Ipv6 - The Next Generation Protocol
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The Internet is one of the greatest revolutionary innovations of the twentieth century.It made the 'global village utopia ' a reality in a rather short span of time. It is changing the way we interact with each other, the way we do business, the way we educate ourselves and even the way we entertain ourselves. Perhaps even the architects of Internet would not have foreseen the tremendous growth rate of the network being witnessed today.With the advent of the Web and multimedia services, the technology underlying t he Internet has been under stress.

It cannot adequately support many services being envisaged, such as real time video conferencing, interconnection of gigabit networks with lower bandwidths, high security applications such as electronic commerce, and interactive virtual reality applications. A more serious problem with today's Internet is that it can interconnect a maximum of four billion systems only, which is a small number as compared to the project and implimentationed systems on the Internet in the twenty-first century.

Each machine on the net is given a 32-bit address. With 32 bits, a maximum of about four billion addresses is possible. Though this is a large a number, soon the Internet will have TV sets, and even pizza machines connected to it, and since each of them must have an IP address, this number becomes too small. The revision of IPv4 was taken up mainly to resolve the address problem, but in the course of refinements, several other features were also added to make it suitable for the next generation Internet.

This version was initially named IPng (IP next generation) and is now officially known as IPv6. IPv6 supports 128-bit addresses, the source address and the destination address, each being, 128 bits long. IPv5 a minor variation of IPv4 is presently running on some routers. Presently, most routers run software that support only IPv4. To switch over to IPv6 overnight is an impossible task and the transition is likely to take a very long time.

However to speed up the transition, an IPv4 compatible IPv6 addressing scheme has been worked out. Major vendors are now writing softwares for various computing environments to support IPv6 functionality. Incidentally, software development for different operating systems and router platforms will offer major jobs opportunities in coming years.
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Could you upload the ppt file too.
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now we don't have the ppt. we'll upload it as soon as possible
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IPv6: The Next Generation Internet Protocol

.ppt   The Next Generation.ppt (Size: 620 KB / Downloads: 21)

What Is IPv6?

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the next generation Internet Protocol.
It is designed to supplement IPv4 and fix problems with IPv4 and allow for future growth.
IPv4 is the IP protocol currently in use on the Internet today.

Why IPv6?

IPv6 primarily fixes the major problem we have with IPv4: Depletion of address space.
IPv4 has a 32-bit address space. Each host on the Internet needs a legitimate, routable IPv4 address to communicate.


Class A to = only 126 class A’s
Taken by large companies (IBM, AT&T) and universities (MIT) that didn’t need that much space.
Class B
128.0.x.x to 191.255.x.x
Given to Government agencies and universities and Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
Class C
192.1.1.x to 223.255.255.x
Given to small business, universities and small ISPs

Well, not Quite, but Close

IPv6 is set up to work with the last 64 bits of the address as the “host” address.
This usually maps to the hardware address, or in the case of Ethernet, the MAC address.

IPv6 and Legacy Protocols

The IPv6 standard does not modify any of the payload protocols like TCP or UDP.
IPv6 can also translate or tunnel IPv4
or vice versa: IPv4 can tunnel IPv6


Most commercial ISPs (in the U.S.) do not offer IPv6.
They might offer “tunneled” IPv6.
Most research and some government networks support IPv6 “natively”:
NASA’s NREN Research Network
Not the NASA production Network
Internet2 (Abilene), vBNS+, CANARIE, DANTE (GEANT), APAN?

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