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Final Project Proposal Title

Produced by:
NOVI Kusumawati

B. Problem Background
In the last decade, the field of information and telecommunications revolution, especially for experienced computer device. Technology has changed the way people live and the effect on some aspects of life. Computers now become one of the devices being very useful for the community. Various computer use include the use of life in the field of communication, education, health, planning, and various other uses. Computers can help people in resolving a variety of jobs quickly, precise, and accurate so as to eliminate errors that might occur if done with the work done manually. In addition, in terms of efficiency, the computer can also save time and costs.
Elementary School (SDN) Lojiwetan No. 49 is a State Primary School under the auspices of the Branch Office District Dikpora address Pasarkliwon Jl. Captain Mulyadi No. 137 Tel. (0271) 635146 District Pasarkliwon Surakarta. Currently in the SDN Lojiwetan Amnestied by 8 Teachers Civil Servants (PNS) including the Principal, 2 teachers Wiyata Bhakti (WB), and 1 school guards. In the beginning was the one with SDN Pasarkliwon but then separated into its own and Lojiwetan SDN SDN Pasarkliwon. SDN Lojiwetan currently has 6 classrooms, 1 room school principal who becomes one with the teachers' lounge and administrative space and 1 Administration (TU) and the principal office currently Amnestied by Ms. Mulyani, S.Pd.
At this moment in SDN Lojiwetan Surakarta all data concerning the administration of data processing students' payments do not have a system of good management information. All things from the student data collection, recording transactions to preparing reports administration payment administration students still done manually by the financial section.This often leads to inaccurate results and take a long time.
Therefore, the author tries to take the theme of this Final Project with title: PAYMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS TO SCHOOL PUPILS BASIC STATE LOJIWETAN SURAKARTA.
C. Problem Definition
Based on the background of the authors describe the problems above, the writer can formulate the problem to be examined is: "How to design an application program administrative data processing student payments effective and efficient which is expected to help reduce existing administrative problems and can generate data or reports can be accessed quickly, accurately, and efficiently on SDN Lojiwetan Surakarta ".
D. Limitation Problem
Although many interesting aspects to be made, but various limitations that are owned by the other researchers of the time, cost, and also energy, then the author of the study include limited discussion on: student data processing, data processing of payments, payment transaction processing of students, student data report, the report in full payment, not payment in full report and recap of payment.
E. Research Objectives
The purpose of the preparation of this Final Project is to:
1. To arrange a payment information system, computer-based students in a systematic, structured, and directed so that it can be used by the SDN Lojiwetan Surakarta to overcome the manual system in use today.
2. With this payment information system students, is expected to accelerate the resolution of the administrative work so that they can save time and costs and can improve the quality of better service to students.
3. As a tool for authors in applying knowledge gained in college, especially in terms of making programs.
F. Benefits Research
The benefits of this research are:
1. For The School
With the creation of this program can improve quality and simplify the processing of student data and student payments quickly, precise, and accurate. One also can improve services to students.
2. For Authors
This research as a means to increase knowledge and insight in the application of theories that have been acquired in college.
3. For further Researcher
This research is expected to be used as material for further research relating to the making of particular programs of research on school administration, especially the payment-school students in other schools.
G. Basis Theory
1. Understanding Administration
a. Administration comes from Dutch: "Administratie" which is the administrative understanding in the strict sense, namely as office administrative activities (note-note, typing, duplicating, and so on). This activity in English is called: Clerical works (SHI Susanto, 2005:2).
b. Administration in a broad sense, derived from English "Administration", ie the process of cooperation between two or more persons under a certain rationality to achieve common goals that have been determined (SHI Susanto, 2005:2).
2. Understanding Student Payment Administration
Students' understanding of payment administration according to the author is a financial processing done by the school finance made in detail so as to produce a particular financial statement each month which then reported to the Head.
3. Definition of Management Information System
Management information system is based on the data processing procedure developed computers in an organization and integrated into a certain degree with the procedures manual and other procedures to produce timely information and effective to support the decision making process and various other management functions.
4. Computer Definition
Computers are electronic devices that can receive and process data into information, run programs stored in memory, and works automatically with certain rules. (Jogiyanto, 1989:1).
5. Glance Visual Foxpro 8.0
Previously, Microsoft Visual Foxpro is the latest program from Foxpro database processing.Foxpro itself before the development of a programming language from the Foxbase developed by Fox Software in 1984. Foxbase when it was just a small software which contains only language programmers and data processing language. In 1995, Foxpro developed again into Microsoft Visual Foxpro (Dadang, 2005:13).
H. Research Methodology
1. Types of Data and Data Source
In this study the data sources obtained from:
a. Primary Data
Ie data obtained from the research directly on SDN Lojiwetan Surakarta. Data needed as the history of the establishment, form of organization, organizational structure and accounting information systems currently implemented school.
b. Secondary Data
Ie the data obtained by reading and studying books, literature and other literary study supports previous research and related to the problem is happening.
2. Data Collection Method
To get competent information with the research to be conducted, the data collection techniques used in the following way:
a. Interviews
Ie data collection methods and how to hold a question and answer directly to parties who have authority in the school to obtain a comprehensive picture of existing information systems.
b. Observations
The method of data collection by carrying out and recording observations systematically to the issue being studied.
c. Documentation
Ie data collection method by studying all documents and records containing the data needed.
d. Study Library
Data collection techniques is a way to filter data from the form of supporting documents books related to the writing of this report.
3. Data Analysis Method
a. Systems analysis (system analysis)
Is a study of existing systems in order to design a new system or updated.
b. System design in general (general system design)
The purpose of the overall system design is to provide a general description to the user about the new system.
c. A detailed system design (detailed system design)
By understanding the existing systems and requirements of the new system, then, is determining the processes and data required by the new system. If the computer-based system, the design should include specifications of the equipment will be used.
d. Implementation of the system (system implementation)
Is an activity to obtain and integrate the physical resources and produce a conceptual system that works.
I. Systematics Writing
In this study divided into five sections namely:
Contains the description of the background of the problem, formulation of the problem, restrictions on the problem, research objectives, the benefits of research, research methods, and systematic discussion.
Discussion of this chapter will elaborate on the payment terms of student administration, accounting terms, understanding financial statements, understanding management information systems, data flow diagrams (DAD), and a glimpse of Visual FoxPro.
In this chapter described the history of the establishment of State Primary Schools Lojiwetan Surakarta, the structure of the organization, division of tasks and areas of work, and payment systems on primary school students Lojiwetan current State.
In this chapter contains the system analysis, context diagrams, data flow diagrams, charts tiered, system flowcharts, document flowcharts, program flowcharts, design a database file, the relationships between files, design the dialog screen, technology design, and implementation of the system.
In this chapter contains the conclusions of the study, and suggestions are expected to be useful for the State Primary School Lojiwetan Surakarta, researchers and further research.

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