MeeGO os
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12-07-2010, 09:11 PM

i am talin mathew,final year b-tech student of viswajyothi college of engineering & technology vazhakulam (kerala).i have selected 'MeeGo' as my seminar and presentation topic,which is a is a Linux-based open source mobile operating i need a full seminar and presentation report on the topic "MeeGo".please send me a seminar and presentation report on email id is -
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14-07-2010, 07:17 PM

MeeGo is a Linux-based open source mobile operating system project and implimentation which was announced at Mobile World Congress in February 2010 by Intel and Nokia. Intel and Nokia are working on separate OSes called moblin and Maemo respectively. Through MeeGo they paln to merge them. MeeGo was developed because Microsoft did not offer comprehensive Windows 7 support for the Atom processor.

System requirements
handhelds, in-car devices, netbooks and television platforms are expected to run MeeGo. They may differ in the User Experience (UX) layer.

User interfaces
several graphical user interfaces can be designed and they are generally called the user experience layers.
-Netbook: Moblin interface is extended here and it is written using the Mx toolkit.
-Handset: GTK+ and Clutter are included here for more compatibility with Moblin apps.
-Tablet:Tablet UX was the first to use the meego.
-In-Vehicle Infotainment: Moblin with Qt as base for the 'GENIVI 1.0,a entertainment system in car.

Its license policy is mainly documented at the MeeGo License Policy page. It tries to to encourage the fostering of derivative work but tries to keep the keep the project and implimentation as open as possible.

For more details, refer these links:
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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25-01-2011, 10:34 PM

i need some info regard mee go. plz can any 1 send me mee go complete doc. and ppt to my email
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29-01-2011, 08:38 PM

i need some info regard mee go. plz can any 1 send me mee go complete doc. and ppt to my email plz
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19-04-2011, 12:36 PM

