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.doc   Smart offers engine in mobiles.doc (Size: 36 KB / Downloads: 77)

In current system, the retail outlets are advertising of their offers to attract customers towards the outlets. This advertisement is paper-based right now to reach all levels of customers. Nowadays availability of affordable mobiles for all levels of customers gives opportunity of doing advertisement in mobile ways but, in smart way. The application mobile smart offers offers below services: 1 . Allows retail outlet owners to push the offers to the users mobile. 2 . Users are prompted several offers on their mobile based on time set by outlet owners. 3 . Users are prompted several offers on their mobile based on location of user. (if user is nearby outlet then only offers will be prompted to user) 4 . Allow users to easily view the valid offers in their mobile and users can compare different offers. Entire system consist of two components: ->mobile application: 1 . View offers 2 . Smart-offer engine 3 . Settings ->server application: 1 . Asp. Net web service 2 . Asp. Net portal 3 . Sql server database
Key technologies Used in this project and implimentation: -> Mobile Application: ¢ J2ME ¢ GPS ¢ GPRS -> Server Application: 1.ASP.Net web services 2.ASP.NET Portal 3.SQL Server
Our approach to implement a SMART OFFERS ENGINE ON MOBILES is by downloading an application onto the mobiles related to a particular server for an easy interchange of information.
Mobile smart offers allow the retail owners to push their offers to the userâ„¢s mobile based on location and time. To obtain location and time based services, the mobile phone should be GPS and GPRS enabled.
When the device is in the surrounding vicinity of the retail outlet the mobile application will detect the server and sends a request asking for the available offers at the particular outlet. The response for this request is sent to the mobile phone in the form of a SMS. Since the mobile phone is GPS enabled, the mobile application uses it to detect the location of the server.
GPS technology is one of the latest and greatest developments within the communications world. Also known as a "global positioning system," this technology works off of radio signals sent out by satellites in space. Since a cell phone already works like a two-way radio when communicating with cell towers, the GPS capability simply extends the radio signal reach to space satellites. Phones equipped with fully featured capabilities work off of Java-based programs and have database access to their provider's system. Location tracking and giving directions to and from destinations are some of the more common uses of this technology.
Another type of delivering the offers to the customers is based on time. These offers are stored on the database which is in the server. The server retrieves the offer from the database and displays the offers on the mobile screen through the application using GPRS technology.
GPRS is a speed enhanced data transmission service designed for GSM systems. Speed enhanced data transmission takes place by packetizing of data and simultaneous transmission of packets over different channels. Because GPRS is a packet switched network, a GPRS user station doesn't occupy a dedicated path during an Internet connection. However, each end user station (e.g. mobile phone) is allocated several time slots out of 8 GSM/TDMA available time-slots for GPRS service. Each time slot has a maximum capacity of 14.4 kbps. Depending on how many time slots are allocated for the downlink (from a base station to a user station) and the uplink (from a user station to a base station), GPRS devices are divided into multi-slot classes.
We develop the mobile application using J2ME technology. The Mobile application module is written on J2ME because of Interoperability capabilities & ease of porting across mobile platforms. JAVA has property - build once & run on multiple platforms. It supports many device manufactures like LG, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia etc who all manufacture Java enabled mobiles. J2ME also has a rich User interface and hence the application can be given a better look & feel. The mobile application modules consist of view offers and Smart-Offer Engine. View offers allow user to view all valid offers which are already pushed by server at that particular time. Smart-Offer Engine responsible of fetching the offers from server via GPRS. It has smart logic on basis of which it decides when to fetch offers from server and also keeps track of userâ„¢s current location via GPS and is responsible of displaying the valid offers based on location.
We develop Server Application using ASP.Net Web service for interaction with device, ASP.Net Portal (Control panel for marketers and admin), and SQL Server. ASP.Net is the latest Microsoft programming framework that allows for the rapid development of powerful web applications. Below section will explain why you need ASP.Net as a development technology for your next web development project and implimentation. ASP.Net has many advantages - both for the programmers and for the end users.
1. Powerful database-driven functionality
Like ASP (Microsoft's language preceding ASP.Net), ASP.Net allows programmers to develop web applications that interface with a database. The advantage of ASP.Net is that it is object-oriented and has many programming tools that allow for faster development and more functionality.
2. Faster web applications
Two aspects of ASP.Net make it fast -- compiled code and caching. In the past, the code was interpreted into "machine language" when your website visitor viewed your page. Now, with ASP.Net the code is compiled into "machine language" before your visitor ever comes to your site.
Caching is the storage of information that will be reused in a memory location for faster access in the future. ASP.Net allows programmers to set up pages or areas of pages that are commonly reused to be cached for a set period of time to improve the performance of web applications. In addition, ASP.Net allows the caching of data from a database so your website isn't slowed down by frequent visits to a database when the data doesn't change very often.
ASP.Net was tested and found to be over 10 times faster for the average user than Java's J2EE technology. While there have been some debates about the methods of the testing it is interesting to note that this has been validated by 3rd parties.
3. Memory leak and crash protection
ASP.Net automatically recovers from memory leaks and errors to make sure that your website is always available to your visitors.
4. Multiple language support
Programmers can actually write their code in more than 25 .Net languages (including VB.Net, C#, and JScript.Net). This allows programmers to develop your site in the language they know best and it means that you can more easily find programmers to support the work on your site.
Functions of the ASP.NET web service are authentication and authorization, sending the static message templates to device, sending dynamic messages to device based on the location and sending instructions to device for managing the data on the device. Functions of the ASP.Net portal are authentication and authorization, creation of Marketers, control panel for admin and control panel for marketers to manage the messages. SQL Server Database stores the all data related to the project and implimentation in tables for easy retrieval.
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