Nanotechnology Assembler Design And Nano-Communication
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Nanotechnology Assembler Design And Nano-Communication

Nanotechnology is nothing but the manipulation of matter at atomic level. Working at this level means better precision, complete usage and everlasting qualities. This way it can be applied in any field, viz. production, research, industry, consumer-friendly, applications ,¦Nanotechnology is the outcome of the excellent conglomeration of human thinking, technology and molecular behavior.

By arranging the atoms in sequences or structures of our choice, we can build a wonderful, devoid of defects, illness¦ The consequences of this technology are nothing but our imagination. Whatever we intend, we can achieve, using this miraculous technology..
A practical approach to the implementation is being taken up in this paper about the Nano-Communication System .
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nano communication
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Nano network are constructed at a nanometer scale. This discusses use of individual nanotubes within random carbon nanotube networks to carry information. The networking protocol stack is inverted in this approach because the CNT network and
routing of information is an integral part of the physical layer.
A nano communication network or CNT network is rich in nanotubes which are densely packed. CNT network itself is the communication
media and individual nanotubes are the links. Individual tubes and tube junctions
forms nodes but do not have the equivalent processing capability of a traditional network
link and network node. leveraging large numbers of tubes are to be compensated. Communication links maybe between carbon nanotubes
overlapping at points that will be identified as nodes. data must either flow or be switched or routed through nodes. State may be
realised as a routing table on a router or can be an electromagnet field controlling the
resistance within a particular area of a carbon nanotube network. Also , a mechanism
needs to be devised to control state. In summary, the network is formed by Nanotubes, State by Semiconducting tube resistance, and the protocol used is Gate control.
Simple harmonic oscillation, which provides bandwidth, increases with reduction in scale; thus potential bandwidth increases dramatically with the scale reduction.

Data Transmission in a CNT network
It takes place via modulated current flow through the CNT network
guided towards specific nano-destination addresses which identify spatially
distinct areas of the CNT network.As gate control is used to induce routes through the
CNT network nano-addresses are directly mapped to
combinations of gates to be turned on that open a path from a source to a destination. When a gate is turned on, the nanotubes within the gate area become
conducting, thereby effectively creating a controlled network, which may act as a
communications network or as weights in a neural network.


Information flow through a CNT network may be controlled in spite of the
random nature of tube alignment. The change in resistance of semiconducting material, may be used to effectively
route information. the CNT network and routing of information is integral. This has addresses the problem of network coding
at the level of individual nanotubes.

Full report pdf download:
Use Search at wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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