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1).Attempt to identify the personal characteristics of leaders.

2).Ways to identify leadership traits.
a) Comparing the traits of those who have emerged as leaders with the traits ofthosewhohavenot.
b) Comparing the traits of effective leaders with those of ineffective leaders.

The Behavioral Approach To Leadership

1).Isolate the behavior characteristic of effective leaders.
2).Not who effective leaders are but what effective leaders do.
3).Tried to identify some uniqueness in the behavioral pattern of

Behavioral theories Vs Trait Theories

1).Trait research provides a basis for selecting the right persons to assume formal positions in groups. In contrast behavioral determinants of leadership, we could train people to be leaders.
2).Trait theories assumes that leaders are born and not made. On the other hand if there specific behaviors that identified leaders then we could teach leadership.
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.ppt   Personality.ppt (Size: 127 KB / Downloads: 30)

Personality is the unique and relatively stable pattern of behaviours, thoughts,and emotions shown by individuals.
In most cases both persons and situations play roles in determining behaviour in an organization.
SELF CONCEPT: Self-esteem is generalized trait.
Self-efficacy is concerned with self perceptions of how people can cope with situations as they arise.

Personality Theories

Freud’s Psychoanalytical theory:approaches personality from a viewpoint that the human mind was an iceberg;the small part that shows on the surface of the water represents conscious experience,while the much larger mass below water level represents the unconscious- a store house for impulses,passions and primitive instincts.


Adult Life Stages: Daniel Levinson.
Entering the adult world (22yrs-28yrs).
Settling down (33yrs-40yrs).
Entering middle adulthood (45yrs-55yrs).
Culmination of middle adulthood (55yrs-60yrs).

Type A & B Behaviour Patterns

Type A: show high levels of competitiveness, irritability, and time urgency.
Type B: show the opposite pattern are more calm and relaxed.
Type A works harder in presence of distractions and they seek more difficult and challenging job than type B. They performing poorly on those jobs which require patience or careful judgment.Type A appear to have “short fuses”- that is they often become angry and behave aggressively. Most top executives are Type B personalities.


When we speak of emotion,we usually refer to (a)subjective feelings; (b)the physiological bases of emotional feelings; (c ) the effects emotion on perception,thinking and behaviour;(d) the motivational properties of certain emotions;(e) the ways emotions are shown in language,facial,expressions and gestures.

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