Secured Network Conferencing using VOIP
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VoIP is a set of rules, also known as protocols, and devices that enable users to make phone calls over the Internet. "VoIP systems transmit signals to set up and tear down calls and media to make it possible for users to hear each other talk. These signals and media are sent over networks as packets just like other forms of data. Another term for VoIP is 'packet telephony.'

Short for Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP describes the category of hardware and software that enables people to make telephone calls via the Internet.
30 years ago Internet didn't exist. Interactive communications were only made by telephone at PSTN line . Today we can see a real revolution in communication world, everybody begins to use PCs and Internet for job and free time to communicate each other, to exchange data (like images, sounds, documents) and, sometimes, to talk each other using applications like Internet Phone. It starts to diffuse a common idea that could be the future and that can allow real-time vocal communication: VoIP

Advantages and Disadvantages of VOIP Technology

With all the acronyms flying around these days, sometimes itâ„¢s hard to know just what a set of initials stands for. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VOIP often masquerades by other names as well, such as: IP Telephony, Internet telephony, and digital phone.

Now that you know what VOIP stands for. VOIP is the latest, hottest trend in telephone service. VOIP makes it possible to have voice conversations over the Internet through the use of Internet phones.

Now this ability to have conversations via your computer has many advantages. One is that it makes it easy for business people to stay connected and in touch. VOIP technology also has the advantage of giving people from around the globe an opportunity to talk directly for generally much less than long distance charges would be. The savings on telephone charges alone make VOIP highly attractive to many people.

While these are great advantages, there is a downside. Because of its newness, VOIP technology is not quite as good overall as ordinary telephone service. Many people who use Internet telephony complain about the reception they get. This technology is rapidly improving, though, and some VOIP providers already have pretty darn good equipment out there.

Too, unless your digital telephone is directly connected to a landline phone company, you will be at the mercy of power outages. Thereâ„¢s also a problem with Internet providers going down and leaving you stranded without telephone service. So many experts recommend that you keep a landline or cell phone along with your Internet phone. This, of course, pushes up costs which makes VOIP telephones less desirable to many folks.

Another downside to VOIP technology that™s very important to know about is that it is susceptible to identity theft. Because many VOIP service providers do not have secure lines”yet”your calls can be listened to by people you aren™t aware are listening in.

It™s a little like the old days when the telephone was first invented and mass produced. People called through what were call party lines that meant anyone could listen”and they did. We humans just can™t resist eavesdropping. Today, though, this can also make it easy for those unscrupulous, well, thugs to rip off your personal and confidential information. So when choosing a VOIP service provider, you want to be sure you™re getting the most secure line as possible.

And just like when the telephone was first invented, VOIP technology will take some time to perfect. But it is technology that™s here to stay. As people get busier and are attempting to multi-task everything, being able to have a telephone conversation while you continue to work on your computer, all in one simple package, is just too good to resist. So the one thing you can count on is that in a year or two, VOIP telephones will be practically as common as cell phones”and probably with equipment and service plans available that are as good as cell phone manufacturers and service providers have now.

Requirement for the company :

To develope a VoIP environment for sending of text and voice by implementing auto security is included for both text and voice packets

In the present day Hotmail Server, MSN Server provide separate windows for transmitting and receiving text and voice are available and in Yahoo Server the voice is stored in a file and then it is converted into packets and it is transmitted by the use of Half duplex communication. Both the windows for voice and text cannot be used simultaneously to transmit or receive. Also security of the text or voice packets is optional.

This "Secured Network Conferencing Using VoIP" evolves in the VoIP environment. Sending of text and voice using single window is possible. Auto security is included for both text and voice packets. IP Telephony can be attached with the system in the Intranet environment directly and in Internet environment through VoIP server.

The Voice over Internet Protocol merges the VoIP devices like IP Telephony, Palms, PDAs, etc. over IP network for communication, in which case the source and destination may be telephone network or computer network.

In the proposed system, we implement the voice conferrencing between systems in LAN. The systems should have head sets attached to it.


The Java provides all the packages, classes, and methods necessary to establish and maintain real time audio/data conferencing sessions over IP data networks. Java provides transformation compatibility over various networks and operating systems. The audio/data conferencing is done in point-to-point fashion, Multicasting and Broadcasting, satisfying the users requirements.

Any user can join in the conference by registering himself to the server. Similarly many users can join in it. The current on-line user list will be displayed on the screen. The user can communicate with them and the conversation is made both on text and voice based in the form of unicasting or broadcasting depending on the necessity.


1. AudioBase
? Base class for stream-based audio i/o
? Current volume level
? Opens the sound hardware
? Find the current playback level

2. AudioCapture

Class that provides an AudioInputStream that reads its data from the sound card input the AudioInputStream is in the network format get and open the target data line for capture. Sets the output stream

3. AudioPanel

Class that sets the Microphone,Speaker frequency levels. This includes Mike testing, Mute, Buffer Size in milliseconds, Disconnect, Setting the volume.

4. AudioPlayback

Class that reads its audio from an AudioInputStream. Get the playback data line for capturing the voice.

5. ChatApplet

Window where the user gives the login of the machine and start the chatting. Here user can adjust the frequency level of the speaker and microphone, Change the port this.

6. ConnectionSettings

Microphone and Speaker are connected to the system.Port number of the current machine, Connection Type, Format code are included.

7. TCP Network

The protocol which supports our project and implimentation is TCP. UDP is not supported. Listening port, ReceiveStream, OutputSream, InetAddress, etc. are given

Platform : JAVA
Operating System : Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or
Windows 2000 or XP

Processor : 733 MHz Pentium III Processor
RAM : 128 MB
Hard Drive : 10GB
Keyboard : 104 Keys
Floppy Drive : 1.44 MB
Mouse : Logitech Serial Mouse
Disk Space : 1 GB
HeadSet : 2 Nos.
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Can you please share the full project and implimentation of Secured Network Conferencing using VoIP.

Harish R
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to get information about the topic Secured Network Conferencing using VOIP full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow


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