Linux Shell Programming
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Linux Shell Programming


Linux is a open source operating system. And it’s available freely on internet. Linux is Mostly virus free operating system. Linux is a Unix-like operating system. It is the result of an international collaboration, directed by Linus Torvalds, the original author. It’s free - no licensing fee payable to anybody. The Linux kernel is licensed under Free Software Foundation’s General Public License. The source code comes with the system. Linux Shell programming is useful for automating everyday tasks by executing Linux commands from within a script. Shell programming is especially popular with system administrators, but can be helpful to programmers, database administrators, CGI programmers, and end users as well.
Since Linux is a multiuser system, authentication is mandatory and before uou can access any recourse from the system, you have to authenticate first.
With the help of Linux shell we can created our own script this script is used as command.


As the version of UNIX, the history of Linux begins with UNIX. The story begin with late
1960’s when an affords to developed new operating system technique started. In 1938’s researchers from ‘GENERAL ELECTRIC’, AT&T BELL labs and Massachusetts
Institute of technology (MIT) carried out a special operating system research project and implimentation
Called multics ( Multiplex Information Computing System). MULTICS incorporated
Many new concept in multitasking, file management and user interaction. In 1969
Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie and the researchers AT & T bell labs developed the
UNIX operating system, Incorporation many of the feature of MULTIC Research project and implimentation. The tailored the system for the need of the research environment, designing it to run on
Minimum computers. Ultimately UNIX was an affordable and efficient multi-user and multitasking operation system.
In simple words LINUX is a free, Multiuser, and Multitasking GNU/GPL Network operating system it is another version of UNIX; it is POSIX standard operating system
(Portable Operating System Interface for computer Environments). Linus Benedict Torvalds whom we all recognized as a father of linux was born on December 28, 1969 in Finland. He grew up in Helsinki capital of Finland. Linux was a computer science student at University of Helsinki in Finland. At that time he was using UNIX like operating system
Called Minix, Minix had many limitations so linus set about writng a new operating system
In 1991 that did not sufer the limitations of MS-DOS and UNIX. He posted his quries on the internet and asked for feedback and suggestion. Large numbers of programmers all across the world gave in their expertise and inputs for the development of Linux kernel.
It took a few years for its full development. So in this way a hoddy project and implimentation started by linus became a full featured and stable operating system called linux and was available for downloaded with its source code free of cost. You can get more information on how Linux was evolved in plenty of website and books, so I won’t discuss in details it here in details.

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