Mobile Virtual Reality Service (VRS)
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A mobile virtual reality service (VRS) will make the presence and presentation of the sounds and sights of an actual physical environment virtually available everywhere in real time through the use of mobile telecommunication devices and networks. Furthermore, the VRS is the conversion of a physical system into its digital representation in a three-dimension (3D) multimedia format. This paper addresses one aspect of the notion of bringing an actual multimedia environment to its virtual presence everywhere in real time .

An international telecommunication union (ITC) recommendation document, containing ITU's visions on mostly forward-looking and innovative services and network capabilities, addresses the capability needed in a telecommunication system to allow mobile access to real-time sights and sounds of an actual physical environment in the contest and forms of a VRS episode .

Presently, the availability of a VRS is limited to fixed-access phenomena in non-real time , for example , entertainment machines and various simulations equipment. There are also some limited fixed-access and real-time services that require low data transmission rates, such as net meetings. In the latter case, a user can experience a limited real-life environment as opposed to the former case of a non-real-life computer-generated environment. These existing virtual reality services do not allow user control in viewing 3D environments, and they are generally limited to viewing images on a monitor in two dimensions.

The VRS-capable systems, however, will allow rather 3D representations of remote real-life environments. For instance, a passenger in a train or in a car could become a participant in a conference call in a 3D environment or become virtually present among the audience in a concert hall or sports stadium viewing a live concert or event
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computer science crazy
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see www3.interscience.wileyjournal/101521111/abstract?CRETRY=1&SRETRY=0

Technically there are some special properties of mobile devices that differ them from desktops.

* First, and maybe the most important is battery life (With heavy CPU, network and 3D chip load it is easy to drain small battery fast)
* CPU is selected on the basis how good it is to conserve energy and may not perform well
* 3D graphics support is still coming, even it is already present on the newest models
* Network speed is low when compared to desktops, but may be already on megabit range
* Network use is expensive in terms of battery life, radio transmission power consumption is huge when compared to anything else
* Displays are small but good in quality
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please read topicideashow-to-mobile-virtual-reality--5646 and topicideashow-to-mobile-virtual-reality-download-full-report-and-abstract and topicideashow-to-mobile-virtual-reality for getting all information about mobile virtual reality and its report and presentation
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Can you please send me the ppt for mobile virtual reality service...?
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i want to have the pdf document of this project and implimentation
veena kaipatta
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i want a pdf document about mobile vrs for seminar and presentation
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make a look on topicideashow-to-mobile-virtual-reality--5646 and topicideashow-to-mobile-virtual-reality-download-full-report-and-abstract and topicideashow-to-mobile-virtual-reality for getting all information about mobile virtual reality ..if want to produce this in pdf download a word to pdf converter in your system and do it...and you go doc2pdf you can do it without installing in your pc
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.ppt   VRS ppt.ppt (Size: 1.72 MB / Downloads: 116)

Submitted by,
Nillofer Latheef


VRS - Definition

presence and presentation of the sounds and sights of an actual physical environment virtually available everywhere in realtime.

VRS allows

3D representations of remote real-life environments.

physical system into its digital representation in 3D multimedia format.

For example,

a passenger in a train becomes a participant in conference hall in a 3D environment.

become virtually present among the audience in a concert.

development of vrs requires:

High speed data transmission rate capability for data streaming.

assumption - hightech industry deliver SHDR transmission equipment.

Rate 100 mb/s equipment must be able to
transfer-transport-receive sights and sound

b) Highly complex and sophisticated user equipment for user access.

c) An advanced signaling and controlling data network.

Initiating, establishing,maintaining and terminating

The proposed solution describes

mobile VRS environment

its core network for signaling and controlling of a VRS episode

the VRS architecture and various entities to perform the task of VRS provisioning

Essential entities

Essential entities

Actual physical environment (APE)

VRS user equipment (VUE)

VRS access system (VAS)

VRS core system (VCS).
real-time establishment of sights and sounds streaming communication between one or more VRS users and sites.

Call – communication establishment -users in voice network.

Session- servers and clients-IP multimedia network.

the real world environment of the subject to be presented –VRS users.

actual subject environment that is transmitted to and audio visually formed in a virtual environment.


End-point device used to transmit and receive data for establishing a VRS episode.

