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1. 10 Gigabit Ethernet
2. 1xev-Do Technology
3. 3D FACE
4. 4G Mobile Technology
6. A Classification Analysis of Data Quality Costs
7. A Comparison between satellite DVB
8. A Comparison of Web Development Technologies
9. A Data Sharing Agreement Framework
10. A Delay-Tolerant Network Architecture for Challenged Internets
11. A Demand-Oriented Information Retrieval Method on MANET
12. A Demodulation Algorithm for Global System Mobile
13. a distributed decentralized information storage and retrieval system
14. A Dual-Band HiperLAN2-based Architecture for Indoor Hotspot Applications
15. A flexible and extensible architecture framework
16. A Flexible, Low Power, High Performance DSP IP Core for Programmable Systems-on-Chip
17. A Formal Definition Of Data Quality Problems
18. A Formal Definition Of Data Quality Problems
19. A Framework for Enterprise Systems Engineering Processes
20. A general purpose Ai planning system Based on hte genetic programming prardigm
21. A Genetic Programming Ecosystem
22. A High Performance DSP Based System Architecture
23. A highly optimized DSP architecture for WCDMA baseband processing
24. A High-Performance Multi-Purpose DSP Architecture
25. A Low-Power Asynchronous DSP Architecture for Digital Mobile Phone Chipsets
26. A M O E B A - The study of a Distributed Operating system
27. A Measurement Study of the Linux TCP- IP Stack
28. A Methodology for Establishing Information
29. A Methodology for IQ Assessment
30. A Methodology for IQ Assessment the desing and manufacturing process
31. A MUL Tidiscplinary control system laboratory
32. A Multi-Agent Systems Approach to Autonomic Computing
33. A Multidiscplinary Control Systems Laboratory
34. A New 3D Display Using a Dynamically Reconfigurable display matrix surface
35. A new Processor for Power Efficient Computing
36. A Package for Learning Bayesian Networks
37. A san
38. A scripting language for processing Streaming media
39. A Smart card conditional access interface scheme for conditional
40. A Two-player VRML Mobile Game
41. A Unified Architecture for Virtual Private Networking
42. A virtual learning environment for deaf children
43. A Virtual Learning Environment for Deaf Children Design and Evaluation
44. A Virtual Real Robot Model for Laser Processing
45. A VRML 2.0 Virtual World
46. A Web Application for Solving Quadratic Assignment Problems
47. A WSDL File-sharing Application
48. Access Makes the Parts Grow Stronger
49. Achieving Real-Time Target Tracking Using
50. Achieving-RTAS06-He-1
51. Active Information and Teleportation
52. Active Network Technology
53. Active Sensor Networks
54. Adaptive Edge Detection for Real-Time Video Processing using FPGAs
55. Adaptive Spread Spectrum Based Watermarking of Speech
56. Adaptive Transceivers for Mobile Free-Space Optical Communications
57. Advanced digital signal processing
58. Advanced Digital Signal Processing Techniques For Image Processing In Remote Sensing
59. Advanced Electronic Fuel Injection Systems
60. Advanced Graphics Programming in C & C++
61. Advanced Image Processing Tools for Future Satellite Image Exploitation Systems
62. Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking
63. Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking
64. Advanced Trends in
65. Advanced Trends in Networking
66. Advanced Wap Development
67. Advances In Information Technology and its Implications of privacy
68. Aeronautical Communications
69. Agent based Software Engineering Methodologies
70. AI For Speech Recognition
71. Air Combat Simulation Using OpenGL
72. Air Traffic Control
73. Airborne Internet
74. Ajax
75. Alternatives to Aspect-Oriented Programming
76. Ambient Intelligent Technologies for Home Automation
77. Amida Simputer
79. An architectural blueprint for autonomic computer
80. An Immaterial, Dual-sided Display System with 3D Interaction
81. An Implementation if Single System Image Server Cluster
82. An innovative low-power high- performance programmable signal processor for digital communications
83. An integrated Architecture for Data Warehousing
84. An Introduction to Computer Viruses
85. An Open Environment for Common Gateway Interface Programming
86. An Optical Method for Teleportation
87. An Overview of CDMA
88. An Overview of the Secure Shell (SSH)
89. Analysis of DNA by Optical Techniques
90. Analysis of Free Space Optics as a Transmission technology
91. Analyzing and Improving Bit Torrent Performance
92. Analyzing Resource Competition on an Operating System
93. Anonymity and Security in Delay Tolerant Networks
94. Antecedents of the Quality of Online Customer Information
95. Any cast Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks
96. Application of Advance Technology in Surveying-Mobile Mapping System
97. Application of Artificial Intelligence for a Computerized Maintenance Scheduling System
98. Application of Embedded System in Digital
99. Applying Aspect - Oriented Programming to Security
100. Architecture of a Mobile Internet final
101. Architectures Driving Efficiencies into Air Force Operations
