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.doc   fuel recycling with solar energy- ashish.doc (Size: 534.5 KB / Downloads: 255)


With increasing demand of fuel CO2 emissions are increasing at a large rate, leading to greenhouse effect which has created an alarming condition all over the world, also increased prices, and within some duration fossil fuel will come to end. Today’s need is to generate power efficiently and eco-friendly, also think of an alternative fuel source. The paper discusses the same, and gives the best solution for the above. As plants by “photosynthesis” generate food, the same way we can also generate fuel. We have something called “reverse technology” with which we will “reverse the combustion process.” By this fuel can be generated using carbon dioxide, water and sunlight i.e. “CO2/ water + solar energy = fuel.” In this technology we synthesize gasoline by using carbon dioxide and solar energy in a “counter rotating ring receiver reactor recuperator” by setting this plant near any coal fired power plant or CO2 can be directly extracted from atmosphere using “CO2 reclamation technique.” Hydrogen is the new fuel which will be used in further decades. By using this device we will have a pollution free fuel source i.e. hydrogen and a renewable source of gasoline.


Plants are the natural creators of fuel. They generate fuel i.e. their food by photosynthesis. Day by day with increase in industrialization fuel demand has increased with increase in its use and increase in greenhouse gases which has already created an alarming condition all over the world. Also fossil fuels will some day come to an end. This will create a need to search for an alternative fuel and also improve the technology to suit this fuel. Means double work. It would be fascinating if we regenerate fuel. Just like plants we can also synthesize fuel from CO2 or water and sunlight. This is possible by doing a thermo chemical process. Just like photosynthesis we will also use CO2 to generate food for our industry. All this is possible by reversing the process. The combustion process is to be reversed to synthesize fuel. Combustion in ic engine is an open cycle. Here we have to complete the cycle by reusing CO2. With the help of CO2 and sunlight fuel can be generated. Basic idea was to synthesize hydrogen from water with the help of concentrated solar energy. But this will create a need to shift ongoing technology to hydrogen technology and also as hydrogen is very hard to compress and safely stored, so technology to safely use hydrogen will have to be made. Means double work. This work is saved. Basically it was to generate hydrogen for fuel cells but then idea came, why not synthesize fuel itself. And this is the result of that idea. Heat from sun is taken and made it to concentrate using solar furnace. Then allowing that heat to counter rotating rung receiver reactor recuperator which basically is that part where all the conversion occurs. In this heat breaks the molecules in our desired form. Then this is further used to generate fuel. Counter rotating ring receiver reactor recuperator is made ceramic rings on which the catalyst is kept. Prototype made is of small size, so as to perform experiments.
For hydrogen water is the source or we can say raw material, which on breaking gives hydrogen and oxygen. From which hydrogen can be stored. Question arises for CO2, it can be taken directly from air or rather it can be taken from industries emitting large amount of CO2. Coal fired power plants, or any other industries can be accompanied with this device. And for CO2 directly from air there’s another device scrubber. It actually extracts carbon dioxide from atmosphere and stores in compressed form which can be further used in the above synthesis project and implimentation.
In further we will see how fuel is generated. Generation of CO, hydrogen will be discussed. The working of counter rotating ring receiver reactor recuperator, its construction, technique of removing CO2 directly from air, solar furnace are described.


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