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.doc   278-NEW%20SECURITY%20ALGORITHM%20FOR%20MANET%20USING%20ZONAL%20ROUTING%20PROTOCO_278.doc (Size: 138 KB / Downloads: 78)

G.Varaprasad1, S. Dhanalakshmi2, M. Rajaram3
1Department of Computer Science and Engineering, B.M.S. College of Engineering, Bangalore, India.
2Department of Computer Applications,
Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology, Pollachi, India
3Department of EEE/ECE, Thanthai Periyar Govt. Institute of Technology, Vellore, India

Mobile adhoc network is a special kind of wireless networks. It is a collection of mobile nodes without having aid of establish infrastructure. In mobile adhoc network, it is much more vulnerable to attacks than a
wired network due to its limited physical security, volatile network topologies, power-constrained operations, intrinsic requirement of mutual trust among all nodes in underlying protocol design and lack of
centralized monitoring and management point. The main aim of this work is to provide secure data
transmission between the source and destination. The simulation is carried out for different number of mobile nodes using network simulator with the help of 1000 mobile nodes. We have compared this model with the existing models such as DSR and AODV. This model has shown the better results in terms of packet delivery, packet drop, and delay. The proposed model has dropped 19% of the packets even if network has five malicious nodes.


In recent years, Mobile Adhoc Network(MANET) has received marvelous attentions due to self-design, self-maintenance, and cooperative environments. In MANET, all the nodes are mobile nodes and the topology will be changed rapidly. The structure of the MANET. Here, the mobile devices such as PDAs and laptops are used to route the data packets. In MANET, all the nodes are actively discovered the topology and the message is transmitted to the destination over multiple-hop. Usually, the endpoints and routers are indistinguishable in MANET. It uses the wireless channel and asynchronous data transmission through the multiple-hop. The vital characteristics of MANETs are lack of infrastructure, dynamic topology, multi-hop communication and distributed coordination among all the nodes.
The end-nodes are enabling QoS such as end-to-end delay, packet-loss, throughput and secure data transmission. The potential deployment of MANETs exists in many scenarios, for example in situations where the infrastructure is not feasible such as disaster relief and cyclone, etc. The MANETs have potential of realizing a free, ubiquitous, and Omnidirectional communication.
The wireless channels can be accessible for both legitimate users and malicious users. In such environment, there is no guarantee that a route between the two nodes will be free for the malicious users, which will not comply with the employed protocol. The malicious users will attempt to harm the network operations. The primary focus of this work is to provide secure data transmission between the mobile nodes. Rest of the paper is organized as follows. Some of the existing models are presented in section 2.

Section3 presents the proposed model and its functions. Simulation of proposed model is discussed in section 4. Results of this model are presented in section 5. Finally, section 6 presents the conclusions and future work.


The secure routing algorithms in wireless communication are addressed and have been suggested for increasing the security levels[4]. However, these algorithms are unable to protect the network from attackers, who acquired the key information[5]. J.Li et al[6] proposed a common key encryption mechanism for MANETs using Dynamic Source Routing(DSR). Drawback of this model is that it dropped more packets even if the network had few malicious users[7]. Adhoc On-Demand Distance Vector(AODV), which is used to provide secure and reliable data transmission over the MANETs[8]. Several strategies are used to detect the non-cooperate nodes while forwarding the data packets to the destination[9]. In[10], authors discussed a trusted approach to establish the communication between the mobile users. Here, the communication takes place based on the watch dog. The trusted values are represented from -1 to +1.
A black hole attack is a kind of denial of service where a malicious node can attract all packets by falsely claiming a fresh route to the destination and then absorb them without forwarding them to the destination[11]. Smith et al[12] examined the routing security of distance vector protocols in general and developed countermeasures for vulnerabilities by protecting both routing messages and routing updates. They propose sequence numbers and digital signatures for routing messages and updates as well as including predecessor information in routing updates.


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