List of Chemical Engineering Final Year Projects
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List of Chemical Engineering Final Year Projects

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1. Utilization Of Sludge Gas
2. Extraction Of Silica From Burnt Paddy Husk
3. Detergent Powder From Paddy Husk
4. Refining Of Used Lube Oils
5. Nicotinic Acid From Tobacco Waste
6. Paper Pulp From Groundnut Shell
7. Caffeine From Waste Tea And Coffee
8. Solar Pump
9. Extraction Of Furfural From Bagasse
10. Manufacture Of Nicotine Sulphate From Tabacco Waste
11. Cashewnut Sheel Liquid And Its Resin As Sand Core Binder
12. Chitin And Protein From Prawnshell Waste
13. Studies On Paddy Drier
14. Low Cost Viscometer
15. Cementitious Material From Rice Husk And Sea Shells
16. Glucose Syrup From Tapioca Starch
17. Cementitious Material From Rice-Husk, Sea-Shells And Clay
18. Citric Acid From Molasses
19. Rayon Grade Pulp From Banana Fibres
20. Pulp For Handboards From Arecanut Husk
21. Oxalic Acid From Molasses
22. Alcohol From Potatoes And Agriculture Waste
23. Ethyl Cellulose From Bagasse
24. Utilisation Of Banana Fibre For Making Wrapping Paper
25. Studies On Pulverisation Of Rice Husk
26. Engineering Studies On Tile And Brick Industry In And Around Dakshina Kannada District
27. Citric Acid From Molasses
28. Handmade Paper From Bagasse
29. Utilisation Of Flyash From Raichur Thermal Station
30. Cementitous Material From Agro-Waste And Sea Shells
31. Design Of Dryer For Earthenware Products
32. Design Of Crystallizer
33. Paperboard From Arecanut Husk
34. Ground Water Expolaration In An Industrial Estate Near Near Baikapady
35. Expoloration Studeis For Ground Water In Bala Area
36. Tartic Acid From Tamarind Leaves
37. Ferrous Sulhate From Scrap Iron
38. Heat Pumps For Energy Conservation In Drying
39. Good Quality Paper From Waste Paper
40. Studies On Techniques Of Traditional Chalk Making
41. Manufacture Of Iodised Salt
42. Extraction Of Oils And Jellose From Tamarind Seeds
43. Recovery Of Nickel From Spent Catalyst
44. Recovery Of Silver From Waste Photographic Fixing Solution
45. Vitamin B12 From Molasses Fermentation
46. Recovery Of Silver From Waste X Ray Solution
47. Recovery Of Nickel From Spent Catalyst
48. Production Of Vitamin B12 From Molasses
49. A Study On Electrochemical Reactions
50. Study Of Mixing Process In Stirred Vessel Reactors
51. Manufacture Of Fiber Board From Areca Spathe And Husk
52. Studies On Drying Of Freshly Pressed Bricks
53. Sonication - A Method Of Cell - Analysis
54. Preparation Of Zsm-05 Zeolites For Kinetic Studies
55. Determination Of Thermal Conductivity Of Pure Liquids And Binary Mixtures
56. Preparation Of Coconut Honey From Matured Coconut Water
57. Biosorption - Optimisation Of Parameters For Lead Removal Using Asperigillus Niger
58. Study Of Mixing Process In Baffled Reactor Vessels
59. Investigation On Pool Boiling Regimes
60. Formulation Of Theoretical Model For Viscosity Prediction Of Binaries With Experimental Verification
61. Determination Of Thermal Conductivity Of Pure Liquids And Binary Mixtures
62. Investigation On Filimwise And Dropwise Condensation
63. Investigation On Heat Pipe
64. Investigation On Burning Velocities Using Shadow Photography Techniques
65. Production Of Card Board From Rice Husk
66. Anaerobic Digestion Of Partenium To Produce Biogas
67. Detection Of Adulteration In Edible Oils And Generation Of A Portable Domestic Kit
68. Investigation On Particle Board From Waste Wood Powders
69. Preparation And Comparative Evaluation Of Activated Carbon
70. Investigation On A Natural Draft Cooling Tower
71. To Study The Rheological Behaviour Of Newtonian And Non-Newtonian Fluids In Capillaries And To Establish Shear Stress At Elevated Pressure
72. Treatment Of Industrial Waste Water Containing Heavy Metal Ions By Non-Conventional Methods
73. Pyrolysis Of Agro Waste And Production Of Charchol Clay Briquettes For Environmental Friendly Cooking In Rural Areas
74. Enrgey Exhgange Effectivness Enhancement Evaution In Domestic L P G Burners
75. Design And Fabrication Of Variable Weight Rotometer
76. Dehydration Of Egg Shells
77. Energy Exchange Effectiveness Enhancement Evaluation In Domestic Lpg Burners
78. Solar Distillation
79. Studies On Reduction Precipitation Methods For Chromium Removal From Effluents
80. Custard Apple Seed Oil As Pesticide
81. Dynamics Of Sparging
82. Anodisistion Of Aluminium For Corrsion Protection
83. Color Removal By Microbial Means
84. Determination Of Thermal Conductivity Of Binary Liquids
85. Development Of Defluoridizing Filter Candle Potable Water
86. Determination Of Thermal Conductivity Of Pure Liquids And Binary Liquids
87. Micromeritics Of Three Phase Fluidization
88. Determination Of Viscosity Of Liquids And Liquid Mixture
89. A Study On The Feasablity Of U Conventional Thickness Used As Thicking Agent For Silk Printing
90. Micron Rating Of Wire Meshes Using Buble Point Techinque
91. Photocatalyic Oxidation Of Arganic Effluents
92. Briquetted Fuel From Recylce Refuse
93. Design And Fabrication Of Spring Loaded Variable Load Rotameter
94. Efficiency Enhancement Of Solar Heater
95. Effect Of Heavy Metal Ions On Prodction
96. Pesticide Paint
97. Evaluation On Iodine Adsorption By Synthetic Resin For Water Purification Use
98. Bioleaching Of Copper From Chalcopyrites Using Bacteria
99. Toxicity Studies Of Heavy Metals On Cirrhinus Mrigala
100. Process Optimastion Of Diethyl Sulfate
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Treatment Of Industrial Waste Water Containing Heavy Metal Ions By Non-Conventional Methods

I want to do project and implimentation work on above mentioned topic....will you please provide more information for me...

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To get full information or details of List of Chemical Engineering Final Year Projects please have a look on the pages

topicideashow-to-chemical-engineering-seminar and presentation-topics-list

topicideashow-to-biomedical-engineering-project and implimentations-for-final-year-engineering

topicideashow-to-big-list-of-chemical-engineering-seminar and presentation-topics

topicideashow-to-list-of-chemical-engineering-final-year-project and implimentations

if you again feel trouble on List of Chemical Engineering Final Year Projects please reply in that page and ask specific fields in List of Chemical Engineering Final Year Projects
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i want know more information about chemical engineering project and implimentations
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26-10-2013, 02:18 PM

what are the topics in chemical enggneering.......
Tell to some project and implimentation topics?
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hello, good morning
well done for the great work you are doing, I appreciate.
i was requesting if you could give me more information on Nicotine acid from tobacco waste
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Here are some topics:

2. Continuous Agitation Tank Reactors in Project Series
3. Gentamicin Chemical Engineering PROJECT REPORT
4. Methane cracking in the low temperature chemistry project report
5. Slugging Slugging BE Chem Project Report

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