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.pptx   smart house ppt.pptx (Size: 72.5 KB / Downloads: 105)


The situation prevailing today always calls for people and property to be completely secure.

In early days security was not of this concern. Advancement in every field and all walks of life has rendered the world with more of malpractice committed by a sect of people who are socially not acceptable.
Nowadays in organizations, other than conventional means of security electronic security systems are a common feature.
The devices provide a foolproof system from which everyone can feel highly secured.

There are different kinds of gadgets provided .
Most of today’s security problems are solved by using GSM .

GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) is the technology that underpins most of the world's mobile phone networks.

The GSM platform is a hugely successful wireless technology and an unprecedented story of global achievement and cooperation.

GSM currently has a data transfer rate of 9.6k.
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Design of Smart House

.pdf   Design of Smart House.pdf (Size: 770.27 KB / Downloads: 62)


Smart House is the house which is smart enough to take decision according to the environmental changes taking place around it.
A smart house is a home that has been configured to use technology to increase comfort, enjoyment, security, energy efficiency and convenience. Smart houses are created by interconnecting, configuring and computer controlling elements such as lighting, heating and cooling systems, security systems, and entertainment systems.

Project Overview

Smart House is an artificial intelligent system which makes your life more secure, energy efficient, comfortable and convenient. It includes HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) sensors, Light Control system, RFID based security system and an artificial intelligent system which will take care of your day to day life style. The artificial system includes the scheduler, voice command detection system and internet access system.

Security System


Security is the main concern of any system. Electronic system is the most sensitive to the security breach like in ATM machines, Bio metrics, Burglar alarm, Photo identification as well as non electronic system secured by the guards also are sensitive to security breach like banking sector, home security.
Conventional security system uses lock and key mechanism. This can be seen all over the world. The main drawback of this system is that anyone can easily break the locks and can enter in the house or office, another drawback of this system is that you have limited keys say three or four if all of the keys are lost in case then the lock must have to break to enter in the house or office.
Electronic security system uses IR sensors for locking or opening the door or uses the RFID system for locking and opening the gates and doors. In IR sensor when the path of the light is obstructed by the human it got detected and does the things according to the program in the processor, where in RFID system the processor does the task only when the RFID card has been detected by the RFID detector. In electronic lock or security system generally RFID is used. In the available systems first we have to match our RFID with the programmed one which would have been saved in the memory. This system is time consuming for installation, costly and impractical for already developed house.
Our system is more concerned with the developed house. This system also can be installed in developed as well as under develop houses. The drawback of this system is overcome by our system.

Smart House Security System

This system uses both the type of electronic security modules i.e. IR sensors as well as RFID system for opening and closing the doors and gates. In this system we include the PIR sensor i.e. Passive Infrared sensor. We use PIR sensor here to enhance the security of the house. IR sensor is used to detect the person at the entrance of the house.
Generally the RFID is used at the entrance of the house or cabin in an office. In that when a person tries to match his/her RFID card with the stored data; if the data is matched with the RFID card the gate can be accessed by that person else the person is not allowed to enter the gate.
In this system first of all when any person tries to enter the door the sensors detect the person and the person is allowed to enter the door but after entering the door the person has to match his/her RFID card with the stored data of RFID card.

IR sensor

In this system we are using special type of IR sensor. Generally IR sensor uses direct link between transmitter and receiver and used to detect the person when anyone cut or obstructed the path of IR sensor. In our system we use a special type of IR sensor that is modulated on 38 KHz with some random data on the link. We place data on the link because we do not need any interference from the remote or from any other IR appliances.

PIR Sensor

PIR sensors are used to detect the presence of any person as per the calibration done by the programmer or by the user. PIR sensors are used in two modes that are active mode and outdoor mode.
PIR sensors are used at the front door to detect the entry of a human being and some more PIR sensors are used to detect the unwanted breach in from the other entries like window or the back door of the house.

RFID Detector

RFID is the radio frequency identification used in many places like in ATM cards, Home and Office security. RFID in our system is placed at a unique place that cannot be distinguished by the person; not familiar to the geography of the house. RFID in our system is placed after the entry. The main advantage of this kind of arrangement is that person; not familiar to the geography of the house doesn’t know that he/she has to match her RFID card after entering and the security is improvised as the thieves don’t know this arrangement and so they don’t even try to crack the RFID card code.
RFID is placed after entry because we are concerned with the already developed houses in which if a person wishes to install the RFID before entry some demolition should be done that adds to the cost and doesn’t provide flexibility.

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