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What is a Invincible Black-box?
Invincible Black-box is Linux based software and that will let you monitor what people you share your computer will type when you are away. Working in the background, Invincible Black-box will record every keystroke pressed, all passwords , chats conversations, instant messages, emails, websites visited on the keyboard etc and stores it down in a hidden encrypted log file that can be viewed by the person performing the monitoring in real-time, or at a later date. It can also make screen shots periodically and mail the stored information to an administrative mail account. The Log analysis and report generation GUI module can be invoked only by typing a unique key combination by the person performing the monitoring. Similar type of Softwares are very popular in windows and that for Linux Environment is not common these days.
Why Install Invincible Black-box?
Monitor your employee's computer activities: Invincible Black-box can be used as a form of spy-ware in the office. As an employer, you'll be able to monitor your employees and identify those who spend corporate bandwidth on shopping, chatting and viewing frivolous content instead of work they are paid. Besides, it can be used to save lost typing in case the computer crashes and an important document you've just created is lost.
Safeguard your children from on-line dangers: As the name implies, Invincible Black-box is primarily designed to be used as an easy solution for PC and Internet surveillance use. As a parent concerned about the child's on-line security, having something like Invincible Black-box is a must. The program will tell you about your child's on-line habits, helping you prevent him or her from visiting porn sites, or making friends with criminals and pedophiles hidden behind chat avatars.
Save lost typing instead of re-typing everything from scratch: Another unusual use for Invincible Black-box is saving lost typing. This may be useful when you are typing something in a word processor and suddenly your computer freezes and the application quits for no good reason. With Invincible Black-box installed, you'll be able to regain the text you have typed up to the moment when your computer locked up.
As the old Russian saying goes "Trust but verify." Indeed, it's better to know about risks in advance rather than to scratch head when something unpleasant already happened
The best way to keep track of what happens on your computer is with Invincible Black-box spy software. What does this mean? If you have a computer in your home that you share with other family members or even room mates, you may not be aware of everything that goes on with their computer usage. This becomes very important when your children are using the computer, as you may or may not be able to keep track of everything they are doing on line. Intrusion detection systems in a PC is really difficult in the case of an open systems that is provided for legal and positive approaches. In the case of a system in a lab or a home PC with Internet connection . The non privileged users that uses the system can miss use the facility that provided for them. Since monitoring these like open systems by its administrators manual is a difficult procedure and not practical in the case of a lab with hundreds of PCs

In that case a smart monitoring facility that provides a word by word monitoring of the non privileged users activities on the keyboard .Since there are many input devices available keyboard is the master and primary input device in all cases for a computer . So monitoring all keystrokes in a computer by a person can explain all his/her communications with the PC .All the word that he typed ,All the Internet sites names,all user-names ,password... That also without the knowledge of the person who types them.
. A Invincible Black-box has many uses. Much like a telephone recording system at a call center, the Invincible Black-box silently records all keystrokes typed, including emails, word documents, chat room activity, IRC, instant messages, web addresses and web searching.
Many companies use Invincible Black-box on their company PCs to supervise employees for Internet and PC usage compliance. Invincible Black-box can help keep track of activity and allow a company to act on unauthorized activity before it becomes too late.
The open source platform gives the flexibility in the development and usage of the software .Since the driver parts of the keyboards are written in pure the compatibility issues are avoided . By using the actual open source technologies like C and java for the project and implimentations a large area of Internet support and future enhancement of the project and implimentation can be also done easily.

The modules are following

1, The key Fetcher & Encryption Module
2, Decryption and Mailing module
3, Administration Module
4, Log Analysis/ Report Generation

1, The key Fetcher & Encryption Module

This is the back born of the Invincible Blackbox that saves the keystrokes C is the programming language .A log file is generated in the first time for saving the key values. Key-maps are used as the data bases for the keys to be replaced for the ASCII generated in the process .Whole file handling and the corresponding directories are kept hidden from the normal users .The key strokes are recorded from the log-in page of the user. The whole process cant affect any performance variations for the normal programs running bye the user .So the actual invisibility in maintained

2, Decryption and Mailing module

Since the regular checking of all the PC's log file that handles bye an administrator is a not a practical thing so a mailing module that sends the log files to the administrator specified email id .With the help of this module an administrator can check all the PC controlled bye him by checking his email id . GUI programming is done with the help of Swing(Java GUI API).

3,Administration Module

By using Java Swing a wonderful user control panel generation is done for a user friendly approach .It is highly flexible and offers many features for a GUI programming . A security rich application that can be launched with a combination key code and there after a user authentication is also there, All settings for the key logger can be done with the help of this module. Date, time and user wise arrangement of the logged key entries is possible. Extra permission for new users on the software are also possible

By combining these 4 modules The Invincible Black-box is implemented successfully.


Intel p4 processor, 256 RAM
GCC (GNU Compiler Collection), Java.
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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hello am a student doing my final year BCA. i came accross this topic and after reading the concept am very much impressed. i want to develop it as a project and implimentation for my final sem so can i get d information about the front-end and back-end and requirements to develop this software.
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to get information about the topic" LINUX BASED INVINCIBLE BLACKBOX" refer the link bellow


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