you can refer these pages to get the details on meego

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Presented By

.docx   MeeGo Mobile operating system Report.docx (Size: 801.72 KB / Downloads: 88)
MeeGo is an open source operating system and many leading cell phone manufacturers, network service providers and third party software companies are waiting for its release. It is a Linux-based OS and is believed to be compatible with wide range of devices such as desktop computers, notebooks, cell phones, tablet PCs and even television sets. MeeGo powered device will allow the users to go online and access entertainment whether the user it at home or traveling. It has been revealed that the MeeGo OS is a merger between Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin. Since MeeGo is backed up with powerful names like Nokia and Intel, many cell phone companies are waiting for its release so that they can make use of this OS. Since MeeGo is an open source project and implimentation, developers will be able to modify MeeGo’s code so that they can test and develop new software and enhance the performance of the existing apps. Developers can access the Moblin and Maemo communities to discuss about the MeeGo OS. The goal of developing the MeeGo OS is to provide users with an easy to use operating system and also to allow them to make use of existing software on compatible devices that were considered to be incompatible for running applications. Developers will be able to develop new applications that will be run on MeeGo supported devices. MeeGo is a platform where new ideas and new possibilities can be brought to the user. MeeGo is also believed to be an OS that will provide the user with refreshingly new platform for communicating, playing multimedia files and for using office based applications. MeeGo will also bring some rich features to mobile devices such as computation technology, graphic based apps, etc. It is expected to provide the user with a very simple user interface that is not only easy to use but will also let the user to customize it to the fullest.
MeeGo is a Linux-based platform that is capable of running on multiple computing devices, including handsets, netbooks, tablets, connected TVs and in-vehicle infotainment systems. The primary goal of the merger of the Maemo and Moblin project and implimentations was to unify the efforts of the Moblin and Maemo communities and to enable a next generation open source Linux-platform suited for a variety of client devices. Most importantly, MeeGo will be doing so while: 1. Maintaining freedom for innovation 2. Continuing the tradition of community involvement (inherited from Maemo and Moblin) 3. Accelerating time-to-market for a new set of applications, services and user experiences With the merger, the MeeGo project and implimentation has now the opportunity to significantly expand the market opportunities on a wide range of devices and support multiple chip architectures (ARM and x86) from the get go. MeeGo also provide a rich cross-platform development environment so applications can span multiple platforms and will unify developers providing a wealth of applications and services. Such opportunities for instances were out of reach for Maemo and Moblin individually. Furthermore, MeeGo is committed to work in the upstream project and implimentations so that everyone using those upstream project and implimentations can benefit from MeeGo’s contributions to upstream project and implimentations.
Intended to run on a variety of hardware such as mobile phones, net books ,in-vehicle, smart TV and tablets each device share the same MeeGo internals just pasted with a different user interface on top.
With this in mind it has been demonstrated by Intel the power of MeeGo and how any device running the OS can connect to each other. For example you’re playing a movie on your phone and want to watch it on your TV, the two devices connect together via a cloud network and your movie will play on your TV and phone. It’s extremely versatile.
As the OS is open source there has a huge community following which means anyone that wants to get involved with the project and implimentation can and should. One of the main project and implimentations that continues to grow everyday is the N900 adaptation team. These guys are responsible for getting MeeGo to run on the Nokia N900, currently the only commercial mobile phone that will run MeeGo, but let’s just say we wouldn't use it as our primary OS just yet as it is still in early stages of development.
MeeGo Includes:
 Performance optimizations and features which enable rich computational and graphically oriented applications and connected services development.
 No-compromise internet standards support delivering the best web experiences.
 Easy to use, flexible and powerful UI/app development environment based on Qt[( pronounced "cute") is a cross-platform application development framework widely used for the development of GUI programs (in which case it is known as a widget toolkit), and also used for developing non-GUI programs such as console tools and servers].
 Open source project and implimentation organization managed by the Linux Foundation.
 State of the Art Linux stack optimized for the size and capabilities of small footprint platforms and mobile devices, but delivering broad Linux software application compatibility.
Maemo Background
The Maemo project and implimentation, initially created by Nokia (, provided a Linux-based software stack that runs on mobile devices. The Maemo platform is built in large parts of open source components and its SDK provides an open development environment for applications on top of the Maemo platform. A series of Nokia Internet Tablets with touch screen have been built with the Maemo platform. The latest Maemo device was the Nokia N900, powered by Maemo 5, that introduced a completely redesigned finger-touch UI, cellular phone feature, and live multicasting on the Maemo dashboard.
Moblin Background
The Moblin project and implimentation, short for Mobile Linux, is Intel’s open source initiative ( created to develop software for smartphones, netbooks, mobile internet devices (MIDs), and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, and other mobile devices. It is an optimized Linux-based platform for small computing devices. It runs on Intel Atom, an inexpensive chip with low power requirements. A unique characteristic to devices running Moblin is that they can boot up quickly and can be online within a few seconds.
 Full open source project and implimentation governed according to best practices of open source development: Open discussion forums, open mailing lists, open technical steering committee meetings, peer review, open bugzilla, etc.
 Hosted under the auspices of the Linux Foundation
 Offers a complete software stack including reference user experience implementations.
 Aligned closely with upstream project and implimentations – MeeGo requires that submitted patches also be submitted to the appropriate upstream project and implimentations and be on a path for acceptance
 Offers a compliance program to ensure API and ABI compatibility (Compliance program discussed in a later section)
 Enables all players of the industry to participate in the evolution of the software platform and to build their own assets on MeeGo
 Lowers complexity for targeting multiple device segments
 Offers differentiation abilities through user experience customization
 Provides a rich cross-platform development environment and tools
 Offers a compliance program to certify software stacks and application portability
 Supports multiple hardware architectures
 Supports multiple app stores
 Has no contributors agreements to sign; instead it follows the same “signed-off-by” language and process as the Linux Kernel
 MeeGo 1.0 Netbook release supports the following languages: Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Swedish, Polish, Finnish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, English, and British English.
 MeeGo incorporates Qt a software language used by Nokia to create applications for its mobile phones, which means that any existing apps that have been programmed in Qt will be able to run in MeeGo making apps work cross platform.
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Maemo is a software platform developed by Nokia for smartphones and Internet Tablets. It is based on the Debian Linux distribution. The platform comprises the Maemo operating system and the Maemo SDK.
Maemo is mostly based on open source code, and has been developed by Maemo Devices within Nokia in collaboration with many open source project and implimentations such as the Linux kernel, Debian, and GNOME. Maemo is based on Debian GNU/Linux and draws much of its GUI, frameworks, and libraries from the GNOME project and implimentation. It uses the Matchbox window manager, and the GTK-based Hildon as its GUI and application framework.
The UI in Maemo 4 is similar to many handheld interfaces, and features a “Home” screen, which acts as a central point from which all applications and settings are accessed. The Home Screen is divided into areas for launching applications, a menu bar, and a large customisable area that can display information such as an RSS reader, Internet radio player, and Google search box.
The Maemo 5 UI is slightly different: The menu bar and info area are consolidated to the top of the display, and the four desktops can be customized with shortcuts and widgets.
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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to get information about the topic "Meego os" full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow




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