Marketing Seminar For Small Business
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Marketing Seminar For Small Business
• Sponsor
• Today’s seminar and presentation is made possible by:
• Before We Get Started
• In the time allotted, we …..
• Can only provide highlights
• Have avoided most marketing buzz words
• Focus on concepts in part one
• Make some ‘How To’ points in part two
• Deal with Marketing Plan in part three
• Encourage you to ask questions as we go
• Ask you, please, turn of your cell phones
Today’s Seminar
In Three Parts
Marketing Basics
Customer Focused Marketing
How to Create a Marketing Plan

What is Marketing?
• Planning, integrating and executing a set of strategies for selling products, services or ideas for the benefit of seller and buyer.
• The actions required to move products from the producer to the consumer (classical definition).
• Actions taken to put the salesperson in front of the customer. (Marketing and Sales).
Most people think that Marketing is a tool, but for many successful businesses it is a way of thinking.
It is a mindset which puts the customer first and ensures that the company never forgets that it needs customers to survive.
Effective marketing is required for survival – and it is absolutely critical for success.
• Provides the foundation for planning and the basis for a profitable relationship with your customers.
• Recognizes and analyzes customer needs.
• Provides guidance for product pricing, packaging, promotion and distribution.
• Strategic
• Essential
• Long-term
• Communication-based
• Customer-driven
• Marketing is more than selling
• Understand your client’s needs
• Develop plans that reflect those needs
• Support the Marketing function,
• Develop an effective training program
• Find ways to sell / distribute products
and services more efficiently.
• Rainbow in Alaska
(How - What to Do - Ideas)
• For Small Business
• Introduction
• This part of the presentation introduces a variety of practical marketing approaches and ideas.
• Use it, as applicable, to generate ways to help develop your own business.
• Be Innovative – Above All
• To build and maintain a business, you must be innovative. For example, if you are opening a new restaurant, you may, for a limited time, offer two dinners for the price of one.
• A plumber may waive the service call fee if he is late for an appointment
• These are not original ideas – you need to find and implement the ones which will work for you.
• Incentives and Cost
• Find out what consumer incentives work in your business and the costs associated with various offers.
• But, be careful. As a restaurant owner do not forget to put specific expiration dates on coupons or else you may be serving free or discounted food for a long time.
• To make a sale it is critical to reach the right person within your customer’s company. Addressing mail to Purchasing Manager or other company official is usually not effective.
• Do your research and take care to be highly targeted in your business communications.
• Market and Marketing Research are vital to attain your business goals.
• Identify your customers and personalize your communications. This applies to direct mail, permission- based email marketing and phone solicitation.
Prospect identification should be a daily activity in any business. By making prospecting a continuing process, a steady flow of new sales leads will be produced. Never stop asking, "Who do we want to do business with”? Then enter all prospects into a database so they can be turned into customers over a period of time.
• Mailing dull direct-mail pieces will not work well. Ask yourself: ”Will anyone be intrigued enough to read the mailer before tossing it in the trash can”
• A creative approach is necessary to be different and distinctive. You may need help from professional copy writers to make your mailers more effective.
• Remember, copywriting is an art.
• Many business writers use impersonal words such as "As per our conversation...“ "Pursuant to our agreement...
• There is no reason why business letters should not be friendly, conversational, interesting and use language which the customer is familiar with.
• Again personalisation is vital.
• Have you asked selected prospects and customers how they view your business, products and services?
• When creating an ad, a brochure or a sales presentation, it is critical that you keep in mind what the customer wants, needs and expects. These concerns must be met.
• So, look for opportunities to obtain information which can help your marketing be more creative and targeted.
• People make buying decisions after making comparisons. Tell customers and prospects why it is in their best interests to do business with you. Then make the sale.
• Market - driven companies spend much time and effort influencing the way they are perceived by customers, prospects, investors and other stakeholders.
• Customers are cautious. They don't like making mistakes or hasty decisions. This is why enticing offers are so valuable. "Try it for 30" "We won't charge your credit card for a month." "Your satisfaction is guaranteed." "Try the product for the weekend and use it all you want."
• The goal is to overcome the customer's reluctance and then ultimately close the sale. Make it easy to say yes.
• Do you use this excuse: "Oh, well. I can't be in the right place every time." Maybe, but your powerful message can.
• Develop powerful incentives for your customers to keep you in mind every day.
• For example, outstanding products and services promoted by a mix of relevant seminar and presentations, newsletters, blogs, bulletins, special events and informative articles will help ensure your success.
• One of the best ways to differentiate your products or services is to give them distinctive names.
• Do you remember Roto-Rooter and Weed Wacker? These names are trademarks and you should also consider trademarks for your important products.
• Give your products clever names which take on new meanings, thereby distinguishing your products from those of your competitors.
• Make sure, however, that the name appeals to your customers --- not just to you.
Persistence is power in marketing. Follow through long enough to produce proper results.
Marketing momentum comes from consistent effort. For example, if you start a newsletter, issue it on schedule and only include relevant information.
Remember, it takes time for customers and prospects to get acquainted and comfortable with your business.
• Do you find that many ads, letters, brochures, and other sales materials you receive are filled with words, illustrations and data that are of little interest to you?
• To help you write effectively for your publications, ask prospects what they want to know about your company and products. When you know your target customers you can meet their needs effectively.
• For example if your Rolls Royce needs service – and one dealer insists you bring it and another says he will pick it up on his flat bed truck – which would you prefer?
• One dealer is clearly sending a signal that he doesn’t understand his customers and the other sends a powerful message - our customers are important.
• Find a way to add value that is recognized by customers.
• Share all relevant information with your customers. This is the way to become a valued resource for them. When people use your ideas, they will buy what you sell and come back for more. Happy customers will recommend you to others. Satisfying customers’ needs builds trust.
• Web Site Research
• A web site is like oxygen for your marketing. You must have it.
• Study your competitors’ web sites.
• Do successful competitors share common web strategies.
• Are the sites used for credibility and information and for Ecommerce as well?
• Can promotional literature be down-loaded?
• Web Strategy Considerations
• Do customers search the web before visiting your work shop, store or office?
• Do you meet customers at their homes or at their businesses?
• Do you close a sale based on one visit?
• Do you make proposals which are then evaluated and acted upon later?
• Do customers use the web to check your credibility before buying?
• Minimum Web Presence
• Establish a site which gives you credibility.
• Allow customers to download data which you would otherwise mail.
• Provide driving instructions to your location.
• Set up Email capability.
• Include relevant contact information.


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