103. Artificial Intelligence In Cognitive Science
104. Artificial Neural Network Based Synchronous Machine Control
106. ASP vs JSP
107. Aspect Oriented Programming for a component-based real life application
108. Aspect-Oriented Programming
109. Aspect-oriented Programming as Model Driven Evolution
110. Aspects of Brain Mapping
111. Assessing IQ of a Community-based encyclopedia
112. ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode
113. Audio and the Graphics Processing Unit
114. Audio-Visual Integration for Hands-Free Voice Interaction in automated routed navigation
115. Augmented Reality
116. Authentication and Security in Mobile Phones
117. Automated Decision Technology for Network Design in Cellular communication system
118. Automated Generation of Hardware Accelerators With Direct Memory Access
119. Automated Teller Machine
120. Automatic Generation of Control Programs for Walking Robots Using Genetic Programming
121. Automatic Steering of Farm Vehicles Using GPS
122. Automation Computer The Dawning of the Autonomic Computing Era
123. Autonomic Computer - An overview
124. Autonomic Computing - Features for Large-scale Server management & control
125. Autonomic Web Processes
126. Autonomous Behaviors for Interactive Vehicle Animation
127. Autonomous Computers The Future of Computing Systems
128. Avatar and weapon design for a two player VRML Real-time shooting game
129. Beaming Bandwidth via Laser Communications
130. Believability as an Information Quality Dimension
131. Beyond Business Process Reengineering
132. Beyond Cryptographic Conditional Access
133. Bio In spited Computing System
134. BIO-Informatics
135. Bio-Inspired Computing Paradigms
136. Biometric Recognition Using 3D Ear Shape
137. Biometric System
138. Biometric-based Security Techniques for Internet-based Commerce Applications
139. Biometrics Computing
140. Biomimetic Representation in Genetic Programming
141. Biomimetic Robots
142. Bionic eye
143. Bipolar Current Source
144. Bit Torrent Fairness Analysis and Improvements
145. Black Ice
146. Blade Server Power Solutions
148. Blue Eyes Technology
149. Blue Gene
150. Blue Gene-P
151. Blue Tooth
152. Blue Tooth Future
153. Blue Tooth Smart Nodes for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
154. Blue Tooth Technology
155. Blue Tooth Wireless Technology
156. Bonding Genes with IT
157. Brain Computer Interface
158. Brain Fingerprinting
159. Broadband
160. Broadband Communications from a High-Altitude Platform the European Heli Net Programme
161. Broadband Internet Through Power line
162. Broadcasting Messages in Fault-Tolerant Distributed
163. Building Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks with low level naming
164. Building Hal
165. Business Requirements of a Record Matching system
166. C sharp
167. C Winnower Algorithm for finding Fuzzy DNA Motifs
168. Cable Modem
169. Cake PHP
170. Cancellation of ECHO In Wireless Communication
172. Capturing Manipulation and Reproduction of Sampled Acoustic Impulse Responses
173. Car Computers Driving in the fast lane
174. Carnivore
175. CBVIR “Systems
176. CDMA
177. Cell Phone Cloning - A New Tech Crime
178. Cell Phone Virus and Security
179. Cell Processor
180. Cellular Communication
181. Center of Excellence in wireless technology
182. CGI Programming
183. Challenges for Biologically Inspired Computing
184. Challenges of Mobile Peer-to-Peer Applications in3G and MANET environment
185. Chat Application
186. Client-Server Architecture for Remote X-Perimentation for Embedded Systems
187. Cluster Computing the Moist way
188. Clustering with Uncertainty
189. Cognitive Architecture for Website Design and Usability Evaluation
190. Cognitive Architecture, Concepts, and Introspection
191. Color Image Segmentation using Homogeneity
192. Commercial off Shell Dust
193. Common Language Runtime
194. Compact Holographic Data Storage System
195. Comparison of TDMA and CDMA Air Interfaces for Cellular Systems
196. Comparison on the Breakdown Voltage Testing of High Power Semiconductor Devices
197. Competition in Air Transport the Case of The High Speed Train
198. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
199. Computer Based Simulation in Casting Process
200. Computer Crime Legislation
201. Computer Hacking
202. Computer Supported Cooperative Work
203. Computer Virus Propagation Models
204. Computer Viruses and Spy ware
205. Computer-aided Design of Microwave Amplifiers Based on Real Frequency Data
206. Conditional Access in Mobile Systems Securing the Application
207. Constrained Coverage for Mobile Sensor Networks
208. Content Addressable Memory (CAM)
209. Control of Electronic and Electrical Devices by SMS message
210. Convergence in Optical Transport Networks
211. Converting of Sentences to SQL
212. Cooperative Linux
213. Cordect
214. Corpus-Based Machine Transliteration
216. Crash
217. Crisis Monitoring and Management Leveraging Software and Communication
218. Cryogenic Rocket Engine
220. Data Mining & Data Warehousing
221. Data Mining & Ware Housing
222. Data Mining Dirty Data and Costs
223. Data Quality Issues in Integrated Enterprise Systems
