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1 MOTORISED OBJECT LIFTING JACK : The object lifting Jack works with the helpof geared motors and worm gear arrangement to lift the objects. The modified versioncan even lift car using the same principle.

2 KEY CONTROLLED- FORK LIFTER: - This Fork lifter lift the floor items andplace at the required space as instructed by Key controls.

3 MATERIAL HANDLING (X, Y, Z MOTION CONTROL): - A switch controlledmaterial handling mechanical assembly that can pick or place the goods in all three axisusing three gear motors.
4 OBJECT REJECTION & COUNTING MACHINE: - A conveyor belt based project and implimentationthat carries goods of different height or material. The object rejection setup removes theitem from the moving belt if it does not fulfill the condition.

5 ROBOTIC ARM WITH GRIPPER: - A three-geared motor setup of robotic arm is aninteresting project and implimentation under material handling. Six keys operation controls the whole setupof the model.

6 NEUMATIC/HYDRAULIC ROBO ARM: The air pressure is the base behind this tomove the arm to grip, to lift and to rotate the material to handle. A mini compressor willcreate the air pressure.

7 NEUMATIC/HYDRAULIC CRANE: The air pressure is the base behind this to move the arm to pick and to lift the material handling crane. A mini compressor will create the air pressure.

8 NEUMATIC/HYDRAULIC JACK: The air pressure will lift the material using a single piston. The up/down valves will control the whole operation. A mini compressor will create the air pressure.

0 ROBOTIC CRANE : A dual motor crane to lift material from ground level and and place the material at the other side of it by a moving arm using other motor. One can put the whole crane on a robotic vehicle with another two motors as moving crane for maetial handling.

1 ROBOTIC TROLLEY FOR MATERIAL HANDLING: This trolley can be Nimplanted on rough surface to carry material and drop at a specific area.

1 AUTOMATIC STAMPING AND SORTING MACHINE FOR POST CARD: This machine with a conveyor belt will check the four major cities and sort the post cards in their corresponding boxes with auto stamped on it.

2 SOLAR SUN SEEKER: - It actually track the sun as per its position and move the solar cell/water heating plates accordingly so as to get maximum power from sun light.

3 ELECTRICAL ENERGY FROM SPEED BREAKER: This can be designed to generate electrical energy when vehicles cross the breaker and roll the roller based speed breakers connected with an alternator.

4 PADDLE CONTROLLED MOBILE CHARGER CUM EMERGENCY LIGHT: - It works as we do cycling for exercise. Besides charging Mobile battery, it burns the extra calories too. Further it can modified to churn any thing.

5 ROBOTIC CAR WITH SENSORS: - This is a simple geared motorized vehicle with free wheel at front will always take right turn when the Infrared sensors sense any obstacle in front. An emergency brake can be applied if required.

6 JOY STICK CONTROLLED ROBOTIC CRANE WITH UP/DOWN PULLEY ARRANGEMENT AND CIRCULAR MOTION: - This is an interesting project and implimentation in the field of material handling. A moving trolley carries a circular disc type-rotating platform with crane arm. It moves all 360 degree.

7 LINE TRACER INDUSTRIAL VEHICLE: A material handling vehicle to carry goods in industry and that follow black line to follow. Any obstacle in front will stop the vehicle to avoid any accident by using IR or ultrasonic sensors.

8 ROBOTIC FIRE BRIGADE TROLLEY: - This robotic motorized trolley carries with water tank with it and work automatically if finds the fine in its route.

9 DOOR OPENER: - Automatic gate/Door opener that sense the human presence and open the door with mechanical motorized arrangement.

0 MOVING BRIDGE: The geared motor arrangement to lift the bridge on river in case of free movement of Ships/Boats required.

1 MOTORISED WHEEL CHAIR: The useful device for handicapped person to mive the chair with the help of battery and motor arrangement. The keys will help to turn left or right side.

2 PADDLE CONTROLLED DOOR OPENING SYSTEM: A very good project and implimentation for security persons to open or close the barrier or iron grill gates using paddle syste.


4 ACCIDENTAL PROOF TRAINS USING RF SIGNALS : The automatic braking system that makes an emergency brakes if two trains are coming on the same track. The model showing with one static and one moving train on a track.

5 PROPELLER/MOTORISED MONO RAIL: This simple propeller based vehicle will run on the principle of air propel ion. The speed of vehicle is directly propotional to the speed of propeller blades.

6 HYDRAULIC BREAKES: - A same mech. System that uses fluid as pressure to move the brake shoes in moving wheels for braking systems.

7 DRIVER LESS CAR: The three wheeler car that sense the path at its own (or follow black line at the surface). It will aply brakes in someone comes in front of it or change the path left or right as per requirement.

8 IR AUTO BRAKING: A simple auto braking in material handling robot that stops automatically when the obstracle comes in between. It create a switch, induction or paddle brake to apply to stop the vehicle.

9 SOLAR TOY CAR: -The solar panel charge the battery. From this rechargeable battery a dc geared motor drive the mini toy car. RF remote operation for steering control is also an optional attachment.

0 FOUR WHEEL STEERING SYSTEM: The driving on the hills will get more easy with this mechanism.

1 A 6 legged walker .The goal was to create a four bar linkage and demonstrate it's motion with a hand crank. We went above and beyond the rubric by adding 5 other legs and a motor. It didn't need to turn, it didn't need to be efficient, it just had to demonstrate we did the calculations and analysis of the path of the outer most point of the linkage.

2 Auto - Roll Punching Machine using Four Bar Mechanism
3 automatic bottle filling plant model using programmable logic USING MICRO cntroller........

4 Transfer Rail Control using microcntrolar

5 two cylinder stirling engine fan

6 a pedal generator I built out of an old bicycle and a 110 volt dc motor out of an old electric lawn mower, running a 110 volt, 250 watt heat light.

7 Pedal Power bike 100 watts Free energy

8 Dínamo de Bicicleta

9 Freeplay alternator used as bike dynamo The Freeplay alternator rather crudely attached to a bike, powering a cluster of 7 LED's - capable of 16 watts,efficiency 50% twice that of standard cycle dynamos.
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