Raid technology
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Privacy of personal data is an illusion in todayâ„¢s complex society. With only passwords, or Social Security Numbers as identity or security measures every one is vulnerable to invasion of privacy or break of security. Traditional means of identification are easily compromise and enyone can use this information to assume anotherâ„¢s identity. Sensitive personal and corporate information can be assessed and even criminal activities can be performed using another name.

Eye pattern recognition system provides a barrier to and virtually eliminates fraudulent authentication and identity privacy and safety controls privileged access or authorised entry to sensitive sites, data or material. In addition to privacy protection there are myriad of applications were iris recognition technology can provide protection and security. This technology offers the potential to unlock major business opportunities by providing high confidence customer validation.

Unlike other measurable human features in the face, hand, voice or finger print, the patterns in the iris do not change overtime and research show the matching accuracy of iris recognition systems is greater than that of DNA testing. Positive identifications can be made through glasses, contact lenses and most sunglasses. Automated recognition of people by the pattern of their eyes offers major advantages over conventional identification techniques. Iris recognition system also require very little co-operation from the subject, operate at a comfortable distance and are virtually impossible to deceive. Iris recognition combines research in computer vision, pattern recognition and the man-machine interface. The purpose is real-time, high confidence recognition of a persons identity by mathematical analysis of the random patterns that are visible with in the iris. Since the iris is a protected internal organ whose random texture is stable throughout life, it can serve as a Ëœliving passwordâ„¢ that one need not remember but one always carries
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reporrrrrrrghrnjmthmtj, t
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please read topicideashow-to-raid-report for getting more information about the Raid technology
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.ppt   RAID TECHNOLOGY.ppt (Size: 1.92 MB / Downloads: 128)

8TH ISE, 1ap05is013

Under the guidance of
Mrs.Prapulla S.B

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to get information about the topic RAID full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow



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.ppt   RAID TECHNOLOGY.ppt (Size: 830 KB / Downloads: 33)

INEXPENSIVE DISKS.Here the multiple
small,inexpensive physical disks are
combined in to an array thad would
function as a single logical drive,but
provide better performance and higher
data availability than single large
expensive disk drive.


Uses mirroring
Also known as duplexing
Fault tolerant
High Disk overhead
Mirroring typically handled system software
Simplest RAID design


Error Detection and Correction
Parity and Hamming Code
Used to identify and correct errors
Hamming Code
Uses parity bits to verify data integrity
Parity bits signify oddness of data bits
ECC (Error Correction Code)


So what have we learned here?
Well we have learned that RAID is not
just a bug spray.RAID is a good solution
for companies or individuals carving
more transfer performance,redundancy
and storage capacity in their data
storage systems.

seminar flower
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RAID Technology

.ppt   RAID Technology.ppt (Size: 267.5 KB / Downloads: 24)
What is RAID Technology?

RAID is a method of combining several hard disk drives into one logical unit.
RAID technology was developed to address the fault-tolerance and performance limitations of conventional disk storage.
It can offer fault tolerance and higher throughput levels than a single hard drive or group of independent hard drives.


RAID technology was first defined by a group of computer scientists at the University of California in 1987.
The scientists studied the possibility of using two or more disks to appear as a single device to the host system.
Although the array's performance was better than that of large, single-disk storage systems, reliability was unacceptably low.
To address this, the scientists proposed redundant architectures to provide ways of achieving storage fault tolerance.
However, it does offer maximum throughput for some data-intensive applications such as desktop digital video production.

RAID Levels

There are several different RAID "levels" , each with inherent , and availability (fault-tolerance) characteristics designed to meet different storage needs.
No individual RAID level is inherently superior to any other.
Each of the five array architectures is well-suited for certain types of applications and computing environments.
For client/server applications, storage systems based on RAID levels 1 and 5 have been the most widely used.


Grown more complex
Large price range
Huge step forward for industry


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