224. Data Quality Options-Evaluating Data Quality Projects
225. Data Quality Options-Evaluating Data Quality REAL options
226. Data Quality Strategy- a Step by Step Approach
227. Data Security
228. Database Interoperation Support in Multimedia Applications
229. D-BLAST OF DM with Channel Estimation
230. DCT-Based Image Steganalysis and Steganography
231. Delay Tolerant Networks
232. Description of Prototypes Implemented
233. Design and Implementation of a Live TV Server Using Open-Sourced Tools
234. Design of A Dipole Antenna by Using Computer Simulations
235. Design of a Minimum Instruction Set Micro controller for Evolvable Fuzzy Hardware
236. Design of a Modular Self- Robot
237. Design of Adaptive Recursive Filters with Guaranteed Stability
238. Design of an efficient MPEG Video Processor
239. Design of LAN-based IP Phone System
240. Design of Optical Logic Gates
241. Design of Power System Stabilizer Using Fuzzy Logic
242. Designing Automation for MEMS
243. Detecting Malicious Insiders in Military Networks
244. Developer-Certificate-Request-Process-v2.0
245. Developing a Next-Generation Internet Architecture
246. Developing, Implementing and Monitoring an Information Product Quality Strategy
247. Development of an Integrated Multi-band Antenna for GSM and GPS Applications
248. Development of an Intelligent System for Classifying Mammographic Masses
249. Development Of Flexible Neural Network
250. Development of Perfume Emission System VIA Internet
251. Dielectric Behavior of Porous Silicon with Interface Contribution
252. Digital Audio Watermarking of MP3 and WAV Formats
253. Digital Broadcasting - An Evolution of Quality Transmission
254. Digital Camera Technology
255. Digital Gangetic Plains
256. Digital holographic velocimetry with Bacteriorhodopsin (BR)
257. Digital Hubbub
258. Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
259. Digital Steganography
260. Digital Subscriber Line
261. Digital Video Watermarking of MPEG Data
262. Digital villages & Cyberspace
263. Digital Water Marking for color images using DWT and its Applications
264. Dimensionally Aware Genetic Programming
265. Disaster Early Warning System
266. Disorder In Brain Waves And Detecting It With Microprocessor INTEL TIMER8253
267. Distance Learning
268. Distributed & Network based Computing
269. Distributed Database System
270. Distributed Denial of Service attack.(DDOS)
271. Distributed Operating System
272. Distributed Real-Time Specification for Java
273. DNA
274. DNA Computer
275. DNA, Human Memory, and the Storage Technology of the 21 Century
276. DNA-Based Cryptography
277. Door Access Control by vein authentication
278. Driving Cellular Communications
279. DRM Software Radio
280. DSP & Its Applications
281. Dual Standard Mobile Handset
282. Dynamic Performance of Static and Synchronous Compensator at an HVDC Inverter Bus
283. Dynamic Signature Verification System
284. Dynamic Thermal Management for High-Performance Microprocessors
285. Dynamically Fault-Tolerant Content Addressable Networks
286. DynamicBLAST-GlobusWORLD2006ppt
287. E - Commerce
288. E “ Nose
289. E - Waste
290. E2D2 SYSTEM
291. Early Cancer Detection
292. Earth Observation System
293. Earth Simulator System
294. Echo Cancellation in Wireless Communication
295. ECRM
296. ECU
297. Efficient Computation of Network Reliability
298. E-Learning System Development
299. Electron Beam Lithography
300. Electronic active suspension system
301. Email networks and the spread of computer viruses
302. Embedded in Systems Engineering
303. EMBEDDED System
304. EMBEDDED System Processors
305. EMBEDDED Systems - Smart Card As itâ„¢s Application
306. Emerging Automotive Electrical Technology
307. Enabling Fingerprint Authentication In Embedded Systems For Wireless Applications
308. Enabling Wireless Communication in Construction Management System
310. Engineering Enterprise Systems- Challenges and Prospects
311. Enhancing the Performance of Wireless Sensor Networks with MIMO Communications
312. Enhancing the Security in Linux with General Capabilities
313. E-NOSE (1)
314. Enter Pries Security Changing Needs, Evolving Response
315. EO-Mpaper-CJP
316. ESED
317. Ethernet
318. Ethernet Power link
319. Evaluation issues in Autonomic Computing
320. Evaluation Techniques for Biometrics-Based Authentication Systems(FRR)
321. E-voting
322. Experimental and Theoretical Aspects of Quantum Teleportation
323. Expert Finding Systems
324. External Serial ATA
325. Eye Reader
326. Eye Safety and Wireless Optical Networks
327. Face Recognition
328. Fast Face Recognition AIDA Based Real Time Fault Tolerant Broadcast Disks
329. Fast Feature Detection with a Graphics
330. Fast Retransmission of Real-Time Traffic in HIPERLAN2 Systems
331. Fast Time Delay Neural Networks
332. Fault Tolerance using Group Communication
333. Fault Tolerant Distributed Simulation
334. Fault-Tolerant Distributed-Shared-Memory on a Broadcast-Based Interconnection Network
335. Feature Extraction In Residential Areas By Knowledge Modeling
336. Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI)