Eg. handset, headset, helmet, gloves, video camera, recording device etc

primarily a software-driven device controlled by one or more users, network or both.


the intermediate VRS-capable system linking the VUE to the VRS core system.

fix terrestrial or satellite radio access system that provides the mobile VUE with an access to the VRS.

backbone network that, in conjunction with the VUE and VAS

manages the establishment of VRS episodes

VCS system involved in a VRS episode is based on the number of VUEs and APEs being used.

A VCS that is in charge of establishing and managing a VRS episode is called a serving VCS (S-VCS).

2 types- Visited VCS (V-VCS)
Home VCS (H-VCS)

V-VCS : the core network system to which the VUE is attached.

H-VCS : if the user has the subscription affiliation with the VCS.

3 functional entities of VCS



functional entity in change of supporting and controlling a VRS episode.

2 types- Proxy VECE (PVCE)
Serving VECE (SVECE)

PVECE : attend and monitor all requests coming from or going to the VUE.

the P-VECE does not necessarily remain the same during VRS episode .

It depends on the mobility range of VUE.

in charge of controlling the VRS episodes and keeping track of the VUE status

remains the same throughout a VRS episode


functional entity that manages a number of S-VECEs.

it coordinates, synchronizes, and maintains all the communications between all S-VECEs .

boundary functional entity with each VCS

connecting point of all VECEs from one side and the GWE of another VCS from the other side.

It is the point of entry and exit for all VRS episode control signaling message .

facilities the flow and routing of the VRS signaling traffic.
  A schematic view of VRS functional Architecture
a configuration scenario for a single VUE and multiple APEs in a VRS episode setup

the management of its signaling flows.

It presents a schematic implementation of the VRS functional architecture with 2 VCS subsystems for 1 VUE and several VCS subsystems, each serving 1 or more APEs.

example for establishing a VRS episode

arrow corresponds to a signaling message exchange
requesting an action or responding to a request

The VUE is visiting a network where the P-VECE is its first point of entry into the core network system

A schematic implementation of a VRS episode setup.
presents the signaling information flows for the procedure to setup a VRS episode

double-headed arrow corresponds to two message flows - request message and response message

The response message could be a response to a request message, acknowledging the request or sending an error message.

signaling message flow

After the VUE’s attachment to, and registration with, the visited VCS a stimulus flow initiates the procedure for setting up a VRS episode.

VUE sends a VRS episode request to its service attendant, the P-VECE in the visited VCS network.

Upon recognizing the request for establishing a VRS episode P-VECE, forwards the VRS episode setup request via GWEs to the S-VECE.

The S-VECE sends n information query to the VUE’s service subscription database (SSdb) for the VRS service information, eg service authorization.

Recognizing the request for establishing a VRS episode, the S-VECE sends a request for a VRS episode setup to the VEME.

Using information on the VUE’s VRS subscription, the VEME identifies all end-points involved in the VRS, and dispatches notification requests for the VRS episode setup to various S-VECEs of the APE endpoints including those in the VUE’s home network .

Once all would be participants in the VRS episode have been identified and affirmative responses have been received by the VEME, the VEME responds positively to the VUE’s S-VECE.

The S-VECE forwards the episode response message to the VUE’s in the V-VCS.

The P-VECE forwards the response message to the VUE.

At this point, all necessary protocol acknowledgment and notification have been received.

The next move is to have all needed bearers for media transport established and to have the VRS episode setup for the specific VRS delivery.

A VRS episode setup information flow diagram

virtual conference session.

virtual movie theaters.

virtual hospital operation room (OR)

virtual concert hall.

A virtual command center for operating a motor vehicle where the virtual environment is created for the driver’s seat.

A guy learning to fly a hang glide virtually

concept of the VRS and the telecommunication environment for its realization.

It identified major challenges for its realization

Assuming the availability of an SHDR transmission an eg of the VRS system architecture was presented

And a systematic approach was proposed for a VRS implementation scenario.

Disadvantage- limited to sight and sound.

No other aspects of actual environment are cosidered.

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hey plz give a ppt for this
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mobile virtual reality service (VRS)
seminar project
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you can refer these pages to get the details on mobile virtual reality service





seminar paper
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to get information about the topic "mobile virtual reality service" full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow





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