating nodes in space which can communicate with each other. Because of the large speed of light delays involved with interplanetary distances, the IPN needs a new set of protocols and technology that are tolerant to large delays. The objective of the Interplanetary Internet project and implimentation is to define the architecture and protocols necessary to permit interoperation of the Internet resident on Earth with other remotely located internets resident on other planets or spacecraft in transit. While the Earth's Internet is basically a 'network of connected networks', the Interplanetary Internet may therefore be thought of as a 'network of disconnected Internets'. Inter-working in this environment will require new techniques to be developed. It is also anticipated that the architecture and protocols developed by this project and implimentation will be useful in many terrestrial environments in which a dependence on real-time interactive communication is either unfeasible or inadvisable. The IPNSIG exists to allow public participation in the evolution of the Interplanetary Internet. The technical research into how the Earth's Internet may be extended into interplanetary space has been underway for several years as part of an international communications standardization body known as the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems. The NASA Study Team will also enable simulated and actual opportunities to test protocols and the use of Internet techniques in the space environment
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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i want full report on this topic plz help me
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need full report of interplanetary internet
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Submitted By:
Manjeet Singh

.ppt   IPN(completed).ppt (Size: 980 KB / Downloads: 123)

What does IPN mean?
Interplanetary Internet Services.
A communication system to provide Internet-like services across interplanetary distances in support of deep space exploration.
It is a “Network of Internets”.
It is a new technology that will extend the need of terrestrial internet into space
The current terrestrial Internet and its technology provide a robust basis to IPN
Where IPN will be used?
It will be used to send & receive emails and data to different planets in outer space.
To communicate with spacecraft using bi-directional radio links so as to be able to send instructions, and to get data back to earth.
It will help in more exploration of solar system.
It will increase the intelligence of human about solar system.

Desiderata of IPN
Go thoughtfully in the knowledge that all interplanetary communication derives from the modulation of radiated energy.
Sometimes a planet will be between the source and the destination.
Therefore no end-to-end connectivity at any time and no relay chatting is possible.
Signal strength drop off by the square of the distance, and there is a lot of distance.
We also need to deal with security issues in the IPN. .
Challenges in IPN
Size, weight and power are the main challenges.
Power limitation may cause asymmetries in data transmission eg. Data rate of earth to mars can be 1 Kilobits/sec and that is of from mars to earth can be 100 Kilobits/sec.
Scheduling of resources is required so that at proper time proper resources should be available to send and receive data to planet and from planet.
IPN operating environment Big Grinelays:- Scheduling, queuing delay and require special equipments.
Current deep space mission operate with high bit errors due to difficulties in generating power.

What will be change in domain name?
In Simple internet we use Administrative DNS that is converted into IP address and is used for reference in whole network. And for that we use large data base and it’s not possible in case of IPN because of being distributed data base.
But in IPN our DNS will be having two parts :-{Administrative Part, Routing Part}
Administrative Part will be same as that of simple internet and to search out about this will be responsibility of IPN REGION but routing part will specify rout through which data is to be transmitted.
Internet DSN IPN DSN ,earth. sol

seminar class
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Presenetd by

.pptx   ahal.pptx (Size: 1.71 MB / Downloads: 67)

• Interplanetary internet [IPN] is the new phase of internet.
• It makes networks among planets in solar system.
• Client computer.
• ISP.
• NAP.
• Routers.
• Back bones.
• IP Address.
• Protocols.
Architecture of Internet
Need for a new system

• a new space communication system is needed to accomplish IPN since the following reasons exists
 Distance
 Line of sight obstruction
 Weight
IPN Network Architecture
• Physical layer.
• Datalink layer.
• Network layer.
• Bundle layer.
IPN Network Architecture
Informations in bundle layer

• Bundle identifier
• Remote entity name:
• Source entity name
• Authentication information
• Source application instance handle
• Destination application instance handle
Informations in bundle layer
• Size of data
• Handling instructions:
• Data Descriptor
• Time to Live
• Loose/Strict Source Route and Record
• Current bundle custodian
• User data
Principles of Design
• Inter-internet Dialogs
• The Routing Part of an IPN Tuple Identifies an Internet
• The functions of the Unique IPN Node
• Security Architecture
• IPN Backbone
• Deployed Internets
IPN Node name tuple
• Administrative part
• Routing part
Functions of the Unique IPN Node
• Bundle Agents
• IPN Relays
• IPN Gateways
Security Architecture

• Access control
• Authentication
• Data integrity
• Data privacy
Delay Tolerant Network [DTN]
• A DTN is a network of regional networks
• DTN support interoperability of regional networks
Facilities given by DTN
• Intermittent connectivity
• Long or Variable Delay
• Long or Variable Delay
• High Error rates
Characteristics of DTN
• Store and Forward Message Switching
• Protocol Developments for IPN
• The DTN Bundle Protocol
• The Saratoga Protocol
IPN To Mars

• Distance of communication
• Line of sight obstruction
• Weight
• Architecture
• Bandwidth
• Security

• IPN is the network among planets which implements effective communication
• IPN is going to change way of study of astronomers and the way we think about other planets
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20-08-2011, 03:51 PM

i need a full seminar and presentation report and ppt of the IPN.pls send me ,my email id is[/size][/font]
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