337. Field Programmable Gate Arrays
338. Field-programmable Port Extender FPX
339. File Synchronization with UNISON
340. Filter Design for PWM Inverters
341. Finding High-Quality Web Pages Using Cohesiveness
342. Finding Motifs in RNA Sequences
343. Fine Grained Power Management for Real Time Embedded Processes
344. Firewall
345. Free Space Optic Communication
346. Free Space Optical Communications Utilizing MEMS Adaptive Optics
347. From Fireflies to Organic Light-emitting devices
348. FSO (Free space optic communication)
349. Fuel Injection System
350. Functional Model of a Conditional Access System
351. Fuzzy Based Power System Stabilizer
352. Fuzzy Logic Control Design And Implementation
353. Fuzzy Systems A new Technology
354. Gain SCH
355. Gain Scheduled Controller Design for Internal Combustion Engine
356. GDI using X windows
357. Generating Pertinent Models for Basic Java Programs
358. Genetic Algorithm
359. Genetic Programming for Multiscale Modeling
360. Genetic Programming for Object Detection ATwo-Phase Approach with an Improved Fitness Function
361. Genomic
362. Gesture Recognition
363. Getting Better IQ
364. GFP -Generic Framing Procedure
365. Gigabit Ethernet
366. Gigabit Ethernet Technology and Solutions
367. Global Positioning System
368. Global System for Mobile Communication
369. GPS (1)
370. Graph-based Worm Detection On Operational Enterprise Networks
371. Graphic Interface Design for Simulation Software
372. Graphical Processing Units as Co-Processors for Hardware-oriented Numerical Solvers
373. Graphics Processing Unit Computation of Neural Networks
374. Grid Computing
375. GSM
376. Hand Free Driving
377. Hand-Held or Hands-Free the Effects of Wireless Phone Interface Type
378. Hansen Disease Diagnostics Using Fuzzy and EBP-NNN
379. Haptic Technology
380. Hardware Implementation of a new Artificial Neuron
381. Hardware Specifications for Bio-Algorithms
382. Heap Bounded Assembly Language
383. Hepatic Technology
384. High Performance Digital Signal Processing
385. High Performance Microprocessor
386. High Performance Volatile Random Access Memory
387. High Speed Holographic Data Storage
388. High Voltage Distribution System for Agricultural Pumps
389. High-Level Programming Language Design for Distributed Computation
390. High-Speed Rail Cars Monorails and Systems
391. Hipe LAND
392. HiperLAN/2 “ The Broadband Radio Transmission Technology Operating In the 5 GHz Frequency Band
393. HIPPI-Seminar1High-Performance Parallel Interface
394. History of Solar Flight
395. Holographic Data Storage
396. Holographic Memory
397. Holographic Optical Data Storage
398. Honey Pot Technology
399. How to Implement SNMP monitoring in your network
400. How to Improve Security in Electronic Voting
401. Humanistic Intelligence
402. Hybrid Free-Space Opticsradio Frequency (FSO or RF) Networks For Mobile Robot Teams
403. Hybrid Jini for Limited Devices
404. Hyper spectral Image Analysis Using Genetic Programming
405. Hyper Threading Technology
406. IBOC Technology For Digital Radio
407. Identifying Nonlinear Model Structures Using Genetic Programming Techniques
408. Image Analysis Using Mathematical Morphology
409. Image Compression using HAAR W.T.
410. Image Processing Using One-Dimensional processor arrays
411. Image Storage For Automated Crystallization
412. Image Watermarking Robust to Geometric Transformation
413. Implementation of a Drug Delivery Control System
414. Implementing an Untrusted OS on Trusted Hardware
415. Implementing Delay Tolerant Networking
416. Implicitly CRASH and NVH analysis model in the Vehicle Concept Design Phase
