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16-01-2010, 01:22 AM

The main aim of this project and implimentation is to implement library management system by maintaining the database for issuing or returning the books.
The purpose of this project and implimentation is to identify the authorized student using smartcard and to check the status of the each and every book whether it is issued or not using RFID technology.
Whenever student needs any book from the Library to be issued, he needs to insert his smart card into the Smart Card Reader placed in the Library. The Controller checks whether the student got membership or not (Smart Card Validation) by communicating with Smart Card Reader. If the Card is proved to be valid then the student is allowed else buzzer will buzz.
The communication between the microcontroller and Smart Card Reader is through Serial Communication. The MAX-232 forms the driver between the Card reader and controller then the student details are displayed on LCD which is interfaced to the microcontroller.
An RFID tag is attached into the book with the relevant information like book name, book number etc. The detailed information regarding the book is also captured in the microcontroller.
The book is issued to the student and a bookmark is stored in the EEPROM interfaced to microcontroller ,when the student returning from the library, bookmark check by the RFID reader and the controller checks whether the book details is valid or not if not valid then buzzer will buzz.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the latest technology that is being adopted to track and trace materials, including books. RFID based Library Management System has been implemented in most of the reputed libraries across the globe. RFID interfaced library management system, along with smart card issued to the users are being implemented to automate the library functions and make the inventory management process efficient and effective. The system improves the tracking of books and documents so that the books can be more quickly located, the document workflow more easily tracked and transaction records are seamlessly captured.

A smart card is an integrated circuit card that forms a part of a circuit or system when engaged with a smart card interface. Smart cards are becoming increasingly more popular for security and personal identification applications. Smart cards have one or more microcontrollers embedded in them which manage to access and storage of sensitive data that is actually stored in memory devices on the smart card.
The smart chip included on a smart card provides a means for secured electronic transactions and a means for identification. The integrated chip is embedded in the smart card and operates to process specific transactions. The smart card uses a serial interface and receives its power from an external source such as a smart card reader.
1. Keil µvision
2. Express PCB
3. Express SCH

1. Power Supply
2. Microcontroller
3. RFID Reader
4. LCD

Hence this project and implimentation with the usage of Smart Cards in Library will provides the security over issuing books to right person and provides a lot of flexibility.

Attached Files
.doc   RFID BASED LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.doc (Size: 42.5 KB / Downloads: 301)
Use Search at http://topicideas.net/search.php wisely To Get Information About Project Topic and Seminar ideas with report/source code along pdf and ppt presenaion
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24-02-2011, 04:20 PM

.doc   RFID based Library management.doc (Size: 89.5 KB / Downloads: 108)

The objective of this project and implimentation is to identify the student in the library by using the RFID card instead of using the library ID card.
This project and implimentation is very used to provide the easy access in the library. In this project and implimentation RFID card is used as library ID card. In this project and implimentation student information are maintained in the individual data base in PC. The students RFID card is used to access their database. So we can avoid the man made error. So this project and implimentation improves the security performance because we cannot make the duplicate RFID card.
Brief methodology:
This project and implimentation is designed with
 RFID tag
 RFID reader
 Microcontroller
 RS 232 converter
 Driver circuit
 Alarm
 PC
 Key pad
RFID is the special type wireless card which has inbuilt the embedded chip along with loop antenna. The inbuilt embedded chip represents the 12 digit card number.
RFID reader is the circuit which generates 125KHZ magnetic signal. This magnetic signal is transmitted by the loop antenna connected along with this circuit which is used to read the RFID card number.
In this project and implimentation RFID card is used as library card. So each student has the individual RFID card. RFID reader is interfaced with microcontroller. Here the microcontroller is the flash type reprogrammable microcontroller in which we already programmed with card number. The microcontroller is interfaced with PC through RS 232 converter. The RS232 is used to convert TTL logic to RS 232 logic.
When the student shows the RFID card in the reader, the reader will read the number and send to microcontroller. Then the student has to press the personal identification number through key pad. The microcontroller received the card number and PIN number from the reader and key pad then compares the stored number. If the card and PIN number is valid the microcontroller transfers the card information to PC through RS 232. In PC the corresponding student database is opened. The database contains the book information for those students such as student name, department, Roll number, book name, last received date and return date etc.
If the RFID card is not valid for that particular student, the microcontroller will display the “Authentication Fail “on the LCD display and also activate the driver circuit for alarm. So the alarm makes the sound for indicating the Authentication Fail. We can also add the new students in the data base.
1. Low power consumption.
2. Improve security performance in the library.
3. We can add new student users.
4. Student database maintained individually so we can avoid the man made error.
This project and implimentation is very useful to the
1. College libraries.
2. School libraries.
3. Corporation central libraries.
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20-04-2012, 04:34 PM


.ppt   RFID FOR LIBRARY.ppt (Size: 958 KB / Downloads: 273)


Non line of sight AIDC technology for identification of objects
Basic system components (tags, readers & middle ware)
Tags consists of a microchip attached to an antenna and is placed in the object to be located. Various types of tags…passive, active
Reader communicates with the tags through radio waves. Staff work stations, handheld readers, self-charging stations, long range exit reader systems
Middleware converts the data captured by the reader into a format that is perceivable by the application software


Fastest, easiest, most efficient way to track, locate & manage library materials
Efficient Book circulation management
Automatic Check-in and Check-out
Library inventory tracking in minutes instead of hours
Multiple books can be read simultaneously
Unique ID of the RFID tag prevents counterfeiting
Automated material handling using conveyor & sorting systems

RFID Benefits

Less time needed for circulation operations

Implementing RFID will considerably reduce the amount of time required to issue, receive, transport, sort & shelve library materials

Efficient Inventory management

Inventory management can be done using a handheld reader without closing the library and is at least 20 times faster compared to existing barcode based system

Reducing Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI)
RFID based system reduces repetitive scanning of individual items at the circulation desk during check in, check out and hence avoids RSI such as carpal tunnel syndrome
Taking inventory in a rfid based system doesn’t require physical deshelving & shelving of library materials

Reaping Rewards of RFID

Singapore is probably first nation in the world to have all its public libraries use RFID technology for the circulation and management of library items. This enables them to do a stock-take of 100,000 items in just four hours. Patrons can issue and return books at any public library
The university of Nevada libraries found more than 500 lost items after officials tagged 600,000 items in its collection
Surveys at Baulkham Hills Council in Sydney showed that only 5 to 6 percent of their library staff’s time is spent on circulation duty compared to 85 percent before adopting RFID Self Server kiosks
San Francisco Public Library spent $265,000 in direct costs for repetitive strain injuries over a three year period before implementing RFID based library management system

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24-07-2012, 10:04 AM

to get information about the topic" library management system by using rfid" full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow



topicideashow-to-rfid-based-library-management-system-project and implimentation


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