417. Improving Dynamic Data Analysis With Aspect-Oriented Programming
418. Improving the Scalability of Fault-Tolerant Database Clusters
419. IMTS
420. Industrial Automation using Internet Technologies
421. Industrial Robot
422. Infinite Band
423. Influences on Cooperation in Bit-Torrent Communities
424. Information Quality Function Deployment
425. Information Quality-How Good are Off the Shelf DBMS
426. Information Security Threats and Solutions In the Mobile World
427. Information Systemâ„¢s Input Accuracy and its output Accuracy
428. Integrating DTN and MANET Routing
429. Intelligent Lift Monitoring System
430. Intelligent Tutoring System
431. Interfacing Of Multimedia Services With Mobile Service Platform
432. Internet Advertisement
433. Internet Over Cable TV
434. Internet Protocol
435. Internet Protocol Television
436. Internet Relay Chat
437. Interplanetary Network
438. Intranet & Extranet in VPN
439. Introduction to Genetic Programming
440. Intrusion Detection System
441. Investigation of Dynamic Braking of Electric Vehicles Powered by Induction Motor
442. Investigation of ESD Issues During Stressing of MOSFET Devices
443. Investigation of Internet Security Protocols
444. Investigation of Silicon Carbide Based Hall Sensor
445. Investigations on a Novel Microwave Transmission Line using MATLAB
446. IP over ATM
447. IQ Principles in Software Development
448. Iridium
449. Iris Recognition Technology
450. ITANUM_2 Processor
451. J2EE vs. Microsoft.NET
452. Java (Swing and AWT)
453. Java Applet Based Generic User Interface for CD & Internet Access
454. Java beans
455. Java Game Development for Personal Computers and Mobile Devices
456. Java Management Extensions TM (JMX ) Remote API 1.0 Specification
457. JAVA Servlet
459. Jini Technology
460. JIRO Technology
461. JMX
462. JMX-based Grid Management Services
463. JPEG Image Compression
464. L COS Technology For HDTV
465. LASER 3-D Scanner
466. Laser Based Communication Link
467. Learning and Interacting in Distributed 3D Virtual Worlds
468. Learning Visual Feature Detectors for Obstacle Avoidance
469. Leo Satellite
470. LEO-Based Wireless Personal Communication
471. Light Pollution
472. Light Weight Directory Access Protocol
473. Lightweight Biometric Detection System For Human Classification using Pyroelectric Infrared Detectors
474. Linear-Feature Based Method for the Quality Assessment of Remotely Sensed Images
475. LINUX
476. Linux 2.x Vs. Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
477. Linux and Windows in File Synch
478. Living Machines Application Of GA to study Evolutionary Aspects of Social Systems
479. LMDS from High Altitude Aeronautical Platforms
480. Local area Network
481. Locating and Tracking a Weather Balloon using vision
482. Location Based Services for mobile devices
483. Location Dependent Parking Service through Blue tooth
484. Location Management in 3G4G-Wireless Systems
485. Locking Down Loose Bits
486. Logical Interdependence
487. Logical Interdependence data and information Quality Dimension
488. Longhorn
489. Look Future Wireless Communications Beyond3G
490. Low Power Asynchronous Circuit Design
491. Low Power, Low Distortion Digital Class D Amplifier Design
492. Malicious Threats of pear to peer networking
493. Managing Security in High-Performance Distributed computation
494. Managing Security on Mobile Phones
495. Mandarin Text-To-Speech Synthesis System
496. Manet
497. MANET Internet Connectivity with Half Tunnels
498. MANET Simulation Studies The Incredibles
499. Master Data Management Roles “ THEIR
500. MC-CDMA
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